Stella Dimoko Press Release - APC Challenges Gov Wike To Name The APC-Sponsored Presidential Aspirants In PDP


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Monday, September 10, 2018

Press Release - APC Challenges Gov Wike To Name The APC-Sponsored Presidential Aspirants In PDP

APC and Rivers state gov Wike are at it again throwing accusations back and forth......This is a press statement from the APC challenging the Gov to attach proof to his accusations....

''In reacting to the allegations by the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike of Rivers State that the All Progressives Congress (APC) has sponsored some Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirants, it is understandable that the PDP in its despair over its failed 2019 election bid for the presidency has resorted to comical conspiracies.

Instead of putting its house in order, it is laughable that Governor Wike and his PDP cohorts are clutching on straws it their desperate bid to remain in public reckoning in the face of imminent 2019 defeat.

Meanwhile, we challenge Governor Wike to be brave enough and name the APC-sponsored aspirants among the crowd that have signified interest to run for the presidency under the PDP.

We urge the PDP to quickly wake up to the reality that the 2019 presidential elections have been won and lost.

The PDP is a dead party and we urge its members who share our progressive ideals to leave the sinking and rudderless ship and come over to the APC which is rebuilding and repositioning the country in all facets''.


  1. I don't understand the second to last paragraph. "We urge the PDP to quickly wake up to the reality that the 2019 presidential elections have been won and lost".

    Is that a possible interpretation of the rigging APC plans to coordinate? This people are just irresponsible set of politicians, I mean all of them.

  2. Lately Wike has been making some silly remarks that can ruin his chances. The other time he said that the security will sleep through the elections in Rivers state only to wake up after the election must have finished. How does he intend to achieve that if not through ‘other means’. He should not be scared to mention names if he is courageous enough. See how Rivers state is looking like a ghost state. It has lost its glory. He messed up the whole state and he is still gunning to come for another four years? To sink it to the ground finally? Manny! I still repeat , I don’t care about the party but the individual coming out in any party. Be it APC or PDP or any other. Na the person na im matter pass.

    1. Which side of Rivers State do you reside? I am not a fan of Wike but it's good to give credit when you see one. Wike has done very well in this three years in rural and urban development. So many projects commissioned already even one of it was done by the vice president on his first visit.

      My dear your assertion about Rivers State is wrong. There is relative peace on the state at the moment and business is running good even though Wike has his own flaws too but that makes him human.

    2. Teejay are you sure you live in PHC? Shyla is right Rivers State is now a ghost state. No economy thrives under insecurity irrespective of infrastructural developments.

    3. Please can you guys point your assertion on the meaning of ghost state to justify your claims. I am an indigene of Rivers State by birth, no place in Port Harcourt city I don't know. I need verifiable pointer. I will be waiting for that.

  3. APC is a dead party
    Please give us our biafra this zoo country..

    1. Already Biafra has been actualized, what we are in now is for its restoration. The emancipation of the sovereign state is sacrosanct. The sun will soon rise from the East.

    2. And you people will complain when they do not allow you rule this country, so that you can actualize biafra on top all our heads abi.....kwontinue


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