Stella Dimoko Disbarred Lawyer Emeka Ugwuonye And Four Others Charged With Murder Of Abuja Business Woman Charity Aiyedogbon


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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Disbarred Lawyer Emeka Ugwuonye And Four Others Charged With Murder Of Abuja Business Woman Charity Aiyedogbon

A disbarred Lagos Lawyer, Ephraim Emeka Ugwuonye has been charged before a High Court in Abuja, alongside four others over their alleged involvement in the alleged killing of Abuja business woman, Charity Aiyedogbon.


The charge, with number CR/20/2018, between the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command (complainant) and Ephraim Chukeuemeka Ugwuonye and four others (defendant) centres on criminal conspiracy to commit murder, armed robbery and culpable homicide.

Other accused persons charged along side Ugwuonye are: Ezeugwu Paul Chukwujekwu, Adogah Emmanuel, Ikechukwu James Ezegwu and Michael Leo Oyong.

Emeka Ugwuonye Arrested......

Their trouble started when, those believed to be close to the missing woman were quoted as saying that she went missing on May 9, 2016, but her lawyer, Nsikak Udoh, handling a suit filed at the Federal High Court, Lokoja on April 29, 2016 against 29 respondents, including her biological children and former husband, David Aiyedogbon, claimed Charity came to his house on May 18, 2016.

Following questions arising from the lawyer’s claim of meeting with the missing woman eight days after her purported disappearance, the police invited him for questioning wherein he allegedly confessed that her signature was forged.

The charge reads in part: “That you Ezeugwu Paul Chukwujekwu, Adogah Emmanuel and Ephraim Chukwuemeka Ugwuonye all ‘M’, on or about 9/05/2016 in Kagini, Abuja, within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court did commit illegal act to wit: criminal conspiracy when you agreed with amongst yourself and robbed one Mrs. Charity Chidiebere Aiyedogbon (now late) of her property and killed her. You therefore committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 6 (b) of Robbery and Fire Arms (special provisions) Act Cap. RII LFN 2004.

“That you Ezeugwu Paul Chukwujekwu, Adogah Emmanuel and Ephraim Emeka Ugwuonye all ‘M’ on or about 9/05/2016 in Kagini, Abuja within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court did commit illegal act to wit: armed robbery when you armed yourselves with cutlasses and other offensive weapons, attacked and robbed Mrs. Charity Chidiebere Aiyedogbon ‘F’ (now late) of her Accura ZDX Jeep with registration number RSH 225 AH Abuja gray colour, one Samsung Galaxy phone, one Itel 1408 phone, one Iphone and Ipad and other valuables….

“That you Ezeugwu Paul Chukwujekwu, Adogah Emmanuel and Ephraim Emeka Ugwuonye all ‘M’ on or about 9/05/2016 in Kagini, Abuja within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court did commit illegal act to wit: Culpable Homicide, when you intentionally attacked one Mrs. Charity Chidiebere Aiyedogbon ‘F’ (now late) with cutlasses and other offensive weapon and killed her, when you both knew that death is the probable consequence of your action. You thereby committed offence contrary to and punishable under section 221 of the penal code law.”

Similarly, Ugwuonye is facing a fresh 10-count charge of extortion, impersonation, injurious falsehood and false information. The charge, with number CR/19/2018, between the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command (complainant) and Ephraim Emeka Ugwuonye (defendant) is also before a High Court in Abuja.

The charge reads in part: “Extortion by threat of accusation of an offense punishable by death, Injurious falsehood against the Nigerian Police, injurious falsehood against David Aiyedogbon, giving false information with the intent to mislead public servants, Obstruction Public Servant in the discharge of his functions, Insultive or abusive language against the Nigerian Police Force, Influencing cause of Justice and Inciting Public disturbance.”

Others are: “Failing to assist public servants, when bound by law to assist, when you were aware about the investigation into the killing of late Mrs. Charity Aiyedogbon to arrest the killers whom you knew and had prior knowledge of how one of the suspects Ezeugwu Paul Chukwujekwu escaped from Nigeria immediately after committing the offence without arresting or giving the police useful information as to who is to be investigated for the sad killing; impersonation, when you have reasons to know that your name has been struck off of legal practitioners roll by the Supreme Court of Nigeria even when you knew that you have been disbarred and your name struck off the roll of Legal practitioners in Nigeria.”

Hearing date for the two new cases are yet to be announced. Meanwhile, Ugwuonye is already facing two other criminal charges and two civil suits bothering on defamation and false evidence.

It would be recalled that Ugwuonye was first arraigned alongside two Abuja-based lawyers, Nsikak Udoh and Farouk Khamagam before a Chief Magistrate Court for their alleged criminal roles in the disappearance of late Aiyedogbon.

