Stella Dimoko Thief Begs Woman To Forgive Him After Killing Her Hubby


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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thief Begs Woman To Forgive Him After Killing Her Hubby

Oh My God!!!
I saw this Yesterday but didnt read it until thos Morning nd thought to share even if it is coming late...

A woman whose husband was killed during a robbery attack in his house in Rivers state – met with the gang members who perpetrated the act.

The widow and mother of three children identified as Mrs. Funke Adetutu, met with the hoodlums after they were arrested by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT.

The leader of the gang knelt down and begged for forgiveness from the widow who replied that mercy belongs to God and they should ask God for forgiveness and mercy.

She added that her husband takes care of a lot of people apart from the children and they now have to struggle following his demise. She also thanked the police team for arresting the killers of her husband.

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  1. Replies
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      JUst imagine

  2. This is sad and the woman is calm oh. Imagine being face to face with her husband's killers and not being able to do anything. I'll first tear him apart that he won't even remember to go on his knees to ask for forgiveness.

  3. They should collect their forgiveness from God. That woman should allow them pay for their crime. Let the law take its course! I don't just want to hear she pleaded with the police to release him o...wicked and heartless set of people!

    1. She has no say there, forgiveness or not, they are going down.

    2. Even if she pleads,they must still face the law. It's murder so it's now a state case. Heartless things

    3. Pleading only work when it's an offence but when crime is committed, it's against the state and the woman has no say.

      It's the gang against Rivers State in court

  4. Classic random Nigerians. React first and beg later. Good example are the danfo drivers

  5. Guilty conscience?

  6. So sad. Didn't they think before killing him

  7. May God Almighty console this woman

  8. All for greed..May they receive the full punishment due to them.
    RIP to their victim.

  9. After killing her bread winner, making her a widow and her children fatherless, when they knew they could actually rob without killing. I hope they pay for their crime.

  10. They took a human life and I am sure they have committed other indescribable atrocities over the course of their criminal life, I don't believe they are sorry. They are only sorry they got caught. Forgiveness does not mean that justice will not prevail.

  11. My enemy won't even agree to a meeting unless I'm allowed to blow off his head. So sad.

  12. I saw this on TV yesterday and was very angry. Why will they even give that devil the opportunity to apologise. Na to kill am straight up... God punish devil

  13. That is how they will be doing sober face. I can never forget when I was young,my parents had travelled and armed robbers came to our house.
    They beat up my 70yr old grandmother. I was sleeping they even woke me and removed my gold earrings. I was just 4. They later caught them and even killed one. I have no pity for robbers.

  14. She gave the perfect response. It is even the husband who should forgive, let them go search for his spirit and ask for forgiveness. Why they trying to ease their conscience with his widow. Let them search for his spirit and seek his forgiveness.

    See their one act of evil has affected so many lives. May God help those who are now suffering due to the murder of this man. May his killers face the full brunt of the law.

  15. He's not a thief, he's an armed robber. A thief can be given a minor punishment but an ARMED robber, even if he doesn't kill is a criminal because he had an intention to kill. That is, if he faced any sort of opposition in his robbery, he would kill because of the arms.
    In this case, they even killed so na murder. He should get life imprisonment. Its state vs them in court. Even God's forgiveness does not automatically absolve us from the consequences due to sin.


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