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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Good day madam Stella ,Thanks for this platform and may God bless

you.please hide my identity.

Here goes story bear with me it might be long but I need options of
you and other bvs.

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend let call him Mr A for
close to nine years and I told him no sex which accepted,but year goes
by he was asking me for sex which I keep declining but we do other
stuff but no full penetration just to please,The idea I had to have
s#x only to my husband was still there but I was falling in love with
Mr A,he will tell me he is not keeping me as a girlfriend but also as
a wife,my bf is an only son ,All through the years I never cheat on my
bf and I have snoop and didn't find anything ,I always turn guys down
because am with him thinking he is the one.

Earlier this year I snooped and found out he cheated on me with one girl and he begged for forgiveness saying since he knew me he hardly have intimacy with other that he felt bad and don't know how to tell me that was why he left
it for me to see,we both are virgins when we started and I can say he
still is for some reasons and with what I have seen. 

Of recent he keeps pass wording his phone and trusts his friends more than me which he denies,he keeps telling that I will see care and love when I finally
allow him have s#x,he keeps telling me to get pregnant for him.when we
are together I keep asking him his plans for us and he will tell me am
the perfect woman for him that all he need is money to settle down and
when he is with his friends he tell them the last thing on his mind is
marriage that all he wants now is to travel out make money or buy car.

lately am tired of us breaking up and making up and still be on the
same place no plans for future.few months ago he told me once he is
done with the project at hand he will come and see my parents but that
was where it ended.he has need brought the issue up again.he keeps
saying I complain too much when I ask him about the future and how he
does ,I know I have my flaws and he has to help me build them .

Now I have a suitor coming for me same age with my boyfriend but
stays in one the African country ,we were introduced by sis,Mr B was
so reluctant to call or chatting me but when he came visiting and saw
me ,he wanted to do everything that he has found all what he wants in a
woman but I told him to calm down we need to know ourselves,all this time
he or my sis never told me he was married before but had issue but
yet to collect the pride price it was the person he went to beg to ask me
to accept that told me ,I didn't tell him I knew about his marriage
but was busy asking him to tell me things about him ,that was when he
ask what I heard about and I denied everything and he told me how he
met a girl through his bro and did trad took her to his and she got
pregnant and took his money and left and aborted his baby that she is
no longer interested and went back to her boyfriend ,that he now
realise the girl is posses and her family and I told him he was in a
hurry to marry that's why ,that me am not in a hurry cos this is
everlasting .

All these were through chats and voice note cos he said
he can't do normal call that it will cost him much and we
should be doing whastapp call,told him I never done that before
because no money for the subscription ,yes I work and my pay is small
and can't be wasting it on subscription.he insisted on only whats app
call and will call my family members to know what am saying .

Recently my bf saw the chat and started crying I want to leave him and
marry after all this years ,why am I rushing that am still young and
am suppose to be building my career not marriage ,mind you am in my
late twenties. my bf chatted Mr B up and sent him a lovely message
and he thinking I was the one responded how he misses me and desire me to
be his wife,I got mad cos he had reduced his communication and my bf
brought it back.

Just today I asked him about his plans and he said that he wants to

come see my parents during Xmas,Stella I have not grown any feeling
for him ,the little he call pisses me of ,everything about him and my
family keeps telling me that prophet keep saying he is the one,the guy
is rich from what they say but seeing him that once I noticed he is a
stingy type,when I try bringing up issue of love and feeling he will
say he will give me all that once we are married.

Now my question is.........

I am not in any way attracted to this guy and he is fat when I
complain he says he will reduce once he starts bearing children and
people keeps telling he is OK that i am only looking for fault.

His stinginess is much and the person that introduce us accepted he his ,but they are saying he wont be to his wife.Again when I asked the person that
introduced us why she hid the fact the guy was married before,she told me
the girl is a bad girl and I asked 'did you ask the girl why she left and
you are judging? .

how do I go about my bf,I really love him and wish his will just
propose to me ,after all this years without s#x and he waited ,people
ask me why I stay with him this long but any time I want to give other
guy chance all they want is s#x.

Mr B is doing everything so that I will accept him ,even promising
to wait that he is not in a hurry ,but has plans to come see my parents
during Xmas without telling me,I told him I am yet to have that
feeling ,the only communication we have everyday is greeting and ask how work is,no meaningful stuff and I try to ask him he tells me hes a good
person but is afraid of me but know am good because of my family and I
will know everything once I accept ,people said he is good but the
feeling is not coming.

Could it be that Mr B is the right one but am making up excuses and
seeing faults in him.

I don't want to hurt my boyfriend cos it will hurt me not being with him.
I am confused and need answers!!

*You should be confused because Mr A is a time waster and the other one a big risk.......Your story is all so one kind.Please stay the person who gives you peace of mind.
Remember that your Boyfriend might end up not marrying and remember also that those who rush into Marriage,come rushing out too......