Emeka Ugwuonye is charged with false evidence and injurious falsehood, contrary to sections: 158 and 393 of the Penal Code; while the other two lawyers were charged with criminal conspiracy, forgery, impersonation, giving false information with intent to mislead a public servant contrary to sections 97, 364, 179, and 178 of the Penal Code.

Ugwuonye is on court bail in the sum of Five Million Naira, with a surety, a civil servant that earns not less than three hundred thousand naira monthly, with a traceable address in the Federal capital territory.

Ugwuonye, who had claimed in the exhibits tendered before the court, to have overwhelming evidence that the missing woman was dead, and that she was killed by her estranged husband, David Aiyedogbon, is expected to show the evidence before the court.

His trouble started when, in different posts on his Facebook group, Due Process Advocates- DPA, he said: “I now have overwhelming evidence that Mr. David Aiyedogbon killed his wife, Chacha. David has an idea of the kind of evidence at my disposal.”

In another post, he said: “this is the headless and dismembered body of Charity Aiyedogbon (posting a corpse on his DPA Facebook group). DPA has been able to identify this as her body within the limits of resources at our disposal.”

“I will describe David as a low-life and cold-blooded murderer of his own wife. The issue is not whether Emeka’s account is accurate or not, but, rather, the issue is whether Emeka has evidence that would send David to the hangman. Yes, I do…”

When invited by the Police to produce the evidence, after several meetings, Ugwuonye was unable to produce any, to substantiate his claims.

Ugwuonye is already facing a N10 billion defamation suit filed by Mr. David Aiyedogbon. The suit, with number CV/2750/16, before Justice Peter Kekemeke of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court 14, Apo Abuja, also prays that the defendant be ordered to pay the cost of the suit.

Meanwhile, the other two Abuja-based lawyers, Nsikak Udoh and Farouk Khamagam, charged alongside Ugwuonye are said to have confessed in writing to the police that they forged the signature of their missing client (now late), Charity Aiyedogbon in a suit filed at Federal High Court, Lokoja and served on Mr. David Aiyedogbon, two weeks after the disappearance of Charity Aiyedogbon. The suit has since been resolved in favour of Mr. Aiyedogbon.
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*Mouth hanging wide open in shock*

I saw photos of the body parts of this beautiful woman after she was killed and I am in shock...WTF!!!!!


  1. Great news, I read about it from a facebook group.. I was even going to ask why you didn't post this since.. This man cup don really full..

    1. Her husband, a powerful man, is behind her death. Emeka was just roped in because he was exposing/pursuing the case ..

  2. whilst i dont like this short man devil Emeka one bit and i believe he is a fraudster I dont believe he had a hand in charity's death, i believe her husband did order her elimination.
    What that short man devil emeka is probably guilty of is perversion of justice at most from those charges not murder nor intent.
    The police clearly have no case against him probably just want to waste his time and money whilst frustrating him

    1. Gbam!I remember this woman's story in FIN then, such a sad and trouble filled life. May her soul rest in peace.

    2. Yeah right!🙄😏 he didn't commit murder but his cellphone PING was traced near the murder scene, he gave details of her death down to remembering chacha body few days after she was declared missing even produced pictures. These Emeka Ugwuonyoshi shared in DPA group.

      How did Emeka identify the body without autopsy?

      Who asked Emeka to investigate?

      Is Emeka Ugwuonye a certificate and approved private investigator?

      Why did Emeka bail as well as help the Jekwu and Adogah escape out the country? Someone that claimed to be fighting justice for chacha now supporting her confessed murderers?

      He has overwhelming evidence since 2016 to sue yet he didn't do so

    3. Ps: police ain't the one charging to court, it's Attorney general of federation

    4. Let me tell you why he was disbarred. He had a client called Ifeoma Ezewani. He went to see her in Enugu and she died 2 days later. Her church members suspect poison. Let me tell you what this midget did. He stole her properties. Is it possible he killed her for the properties? Yes.

      Emeka is known to hunt stories. I believe he found this woman on FIN and wanted to be her lawyer. The whole story replays itself. A woman seeking to divorce but ends up dead.

      The stories he put up was given to him by the same boy who killed this woman. He knew that the killer was 24,He knew she was mutilated and he identified a headless body of someone he claimed he has never met. Impossible . Only possible if you have met this person and can tell what she looked like even in the dark.

      Did you know he aided the said killer to escape and when he was apprehended made efforts to get him bail?

      Do you know what confessions the killers have made?

      To her husband: Easy breezy. Let's imagine he had the intentions to kill her. Do you think that he wouldn't know that with all the obligations his wife made that it would implicate him if as little as a mosquito bit her? If I threaten you and you make it public,i am powerless. Maybe I might try to kill you in another year but immediately? Naaa!Do you also know that one of the killers gave him the beating of his life.

      His own sister is my friend. She has many times talked about how Emeka tried to take her properties, get her deported and told her husband to kill her and that he would create an alibi for him.

