Stella Dimoko Actress Regina Chukwu Says Her Boyfriend Cannot Have Female Bestie


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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Actress Regina Chukwu Says Her Boyfriend Cannot Have Female Bestie

Are you of the same Mindset with Nollywood Actress Regina Chukwu?Please Note that she used the word ''boyfriend''.

''My Boyfriend is not allowed''?....Hmmm you can only earn your place in someone's life and not March into it as if it is your right!!!
What is your take on this?


  1. I won't like it but if they have been friends before i came into his life, i won't have a choice than to be her friend too and i will monitor them closely cos i trust no one

  2. I have a boyfriend and a bestfriend who is male, they are different people and they respect each other.

    We have been best friends since we were 4 years old, living on the same street, attending church and school together.
    He recently moved out of the country but he's going to be around very soon.

    We have known each others' partners with no clashes or boundary stepping.

    We are even planning a vacation with our partners for Christmas.

    We have never been sexually attracted to each other, infact when my friends meet him and say he's cute, i can't really agree/disagree because i am too used to seeing him.

    So i don't know what people mean with the whole best friends being eavh other's sidepiece and all.

    Sorry, can't relate.

  3. Me best friend is a guy. I dont have a problem with my hubby having a female bestie.

  4. Me i dont agree wit her, dat was how a guy met a girl dat i knw and ask her to chase away all her male friends, immediately she started avoiding all of dem like a virus, last last wat happened d guy dumped her she is now looking for who will give her face. People should knw dat friendship is forever, relationship might end by den u won't hv any1 around u to console u.
    Only those with evil intention will ask u to do wat dat lady wrote up there.

  5. No biggie at all for me...that is if they were besties before I came into the picture.

  6. Well it's her opinion which I don't agree with. Hope the guy won't be tired of her too soon cos people like this are just too clingy.

  7. If I enter your life and see you have a female bestie, I am running away. lol

  8. How e take concern me? My problem now na we go take pursue Buhari and that 2 powerful cabals wey say the country no go move front commot for Aso rock come 2019.

  9. I relate well with guys than girls but once they marry I shift.

    Growing up my bestie was a guy.We were friends from primary school to Uni and also neighbors at home.After Uni he got a job in Lag while I remained in the East.We didnt see for years but talked a lot.One day I visited Lag and stopped by to see him before leaving town.

    He sent a message,"It was nice seeing you,wish you visit soon".I replied," Looking forward to another visit".

    Then one midnight he called which was very unusual and I thought he was in trouble and I answered with such urgency and the next thing I heard was "This your crush on me has to stop"hian,I answered "are you ok?",and he said with a shaky voice,I know we've been childhood friends but our friendship has to stop.Meanwhile in the background I heard a female voice telling him "common talk".

    Then she collected his phone from him and said to me,"you've heard him don't visit or call him again.your family friendship has ended pls leave my guy.

    I have never been this humiliated in my life.Well I blocked the guy everywhere and thats how bestie ship sank.I was so hurt from that incidence that the day I ran into him somewhere I walked passed him as if I don't know him.

    He kept apologising that she misinterpreted our chat blah blah blah but abeg i get zero tolerance for drama.

    I recently let it all go,after 6yrs and I sent him a message "I forgive you", come see happiness from his end but once beaten 100 times shy make everyone dey their lane mbok.

    Who male bestie epp😎.

    1. He's a puppet for allowing a woman control him. For me, I'll choose friendship over love any day. See drama! Mtcheew

  10. I agree with her jare. My best friend, a male, still comes to me for sex whenever his fiancee is not in town. Why didnt he marry me? We are both AS.

    1. If you didn't allow it, it wouldn't have happened. Set boundaries, u no gree

    2. Obviously, you guys were lovers. Not just friends. That’s different

  11. I hear say this Regina can fuck for West Africa? Please who has her contact #?

  12. Replies
    1. Dey run mouth, until reality dawn on you

  13. Can married men keep close female friends? I think like the adage dont smell/sniff on food you wont eat. It only takes a moment of weakness or a day when your spouse us stresses you for both to knack. Thats how you fall into temptation, its only a matter of time. Where my unilag babes at!


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