  1. I no finish am jare, keeping a man for good 9rs and still expecting him to be faithful?

    *Larry was here*

    1. Even the Mr.B is a suspect. From the look of things you love Mr. A more but he is not ready. So my dear, don't rush and marry Mr. B all in the name of being a "mrs" weigh your options very well. Or you beyter start looking for mr. C. I don't even like this match making of a thing. Too much interference from third parties and too much lies involve. I won't even advise you to go for Mr. B cos the feelings and love is not there. maybe none of them is truly yours. Do what makes you happy

    2. Is this a chronicle or a novel, I dint read everything just close your eye and choose one, and no your mr A is not a virgin

    3. Love is no longer blind,it now wears designer wears...
      @ d poster,why d long epistle,this is d summary of ur post "I love a guy and I have been wt him for 9 years but has no plans of us getting married.I met a guy who loves me and planning to see my family but I don't love him.What do I do?"......if u are not related to Abati,u are not permitted to write dt

      Solution:keep searching..write down what u want in a man and marriage.Not a fantasy but something realistic and makes u happy...if u submit yourself to something u are not fully committed to or believe in, u will have urself to blame,u will carry urself by urself...

      Pause on d first guy and think for awhile about him,wat can u see about him,is he ready in the true sense of it....if u don't love d second guy,u don't love love ,u don't sit on a fence,it is either u love or not.If u know u don't love him,stick to wat u believe and sure of.


    4. Technically,u only have and have in 2 relationships so far in ur life. Some people got married to their 5th,6th,7th,calm down and keep searching but first,know who you are and what you want in a relationship.

  2. Virgins ke and You guys have been together for nine years? Oh lawd! Una pikin for don dey j.s s.1

  3. No mr C? Cos i havent seen the right one out of these options. All the best

    1. Exactly my thought... Let them be..

    2. Focus on your life or is anyone chasing you away from home?

      Plus: update your English please.
      Pity your children.

  4. I can't believe I read everything now my head aches.😭😭😭

  5. Why not marry the prophet? Lol you people are so gullible and end up letting people who can’t see farther than their noses to decide for you.

    Mr. B is rich but can’t call- only text and WhatsApp call and what not and has not collected the “pride price” from his wife. Your story is messed up but as far this story goes, none of these men are right for you but then why should any of them marry you because you seem more focused on having a wedding ceremony than a successful marriage. Don’t marry a stingy man and just because a man hasn’t slept with you doesn’t mean he won’t ditch you when he finally has his way even after marriage. You’re in your late twenties and so? Why can’t you be patient and study these men well or wait till the boyfriend you love (Mr. A) makes up his mind to marry you. Have you even found out if Mr. A would be able to take care of you after marriage? Men who shed tears over some silly thing are manipulative. What’s the tears for? If there’s an issue, deal with it and stop using tears to buy time.

    1. Bless you. Men who shed tears are crooks.

    2. Men who shed tears are wickedly manipulative. Once they realize that you're no longer moved by the tears they start to cry less and snarl more. *tongue click *

  6. Mehn i sincerely don't know what to say. It's a hard one.

  7. Poster borrow more baskets and keep more eggs in them.
    Don't let any boy block you from meeting the best man.
    I would say take your time, neither of these guys is making sense to you.
    Forget your bf's story telling, all na manipulation.

    Forget about the wasted years and start making the ones ahead of you count.
    Go out and be open to new relationships.
    I can see that you aren't in a hurry with the new guy, good thing tho.

    Ensure you pick the best man you have conviction about.

  8. Babe your bf is just wasting your time and he will soon dump you, anytime a man sees that another guy is coming after his woman for marriage or for relationship you will see the guy will double up his effort so that he can retain his gf. I feel your bf is just making empty promises to you, for nine years what else is he waiting for to start small small things till you both finally make it as couple.

    For mr B you cannot judge him base on his failed marriage, people walk away from marriage that bring disgrace, depression, lack of peace of mind. Find out what really happened to his marriage, do not rush into marriage please, do not follow what is trending, marry who makes you happy. Marriage is all about happiness, rest of mind, understanding, peace of heart, communication, if you are not happy with a person never you marry that person cos you will always be sad with that person. Do not allow your sister to pressure you into saying yes, when the chips are down no one will cry with you.

    Finally, give your bf some space and allow him to think well, let him make up his mind about the marriage thing, stop reminding him about it, it make you look desperate to settle down. If he is not saying anything useful next year you try and give others chance. Goodluck

  9. Cancel that Mr B, hold onto Mr A till you find C.. then compare.
    9yrs of no sex and u think he wont cheat? Abeg give him pussy jo he has tried, what are keeping it for? For husband that will cheat and maltreat u?

    1. Sometimes you have to throw everything overboard to start afresh in order to get the best.

      This one's body is shaking for wedding and ring.

      I would have said go and find the first wife and ask her why she ran.

