Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series -Most Memorable Christmas


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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Iya Ibeji Series -Most Memorable Christmas

My most memorable Christmas was when I went to prison.

Lol. I wasn't imprisoned o, I went with my dad to visit the inmates.
I was petrified and I kept thinking what were we doing in the prison?

This happened over 20 years ago, when my dad was an officer, that Christmas morning he packed cooked food and drinks and asked me to follow him so I got into the car. When we got there I thought we would just drop the food items for his colleagues and leave.

But we went inside and started passing through a dark corridor and I saw my dad shaking hands and touching the inmates, i was so scared, what if they hurt him? They can't possibly like him after all he was the one that kept them there.

I was holding on to my dad's trousers just in case the inmates tried to pulled him to themselves so I could pull him back. Next thing I knew my dad open a cell and went in, this cell was less crowded (thinking about it now I'm sure that was the big boys cell) the inmates surrounded him to take their food. My dad beckoned on me to come in with the drinks that I carried. Dear BVs na there I remember last.

I can't really tell what happened, I didn't faint or anything. I just went blank. I regain consciousness when we were in the car going home. My dad was talking to me but I couldn't comprehend. I was staring at him and wondering why he did that to me. I mean who takes a child to prison? I'm going to be scarred for life.

When the holiday was over and we went back to school I couldn't tell my school mates about it. I was in primary school then, where will I begin? They would want to know what I did wrong to be punished in that manner.

It will interest you to know that today I belong to the prison ministry and I go to prison every week to minister and provide aid to the inmates. Ladies and gentlemen of the BV community if you see what I have seen in the prison in your life you will never near crime. If you are not prepared the prison can drain or depress you. Nigeria prison? Jesus!

If i were to start a series on life in Nigeria prisons it will take me months to talk about it.

This Christmas I will be going to the prison, this time willingly and gladly.
I'm sure God had it planned when he allowed my dad to take me there. We are 7 children and he took just me that day.

When I joined the prison ministry I tried to remember what I saw that day, I prepared my mind for the worse and surprisingly I was too shocked, my leader was surprised because most sisters cry the first time they visit.

Finally my BVs as you celebrate Christmas please remember those in prison many of whom are innocent. Also please if you intend to go and visit do it wisely, if you go there and drop things the Wardens take them. Go through a prison ministry /NGO that have access to inmates.


  1. I haven't entered inside the inmates prison. But the day I went to visit someone in prison,when he came out, I couldn't recognize him. He was the one that called my name, I nearly cried but held my tears for when I got home.

    1. I visit KIRIKIRI prison often, I have some clients among the warders. I do give to the inmates whenever I visit, I don't know maybe I'm weird or something, I have more passion for inmates than visiting motherless babies

      *Larry was here*

  2. I have had a lot of memorable Christmases!

    The time I spent with the needy, at the psychiatric home with the patients, at the leprosy village, at the hospital and the monastery.

    These were my most memorable moments of my life, the inner joy you feel being around these people and being also in a place where you can only just meditate and have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

    I thank God for those beautiful moments and experiences and I look forward to doing something similar again in the future.

  3. Prison ministry is also my passion. I was going before oh, may God help me to restart. God bless you Iya Ibeji for the good works.

    BV Wonder Mum.

  4. Hmmn. Naija prisons no be am at all. Very dirty. I wonder how the females cope during their monthly period.

    1. My dear, no prison be am at all except for the prisons in the Scandinavian.

      In that same Nigerian prison, you will see VIP sections.

  5. No memorable one yet.still loading....

  6. Enter your comment...God bless you

  7. How do I join prison ministry plz

  8. Pls I will love to do this prison ministry . Any one based in port harcourt doing it should let me know .

  9. I recall visiting the Oyo Prison while i was in School during my birthday years ago. The state of the prisons needs to be improved. The environment coupled with limited access to basic amenities. The inmates struggled for everything especially items for good hygiene: toothpaste, soap etc.

    This story is a clarion call for me, i should visit the prison when next am home.


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