Stella Dimoko Singer Morachi Says Nigerian Fans Will Not Listen To Songs Unless Musicians Do Giveaways +Calls For A Stop To Online Begging!


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Monday, December 31, 2018

Singer Morachi Says Nigerian Fans Will Not Listen To Songs Unless Musicians Do Giveaways +Calls For A Stop To Online Begging!

Nigerian singer Morachi hits the nail on the head with this post.....


''Only Nigerians do this and soon might start to infect other Neighbouring countries in Africa with this deadly virus 🦠 ....a lot of other African countries experience hardship just like Nigeria but whatever support they give to their artistes is truly genuine from their heart and they expect nothing in return...but in the recent day Nigeria fans might not want to listen to a good song except you do give Away’s and song challenge and after the give Away’s and song challenge the songs still don’t make it to the top....i don’t know how we got to this place but i am going to predict something right here and right now and that is, if we continue this way then i foresee serious danger and damage that might be hard to repair....I don’t care who gets offended by this, we hate the truth and i really can’t be bothered....few years from now when the damage is done some of y’all might remember morachi made a post regarding this until then let’s all pretend like it’s all good when it’s not and keep up with the suffering and smiling 👍🏽''

*He is right,Instagram is full of giveaways with fans fighting and dragging each other,I even saw a comment of someone who says they were done watching the actress' movies because she didnt pick them for the giveaway..Same reason I stopped the Santa post on this Blog....God help us all!!


  1. Is it only on instagram?
    Even on twitter sef...

  2. Yaba left escapee31 December 2018 at 10:16

    Online begging cant be stopped, as long as you display your flamboyant lifestyle, youre inviting the the ants, "The chickens have come to roost" dont complain, they even beg those that live like a simpleton, so its now like a playing the lottery, whats the harm to try?
    If u feel its a problem, turn off your comments, fans should just "like" ur pics and go their merry way.

    1. Word! True words from a mad man.

    2. Yaba left escapee31 December 2018 at 11:33

      "Rehabilitating" my dear, ever since i skipped the asylum & forcefully re-entered society, ive been taking my meds religiously & significant progress is noticed... like i woke up with morning wood & less soliloquizing!
      Dont just annoy me by calling me a madman oh, only on this blog ive seen ppl way worse than my colleagues i left behind.

    3. Your last paragraph makes a lot of sense.

    4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Nigeria is the only country with Buhari as the president too.

  4. Stingy fucker we buy all the time, what do we gain from listening to ur songs, you collect all the money buy houses, cars, still put am for our face.

  5. It will be best you stopped giveaways but lots of people will run.

    So online begging has come to stay and celebrities are using it well to their advantages.

    It will be hard to nip it

  6. Lazy youths everywhere! God forbid!

  7. sad but true.. what a shame!!

  8. Beautiful and gracious31 December 2018 at 13:35

    Let them continue their begging if you have give, please don't discourage others


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