Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post...


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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Boredom Eliminating Post...

I got 11 points ..hehehehehehehe


  1. Haha 11 points too...

    1. I have ridden in a limo, been abroad, made a prank call, been on a plane, donated to charity and had a piercing ... I need to do more but I still don’t want to get chicken pox, never have never will

  2. No sexual adventure there? I must add for them jo...
    Had a threesome!

    1. Never have i ever been oversea, gone skydiving,snorkeling,gotten a piercing,been in an ambulance and been in a helicopter.I hope to travel oversea in 2019 by God's grace.

  3. Replies
    1. I got 14 points..πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜

    2. 12 points too

      *Larry was here*

  4. I got 12 points, i haven't snorkelled, enter Limo, tattoo, piercing, sky dived, been on TV, had chicken pox, shot a gun, helicopter, lip sense...never done all of this

  5. Never have I ever been on a plane#coversface#

    It's one of my greatest craving for this year but it never came to pass. 2019 will definitely be better.

    I pray for an upward salary review and a better job come 2019 to enable me accomplish most of my dreams.

    1. Story of your life!
      Na just BEP,don't take it seriously

    2. It's not a biggie.. You can actually get great/massive discounts if you book way ahead of your travel time, say 2-3 wks before departure, just log in to their websites and try it out, you'll see.

  6. 15!
    I'm still a novice oo,I never knew until now

  7. Me I come score 4 fioooooooo!

    Make I explain something o.
    All these girls go soon go, I score 30, the thing dey 20 oo. Even babes wey no sabi wetin snorkeling or lipSense mean . E no mean persin wey dey talk sense o.

    Plenty of una na that gun wey dey there una go get; ehe m shoot out things na.

    Make I give una the list wey una Naija girls fit score 100%:

    Snatch and fork
    Snatch and marry
    Snatch and tie like goat
    Carry "paddy water" cook for man
    Shoot off babies
    Alabokunize babies
    Send thunder come my smooth nyansh
    Back stab
    Tdb Press phones hunting
    Send nude
    Sell online fork; Ofuuuu, aghhhhhuuuuu!
    Send fork boy nude
    ATM fork withdrawal; no be bank own own, na man own

    1. At the end of the rubbish yarn, you couldn't even comprehend the BEP.
      Better take a second look!

    2. @Krytiq

      E good as you criticize me so. I been dey cut onions for kitchen when I dey type that thing. As oga go soon show na . . .
      You sabi say I no dey feed my husband indomie like some of you Naija girls dey do. I dey prepare correct chop come dey think
      of the legitimate pounding wey me I go collect for the other room na abania as another pikin don dey hungry me na. All of una wey dey chop indomie give una horseband dey collect I minute indomie (same time wey una take prepare am) fork.

      But the 100% wey I score una Naija girls tanda correct, all of them check boxes o.
      Naija babes no dey fit give charity, na to collect ATM FORK them sabi o.

    3. Kai....who ask you all this one? What a retard.

    4. @Lacrusas
      And you come read everything wey "retard" write?

  8. I've got a total of 14 points...Geez! I've just been existing on earth.Baba God answer my prayers ooo

  9. 12 points for me. 😁😁😁 I should get a piercing.

  10. 11 points. chai i need to go sky diving In the abroad.

  11. 7 points for me.

  12. 16points....
    Never had chicken pox.
    never been in an ambulance.
    Gotten a piercing..... was very close though .

    1. I don’t know what is lipsense

    2. Guess what? Google is a dial away!

  13. I scored 3. I thank God for the blessing and his grace on me.

  14. 5 for me 😊. I've been tempted lately to get an inscription of the boys on my wrist but the thought of the tattoo pain keeps me away

    1. 3 points.

      It's not 'pain'.

      Since you've been through labour, trust me this will be like a light scratch.

  15. 14 points o. I can see 8 things I'll like to do before I leave this world

  16. lol..9 points for me. never ridden a limo, lied about my age, gotten a tatoo, made a prank call, skydiving, tried lipsense, snorkeling or being in a helicopter


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