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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Marriage Mistakes That Are Overlooked...

These are very important mistakes that are Often overlooked....I am sure you are guilty of one or two....OR ALL!

Focusing on the negative.

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy when we focus on the negative in our partner: the more we look for it, the more we see it

Not listening to your spouse.

Stonewalling your partner, or not listening, can be a sign of contempt, which is the death knell for a marriage

Lack of physical intimacy.

The loss of physical intimacy often precipitates the loss of emotional intimacy


Distrust moves through and weakens every part of a marriage, including finances, child-rearing, and other life decisions

Expecting your spouse to be your everything.

Marital bliss is possible only if each partner is capable of being independently blissful

Hurtful teasing.

While some teasing can be a helpful tool in building a healthy marriage, there are some jokes that just aren’t funny

Losing curiosity in your partner.

Losing interest in your spouse is a critical but common mistake in a marriage

Dropping the D-word.

Unless you are genuinely thinking about getting a divorce, do not bring it up

Not saying thank you.

Saying “thank you" to a spouse is a simple but powerful and important gesture for staying connected and feeling appreciated

Not talking about finances.

Some of the most contentious divorces revolve around money.

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  1. Eternal Excellency10 March 2018 at 15:36

    Very true. God help me

    1. Some union has gone pass this, some men brings their gf home

  2. Well, sometimes, money is the overall point for marriage survival .Once there is no money, non existent problems suddenly starts surfacing

    1. True Paul, i have noticed that most marital problems is somewhat linked to poverty.

  3. I've been married for 10 years and I am fed up. We have two beautiful kids and I bless God for them. The marriage is just dull. He's non longer the man I fell in love with. We just live like roommates. Physical intimacy happens 2 or 3 times in a month. I am seriously contemplating divorce. I only have 1 Life to live and I want to be happy here. I know my happiness isn't dependant on another person but at least there should be some form of relationship outside discussing the children. I pray the Lord helps me.

    1. if this is all you have to complain about ur 10yr marriage with 2beau kids, then ure the problem in that marriage. No 10yr marriage is filled with sparks n emotions lile teenagers. You better change ur mindset

    2. My dear I am in the same shoes as you, just that there are no kids, so you can imagine!
      I am fed up, just want to have a baby or 2 and move in with my kids.

    3. U don't have a problem in ur marriage.. Can't u bring back the Romance, stop waiting for him..

    4. You don't have any problem....I am forty, married with two kids, living happily with their dad. No domestic violence and I am not in abusive marriage emotionally. Just that no intimacy, we made love last in the month of December. I am tired. I have numerous admirers, both single and married, but my mind no gree me do am.

  4. Disrespect, and some spouses say very degrading things behind their partners.

  5. cause of breakup with his/her ex

  6. Very true.
    Guilty of some sef

  7. Money is d koko.leave plenty talk.

  8. Saying thank you , I was appalled at my behaviour last week, hubby got me a phone for my side hustle there was a Sim with the phone which was not the network we had discussed earlier and instead of appreciating the kind gesture I was going on about the Sim. I was so ashamed of myself cos If my son had done that I would take away the gift Sef. Spent the whole weekend apologising and making atonement

    1. You are a good woman my dear. Not a lot of people admit or accept wrong doing. Well done!

  9. Women and taking little things sooo seriously and greater things lightly ehh. That's d reason why they are hardly happy!


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