Stella Dimoko Motherhood With TeeWhy -The Chaos With Bonding


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Friday, August 10, 2018

Motherhood With TeeWhy -The Chaos With Bonding

Teewhy has four daughters and at home is where all the chaos is.........

My batch 1 and I wear the same shoe size. Seems nice abi? Na lie!!! The struggle when all of us dress up in co_ ordinating outfits . See me looking for my shoes and my girls are there arguing who got it first. 

Very annoying .

I try to make them bond, as per deal decisively with sibling rivalry, so between my two big girls, anything that's mine and can fit them, they can wear (after asking for permission o!!).

Oga @ the top complains when he sees them wearing my stuff, but I just tell him , they are just stuff, don't mean much on the long run..

Wearing my clothes and shoes helps me and my teenagers bond, nothing is off limits, (they are still eyeing my sneakers that I recently bought to attend my high school reunion, my mind neva gree share dat one).

We get to gist about crushes and the likes, One boy is liking my Sarah o, I told her, its natural, but she has to know what to do with it.She has to be responsible too, Then the s#x talk comes in, and she starts rolling her eyes, Wetin concern me, I go do my own o, I will be in their biz, in fact I will be in her face, nothing is off limits o. 

Make nobody pour sand sand for my garri . (These children grow up too fast abeg).

God bless all mothers, intending and waiting, May your joy never be cut short May we never grow tired. Isaiah 41:10 is ours to claim.
Hugs and kisses!!!


  1. 😊when the sex talk comes in

  2. Nice one, I use to wear my mum's shoe too, now when she visits and see any one she likes, she will go with it

  3. God bless your girls.
    Yesterday my 4+year old son said something that got me thinking.
    I heard him singing a song that I have never heard. It sounds like "Jesus died children, love" plenty things. I asked him who taught him.
    He smiled and said mummy do you want me to tell you I said yes.
    He was like ' I and Jesus use to sing it when I was in heaven. You don't know Jesus use to sing the song.
    I asked him 'have you been to heaven before ?
    He said yes na
    Me and Jesus will be walking and singing and my sister will be looking at us and happy.
    I was scared at this point.
    He continued o!
    That time you didn't have any baby u don't know Jesus said I should come.
    And he continues to sing the song.
    I had to call my mum to ask what all of these meant. .
    My son is super smart for his age, and I know he asks questions that I don't even have answers to.
    But this one pass me.

    1. Ask him to tell you other things him and Jesus do together. These computer children can be so so so st times you don't even know how to deal with them. But motherhood is bae.

    2. Lol. This one nor be small thing o

  4. Awwwww! Raising a girl child comes with a lot of anxiety.
    My 4 years old daughter said to me "mummy you don't know you are suppose to born a brother first" I was just looking at her and she touched my tummy and said "there is a brother there". Me that is still nursing a baby o!

  5. Lol @ "I will be in their biz, in fact I will be in her face, nothing is off limits o".

    That's whatz up Nne. No time to do hide and seek in this matter. Got to be fast like a cheetah but also move cunningly like a fox when it comes to dealing with teenagers.

  6. Stella, please I don't understand this series. Is this some sort of diary for this mum or what? I mean she doesn't write well, her stories are not interesting or educative. I don't see the need for this. Anyway I will stop opening her posts.

    1. First it was mama nnuku now this one. Why don't you skip the post since she doesn't write well according to you? Nigeriaaaaaa

    2. She writes well. Rather, it seems you don't understand literary pieces.

    3. Anonymous 12:24, see what envy does 😏 it leads to depression my dear. If you don't like the lady's post then don't open and waka pass. Some of you are so jealous and backward, Haba!

  7. Good effort ma.

    I'll like to make an observation ma, your write-ups come off as rushed and all over the place sometimes.

    Why don't you pick a topic per post and make a detailed note of your experience with the kids.
    Then, other mothers can come up with their experience.

    For instance, your above post talks about sharing footwear/clothing with your girls, your husband's reaction towards it, going on outings with them, their puberty traits and having the sex talk.

    All of these can be broken down and thoroughly dealt with.

    Just my opinion for your consideration or not.


    1. Your head dey house, unlike the anon up there.

      I think Mama Tee should do a seminar for all of them.


  8. Wow I love this. My sisters wear my mum shoes and stuff. But they are bigger in size than me, so I wear mine alone.

  9. My mum allow us wear her shoe and some of her cloth that fit... The only talk we find awkward is sex and relationship talk...

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  11. Awwwww...... Amen oh

    I remembered while growing up, I wear all my momma's shoes and fine heels.Infact I learnt wearing high heels from her.We use the same size 37. But none of my siblings could as we are small size and they have long legs.

    The last time I went home, I saw one beautiful Swiss lace
    I packed it, she kept saying I haven't changed.I told her I will buy her another.God bless all mothers. . πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  12. @ poster it is in the best interest of you all that you should stop your kids from putting on your clothes. Thou it's cool and all but what your husband might not be saying is he is beginning to be tempted by them in your clothes as peeps tend to save certain memories with the items worn at that time. So imagine a dress you had put on and had your husband sexually aroused what do you think would be going through his head when he sees that dress? Irrespective of who is wearing it at a later date his brain would automatically initiate sexual arousal. So please stop it before you lead him to commit an atrocity that would ruin your family.

    1. Anon are u for real???

    2. You are sick

    3. you are very correct, don't pass your clothes to female house help or younger ones especially the ones that have your body type. As for your children, minimize the clothe sharing. Especially if the girls look like you. These are some of the reasons fathers sleep with their daughters.they see their wives younger version in their daughters

  13. This poster sounds like The General's wife, just thinking aloud.

  14. Buy them their own stuffs, the very one they love & admire so they can stop sharing yours. How can you kids even wear your cloths, your husband is right it doesn't make sense. You can bond with them other ways,e.g by taking them showing & letting them make their choice, gisting with them ,listening to them & not acting like a strict boss, be their friend. & they will open up always to you.


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