      Marrying a divorced person is always 50/50. Find out what happened to the first person before jump in because you are looking for how to shake bum bum and flaunt ring.

      Too many broken marriages today because kids in old bodies saunter in knowing nothing about marriage, values etc etc.
      It's almost as if you lot think this is a video game or something.

  10. I have witnessed similar experience, the girl left and rushed into marriage, years later she started seeking relationship with me from within her marriage. Rushing in isn't the problem but remembet there's also rush out.

  11. I don't think Mr. A is ready to marry you and Mr. B seems like one chance

    Be patient and pray. The right guy will come

  12. Gosh!, If it is possible to improve on yourself, like Education, Business, please, do. To me, you should not go into marriage with either of the two guys. Please, make a head way in life first before marriage. Mr. A might leave after having his way with you, marriage or not. Mr. B is also not good. In all, focus more on building yourself up. Take care.

  13. Mr A = error
    Mr B = another error.

    Break up with Mr A and cut off Mr B. Start over.

    1. I agree. Mr A is only seruose now because another person wants the spot. Mr B is shoeing signs that he wants you to carry the load he can afford. If he wants WhatsApp call only, he should buy data for you

    2. Thank you!
      Find time and strength and break up with your bf. No suitor will ever you cos everyone knows you have a steady bf.
      Mr.a is the type that gets marries withing months of breaking up with you.
      E go shock you.
      Mr.B is a married . Stay away from him till he gets divorced.
      Men get fatter after wedding.
      Stingy men dont change. Learn from tje previous chronicles.
      Remember, nobody will approach u if u dont break up with mr A. That MR.B did is a miracle

    3. Straight to the point!

      Cut off those men. Mr A just wants to pop your cherry because he feels he has invested so much time for another to “reap where he has sown”. Mr B is just shady AF!


  14. Even the Mr.B is a suspect. From the look of things you love Mr. A more but he is not ready. So my dear, don't rush and marry Mr. B all in the name of being a "mrs" weigh your options very well. Or you beyter start looking for mr. C. I don't even like this match making of a thing. Too much interference from third parties and too much lies involve. I won't even advise you to go for Mr. B cos the feelings and love is not there. maybe none of them is truly yours. Do what makes you happy

  15. My dear, why will Mr B say to chat or do whatsapp only? He’s in a relationship that’s yet to end, don’t marry him, he will derail your life! Mr A is a time waster, shake him off too. Take time to seek the face of God on your own and never let any fake prophet see your future for you. “Ye are god” is what the bible says, it means you have power over anything that wants to control you. Go to God in prayer and open yourself up for another relationship.

  16. Mr C, the one you are yet to meet is your husband. These two you talked about are either in a hurry or slacking. Mr B's rush makes him a big suspect, while Mr A is still beating about the bush. Since you say you aren't in a rush to get married take a breather from two of them, then may be Mr C will waltz into your life.

  17. Poster keep searching, don't rush into marriage with B, there's seems to be error with him.

  18. All these men are not good for you.

  19. Take Stella's advice mbok... by the way Stellz, it's "peace" not "piece" of mind. A settled mind is key in marriage

  20. BOTH of them are useless. You deserve better. Look for somebody else. End of. Shikena

  21. Smh
    1 This is an epistle
    2 Not an interesting one
    3 Chioce of words, lack coordination
    4 I didn't read to the end
    5 My guy las Las choose none,get yourself a C

  22. Wait for Mr D

    Mr A is not serious
    Mr B is still married


  23. Mr A doesnt seem like a serious person,9 years and no show,it's better you end d relationship, start going out more,meet more people cos Mr B too isnt an option cos he has tins he is hidding, dnt rush into marriage ,it's easier to walk away frm a relationship than marriage, go and look for Mr c or d ,take your time, u will meet someone dt will love u and take care of u and won't be stingy, u may think u r in love with Mr A now but when u give him space and tell him u need sometime alone to study your life,he may try to cry again or say u want to abandon him ,tell him u r not doing all that, u just want to have time to yourself to think, dnt compromise on your no sex till marriage ,cos for u to have managed till now,my dear u can manage till u say I do,cos the time u av waited isnt upto d time u will use to wait more

  24. Please OP there are 19 more alphabets. Take your sweet time. A & B do not seem to be working for you.

  25. Don't marry any of them. There are 26 alphabets and you're still on two?

  26. Thank you for wasting my time poster.

  27. All these men are not good for you.

  28. You can choose either of this two if you are very very very very very very very desperate.

  29. Break up with me and Mr B those are one chance to u,look for Mr c abeg,break up with Mr A so that other suitors can come, and above pray for Gods direction concerning whom u will settle down good luck,

  30. controversial sunshyn11 December 2018 at 14:27

    you spend 9 years in a relationship hoping for the promise of marriage? are you Abraham? please give yourself 1 more year with your windows open.


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