Stella Dimoko Man Who Married 2 Wives To Have A Male Child Now Has 6 Daughters.


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Friday, March 02, 2018

Man Who Married 2 Wives To Have A Male Child Now Has 6 Daughters.

WOW...Time for some to realise that what a girl can do,a boy cant!!!

A man has revealed how his father forced him to get an extra wife in order to have a male child. According to him, being the only son prompted him to marry a second wife in order to please his father and have a son. After marrying two wives, the man has been blessed with six girls {4 from the first wife and 2 from the second wife}…He was almost made to marry the third wife in search for a son

The man’s story below as shared by the Humans of Abuja.

I have lots of thoughts in my head. I used to be married to just one wife and I was happy with that. We got married and have 4 girls. My father who’s late now wouldn’t hear of it. He said I’m his only son and I needed to have a male child to continue his lineage. 

He was an educated man so he knew a woman has nothing to do with the sex of a child. He said, since I didn’t have any luck in giving my wife a male child maybe some other woman would. He encouraged me into taking a second wife which I did but I still didn’t have any luck with her. She gave me two female children. He almost made me take a third which I refused. Handling two women alone is difficult enough, a third would have been impossible.

He passed away after a few years and no one bothered me about it again. Strangely, my mother doesn’t have any problem with I not having a male child. But it’s beginning to bother me these days. I’ve been thinking, ‘what if I died tomorrow, so no one would be here to continue our family lineage’. Maybe I should just adopt a boy child that would bear my name. But how would my wives take it? These are the things I think about and exactly what I’m sitting here and thinking about right now.
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  1. Oga, good idea.

    Adopt two sons!

    One for the first wife and one for the second wife. case close!

  2. I don't even know what to say to this man. You are learned na from your story. You have X chromosome which gives female in you. I feel you just want to start world war 3 in your family by adopting a son. You won't survive it, even two wives is war on its own.
    Your name will forever be heard if you invest positively into the lives of these your female children. Google it, there are women ruling the world. The list is endless.

  3. Tell your father in the grave to pray for you since you want to adopt so that your wives can agree. I thought you would have followed him there self.

  4. and so what? Does prophet muhammad has a biological son? No! Read sura 33 ayat 5, it's settled once and for all. Fear Allah's revelation.

  5. You could have adopted At first nau.. Abeg go motherless baby home and Adopt a boy..

  6. Pls what will the name do for u?
    OBAMA.. One of the greatest name in the world has two daughters.. So pls

  7. Na wa for this educated man is it not what you produced that was born?

  8. Hmmmm na you bring wahala into your house... carry your cross

  9. Must every man have male children? All those one doing agbro are they not male? How have they affected live positively? Oga Pls invest in ur females and look up to God, he will surprise you.

    1. What has the man sef achieved as the only male son? mtcheew

    2. God bless you dear. Instead of them to pray for children that will give peace and be a blessing,they will be talking shit about male children.

  10. Hiss. The way we still crave for make children in this Africa is troubling. Oga train your children well and your name will not be lost but if you insist on a third, Na you sabi

  11. How can the product be of greater value than the source? In some countries even a male child is more valuable than the mother in the home, and the women sit and accept it as fact that they are lesser than men. May he have six more daughters.

  12. Na proper rubbish reasoning. I have 3 brothers and there's 3 of us girls. My papa no dey use us girls play o. Na so so praise we dey get because we are the ones caring for my parents o. My brother's will tell u....he has his own family problems....his wife too no dey play with my dad o...sseriously in my family the girls do way more than the boys. We don't joke with our dad o bicos right from when I was born my dad always treated us girls like his queen's and if my dad hurts. I hurt too. On the real, all that male child is superior rubbish far all these 3rd world country carry for head is so wrong. Raise your kids right, male or female and in your old age you will reap the fruit of your labour.


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