Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series - Every Serial Lover Is A Doubting Thomas


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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Iya Ibeji Series - Every Serial Lover Is A Doubting Thomas

Iya Ibeji is back with another hot one!

My hubby and I have this very close friend. He is a very randy somebody, he is a divorcee and has been begging me to hook him up with one of my friends. My hubby warned me against it, he said if i introduce any of my friends to this guy and they get married that friend will never forgive me.

I have asked guy why he couldn't pick from his numerous girls. He said younger girls have too much wahala so he prefers them older, or even a single mom.
Anyways one day he came to my house looking moody. One of his young girls was pregnant of him.

I was happy, no be wetin we dey pray for?
He said "I don't even remember doing it with this chick. I don't even think I went in sef" etc. 

Nobody was even listening to him, we were happy that he has seen a girl that has agreed to marry him.
They got married and discovered she was carrying twins he became more perturbed. 

He told me there are no twins in his lineage, I jokingly said all the juice and sweet "seed" he had been giving my kids finally paid off. 

But seriously I told him Satan was just messing with his mind. He was 52 years old, always wanted but never had children and now two are on there way but he isn't even enjoying the joy of being a father. 

Anyway the children arrived looking exactly like him.

I jokingly asked him to go do paternity test.
He said won't the lab guy think he was blind, with him and the twins looking like triplets.
The moral of this story?
1)Learn to enjoy the process.
2) Having multiple lovers makes you a very suspicious lover.
You can add yours.

*Morale of story?When God arrests you,there is no Bail!


  1. Lols..
    All those rejected babies come looking like their fathers...

  2. Hopefully d girls knows he's a ladies man.

  3. This your Family friend is funny. Iya Ibeji, you see to some persons the sound of 'I/You am/are pregnant' is sad/terrible news, while to others it's the sweetest news they'd ever want to hear. As for me, I just pray my future Mrs. Will be pregnant with quadruplets, two boys, two girls. After that na to close baby market straight. 😁😁😁😁
    Iya Ibeji hafa my role for the upcoming skit? Oge adiro oh.

    1. I'm that future Mrs Rowland. Hehehe! Runs outta the post before trolls comes for me.

    2. @Bee Flawless. Lol... You are very funnyπŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

  4. At least this ended well

  5. Moral of the story:
    Which player scores a goal and begins to cry and complain to the referee?
    Doesn't he jump off celebrating or somersaulting?
    "ball-less, liver-less boys" called men!

  6. Make him continue dey play, na hat trick next time

  7. Hahaha when God arrests you, there is no bail

  8. Lol! He should be grateful to God for remembering him at his old age. Many men start having problems at that age sef.. .

    1. Imagine oh!! At 52! Old man like that...

      Well, old doesn’t always mean mature

  9. Yeparipa !!!! Cant stop laughing ooooo


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