      Or that they were banished from their village because Emeka killed a boy as a young boy in secondary school. They only just appeased the land in recent times and got forgiven by their people.

    5. This guy just wanted to use that case for popularity. They all did. Unfortunately it backfired. This is why it is wise to be careful about this online popularity that people are obsessed about these days.

      Their lives and reputation are effectively destroyed with all these just because they were forming activists


    6. Sylvia u are just too correct

  3. Stella,nwunye Korkus,I Love you . You are a good person.

  4. I am expecting his followers here....1,2,3....

  5. I forgot to add "FOOLISH FOLLOWERS

  6. Emeka Ugwuonyoshi overwhelming evidence since 2016 yet you being charged with murder screening offenders and arm robbery. Eleru carry your load! Ntor 😛😜

  7. See Emeka Ugwuonye's dirty suit! Fmmmm! 🤭🤭 *Fumigate SDK blog* 🌪

  8. This mans case confuses me so much. After so much talk about him here,I started following dpa page and he seemed so real. If he's truly a bad person, he has many people fooled o.

  9. He has finally bitten more than he can chew. Is his facebook page still functional?

  10. Stella Dimoko, am sure that scam artiste Oluchi Enaworu is paying u to bring this lies here, cos that her watermark. Emeka Ugwuonye has nothing to do wit Chacha death,she even write by herself in FIN saying her husband wants her dead. As usual Nig Police faced the innocent man cos their palms have been greased. Stella, don't do a sided story cos u ve never heard from dpa or Emeka.

    1. @Sparkle did you read to the end? If yes then you must have seen that she gave credit to Thisdaylife.
      SDK will NEVER accept cash to destroy anyone.
      Go and pray for your Emeka and change your mindset.

    2. That’s how they keep disgracing themselves at every given opportunity, exhibiting zero intelligence. They are intellectually lazy and can’t think for themselves. Just look at what an adult brought to the internet where a post was written, defaming sfsll as usual by suggesting that she was bribed to run a story and that’s exactly shy Emeka is cooking off in Kuje Prison today. You fools will never learn from it but continue your foolishness. Emeka was alone in court without you there to hold his hand and fours here refending. The Oluchi you’re mentioning has really dealt with you guys silly and you know that. Go to her wall and repeat this and See how your Xmas will end. Nonsense and due prost%itutes advocate.

    3. Sparkle learn to read and form intelligent opinion. This is the internet, not your father’s kiosk. If money was all it took to publish this post, why didn’t you bribe Stella to run the story you want? You no get money? You called me a scam artist because I exposed Emeka Ugwuonye to the world and he labeled me so. Have I ever stolen anything from you? Did you even know who I was till I had issues with Emeka? Isn’t that what he does for a living, defaming People? How many defamation lawsuits does he have in court and can’t defend a single case? Una no sell T-shirts again? Men are now enjoying their wives since Emeka was arrested. Emeka told you that David killed Cha-Cha yet can’t prove it for almost 3 yrs now. The case is finally coming to an end and I hope you guys have 10 Billion for David Aiyedegbon. You must be one of those desperate housewives and internet pros%tittues who gave Emeka your nudes for safe keeping. It’s okay to come out now. Emeka is gone and in Kuje. I’ll be here waiting for him when he shows up. You guys don’t love Emeka like you claim otherwise you would have gone to Abuja to support him yesterday. How can he run a group of 350k Emeka has been dragged to court uncountable times, and has slept in all prisons in Abuja. He’s now the Emir of Keffi Prison, Nassarawa! Let him go and scrub toilets in Kuje. That’s where criminals like him belongs. Please go and contribute to his “legal defense fund.” That’s what he needs you for, not fighting for him, and he’s said it too. Useless People Advocates. No, it’s actually Dumb people’s advocates.

  11. What Emeka failed to tell his followers is that there's something known as 'Writ of Mandamus', that is an application you make to the Court to mandate or compel an officer or agency to perform its statutory duty.
    Now, assuming without conceding that Emeka took his overwhelming evidence to the police and they refused to investigate or charge David Aiyedogbon to court, as Emeka claimed they were bribed and compromised, as the self acclaimed intelligent lawyer that Emeka is, he ought to have brought the necessary application to the court, with all the monies he collected in Chacha's name.

  12. Woow this is good news, after all the lies look at where it has landed him. Good radiance to bad rubbish.

  13. Lol. I don't know Emeka and trouble who dey find each other. Na so so disbar disbar. From New York to Maryland to Washington DC and now Nigeria. Final final he go go practice for Ghana and I bet my left ball that he will be disbarred there too. I no understand the man at all. Na Havard he dey use suck his followers in. If Adeboye, Oyedepo and co still have followers, then Emeka is only starting. Naija people looking very to throway money give psychological abusers.


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