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Monday, March 12, 2018

Looking In The Mirror...

Some of us will read this and Immediately feel as if it is about them because they have been at this point where they pointed fingers and the man in the mirror pointed back at them....


  1. hahahahaha wonderful. My brothers are married, so why will i shook eyes in what they do to their wives. Mine is if you are taking good care of your wife, just remember your mother that birth you.

  2. Lol! Ladies don't like their brothers to spend on their wives na. Abi, who go take care of their mama and siblings? Na Juju sure pass if your brother try show love to his wife and immediate family ,lol!

    1. which siblings? only mother and father period. beacuse your husband is taking care of u

  3. So true. Surprised lots of bvs are mute on this. I don’t care what hubby gets for his Sister because it’s not that frequent.

  4. My only brother takes care of his wife and sends what he can to my parents,none of us cares to shook eye in dia matter!!

  5. I have brothers that are married nd I don't really care what they do with their money so long as they don't neglect momsy..

    #Rosie ..

  6. Hehehehehe, that's how some people do it oh.

    Some married women will say they don't have time for their mother In-laws and will even say they don't wanna see her in their house, some even wish theirs death. But if their brothers wives treat their own mums same way, they go fighting.

  7. Same goes to some mothers.

    They won't be where their son spend lavishly or takes care of his wife. But they will be happy and want their son-in-law to take good care of their daughter.

    But why are people like that?

  8. Never even occurred to me before,wet in concern me ?


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