Stella Dimoko Emergency Phone Operator Who Hung Up On Calls Has Been Jailed


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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Emergency Phone Operator Who Hung Up On Calls Has Been Jailed

A former 911 operator in Houston was sentenced to jail time and probation for hanging up on emergency calls.

A jury found 44-year-old Crenshanda Williams guilty of interference with emergency telephone calls, a misdemeanor. She will have to spend 10 days in jail and 18 months on probation. The judge also ordered Williams to attend a decision-making class and write an apology letter.

Williams, who worked as a 911 operator for a year and a half until August 2016 systematically hung up on people that were attempting to report emergencies, ranging from homicides to traffic violations. The allegations surfaced when Houston Emergency Center (HEC) officials noticed that Williams had a large number of calls that lasted less than 20 seconds, known as “short calls,” during a monthly audit of 911 calls. According to prosecutors, records showed that Williams had hung up on thousands of short calls.

Jim Moten said he dialed 911 in 2016 to report two vehicles speeding down the interstate. Molten thought that the call had dropped when it ended only 45 seconds after, but he was actually hung up on by Williams. According to court documents, she hung up the phone and said “Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real.”

“If someone calls in to report an incident whether the person feels this is an emergency or not you should have time for it,” Molten said. Williams had told investigators that she hung up the calls because she didn’t want to talk to anyone.

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  1. This one na correct wehrey woman. U aint got time to do the job but u got time to cash d pay checks. Agbisi like her.

  2. This 911 phone operator job position is not for everyone. It is very stressful. You have to be willing to help and be calm at all times. She was clearly not a fit for the position. Not a job for people who choose when they want to talk to people.
    She will not make the probationary period. Will get sent right back to jail for probation violations. She will not report to her probation officer because she will not want to talk nor report to him or her. It’s hard place where she has found herself. I would hate to be on probation. Too many stringent rules.

  3. See the strong forehead

  4. African Americans are horrible with phone calls. If i call an office and an AA picks up,i hang up till i hear a white man. They are so nasty on phone and always eager to get off the phone

    1. Some of them are extremely rude. Some of them only want to eat and have sex. Akata Love fuck die. That’s all they care about. Don’t you see why their men run away from them??

    2. Why are you people stereotyping African Americans? That is a very ignorant thing to do. This negative stereotyping is pushed by the media and obviously you have bought hook, line and sinker into it. There are rude and nice people from every race. I was in the process of buying a property and called a Title Insurance Company (Judicial Title) and the white lady that answered was extremely rude. I have also called a lot of other businesses and have had black people be nice to me. You people are only seeing what you want to see and following the general narrative (vilifying of minorities) that the media pushes out. Chegharia nu!

  5. Some people are just plain old crazy

  6. Can you imagine ain't nobody got time for this? What if it were to be a life and death situation? I hope she's applying for other jobs while on probation?

  7. She didnt want to talk to anyone?why then didnt she skip work?like madam u know what u do in your office!!!!

  8. A system where things work. I look at these people and their system and I wonder how they got it right. If only we could choose where we are born into, I'm sure nobody would want to come to Nigeria and be born into a poor family with no trademark name. We don't even have a working emergency line let alone being audited and defaulters persecuted.

  9. a sane society where things and processes in place for accountability...this is what i like about developed countries....bad people abound but only a matter of time and the system weeds you out


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