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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 880

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you


  1. @ 1 his village people are very wicked. Aha! @ last fact, dude is a genius.

    1. Real village people. Chai

    2. 1. Mumu united
      2. Of course he is banned
      3. Waaaay cool

  2. Right now I need that 3D printed cast...been indoor since last year can't go out... Well am getting better tho all thanks to GOD

  3. Wow! That man is really a genius gambler. Reminds me of God of the Gamblers by Chow Yun Fat. ..

  4. If my dad was a gambling man, this could have been him. Anything 'try your luck' my dad always won, he said he used d it well in his youthful days.

    $6m in one night? Oshey gambling Don!

    Move over Oshogbo weed, Arizona weed has dethroned you in the sawdust brain department.

    Nice and innovative, well done Jake.

  5. Huh @fact 1. SMDH!!!
    Hahahaha @fact 2. Yeye casino that dosent mind rendering one totally bankrupt cant take it when you win a huge amount that they have collected over a million times too.😉 I sha pity casino lovers. Veryyy badtttt addictive evil something. Gosh!!!
    Genius @fact 3😎

  6. Lol @ fact 1. Stay away from drugs they will not hear. I had this friend met briefly, he did drugs, I don't know what it was but he'll put it in a bottle wrap a naira note in a straw like fashion and insert into the bottle and sniff till he gets high. I tried, we tried to talk him out of it but he won't listen. One day he came to me and said he was going to remodel his house, so I said good for you, he went on and sold his sound system and bought a four battery radio!😁😁 all na remodeling

  7. Anything for the love of igbo😅😅😅

  8. Drugs, na so I bought plenty designer stuffs at a bottom give away price from one tiny oyibo girl. I kept wondering if she was on drugs to sell those items. Most of them were used and good. I wasn't expecting her to sell them to me at the price I proposed.She could have been a school girl or something.


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