Stella Dimoko Controversial Counsellor Says Many Men Of God Are Hell Bound And Their Prayers Blocked From Reaching God If They Cannot ''Please'' Their Wives..


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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Controversial Counsellor Says Many Men Of God Are Hell Bound And Their Prayers Blocked From Reaching God If They Cannot ''Please'' Their Wives..

Controversial Ghanaian Counsellor Lutterodt has set tongues wagging with his latest declaration......

The man most known for courting controversy with his ‘advice’, has some for preachers in the country, who he says are headed to hell if they do not mend their ways.

Speaking on 3FM, Lutterodt said some men of God in the country are unable to provide their wives with good s*x, something which he says is leading them straight into the pit of hell.

“There are a lot of men of God in this country and beyond who will likely find themselves in hell because they are not having proper s*xual intercourse with their wives.
The act of lovemaking must always end up well just like worshiping God to the climax.If your act doesn’t get to that point then it means you are punishing the person in place”.

Lutterodt says that due to being unable to satisfy their wives, the prayers of these men of God would be blocked from reaching God.

“The Bible says if you don’t live with them (wives) with understanding, your prayers will be hindered and I am telling you that some men of God are not anointed because they have not done well with their wives”.
from ghanacelebs

*This man is a Counsellor and not an ordained preacher but it would be nice to know if he is right on this one!!...

Hello Nigerian men!!!...

Most Nigerian men are 'wham bang thank you' kinda men and do not even know what female orgasm is...Most of you reading this have never climaxed with your man before,true?Please forward this article to the hell bound
A man who wife squirts is complaining to people that he wife pees during the act and no longer sleeps with her because it is a taboo where he comes from...Imagine oh.....


  1. Too much pressure affects men to satisfy their wives

  2. And u expect ur wives to satisfy u

  3. I watched the video. It was hilarious to say the least. He said sex is the same as worship๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ the same way the tempo increases during worship is how sex progresses too from foreplay to climax. He was even rubbing his body. The message is cool but I don't know about the platform.

  4. There are better ways of passing across this kind of message. Why link it to worship and even touch yourself on the stage while explaining it. That singular act makes him look like a sick man to me.

  5. Someone told me its a taboo to give a woman a head. I just imagine my life without ever recieving a head from my husband and i just left him there in the relationahip to be dating himself.

    1. Lolzz u left man because he was honest enough to tell you that you won't be getting a head from him for whatever reason Weldon ma

    2. Sexual satisfaction is very important. If a man can't satisfy his wife sexually, that marriage is in trouble

    3. @Cynthia Which is why i was honest enough to walk away. I cant marry a man who cant satisfy me sexually. Sex is not just important it is importanter in marraige. Or would you rather i marry him and then begin to cheat on him with a good headmaster somewhere to fill in the gap?

  6. I remember how my anambra boo was bragging about the size of his blokos and prowess in bed....anyway, when we finally did the do, it was OK in my mind but i wasnt wowed!!
    Bobo on the other hand kept saying, i am the type of girl that will make him just sign away all his properties to me because of the way i handled in bed (i know i am good laidat).
    I was expecting bobo to give me head but bobo didnt. One day bobo sent me a video of anal and i said naa am not down for that, he then asked what i was down for, i said he had never given me a head and that was a constant in my previous relationship....Bobo that can talk for the whole of anambra started stuttering, i just switched of emotionally almost immediately cos then i knew that i wont get shagging satisfaction from him.

  7. This man go like fuck die shaa, sometimes people like him just Open their Okro mouth and talk and at the End of the day themselves cannot satisfy thier own wife o.nah to dey preach wetin them no dey practice..


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