Stella Dimoko Award Winning Author Ruva Ngundu Reveals Shocking Details About Her Past


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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Award Winning Author Ruva Ngundu Reveals Shocking Details About Her Past

It was a night of revelation on the Minasdollz Show last week as award winning author, Ruva Ngundu revealed how her dad’s best friend s#xually molested her and she fell pregnant after the assault....

The author of Beauty for Aches said:

“Beauty for Aches is a story about my life. I wrote it with the intent of inspiring and uplifting women that have gone through what I have been through.

“I was suicidal, I nearly committed suicide four times. I remember vividly how four days before I gave birth to my daughter, I walked out of my house, went to the middle of the road and lay there, waiting for a car to crush me.

“People’s reaction and words basically made me want to take my own life. A lot of lies were spread and I digested it all and as a result, I was not in a very good place in my mind. “

What’s her advice for those experiencing s#xual abuse?

“Your mental health is very important. Talk to someone, pray, have a relationship with God and your parents. Take a decision to be positive. This was how I overcame,” she said.

Would she forgive cheating in her relationship or marriage?

“As a Christian, I will forgive if a man cheats on me but I will never have anything to do with him again,”

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  1. Thank God for your life. Now you live to encourage people, thank God.

  2. Yaba left escapee27 January 2019 at 11:41

    Any woman that says this: "As a Christian, I will forgive if a man cheats on me but I will never have anything to do with him again,”....
    Dont ever believe that woman!! Except she doesnt trully love that man, the thing is we humans have a hard time knowing what exactly we can overlook & accept until we see ourself in that circumstance.

  3. You're a survivor, I'm glad you're over it and in a good place now.

    Suicide isn't an option to be considered no matter the situation.

    I pray we all have a shoulder to lean on in our trying times.

  4. Thank God she is a survivor and told it as it is. It is a way to heal.
    Typical Nigerian woman will claim virginia and say she inherited it from
    her mother.

  5. Mothers be close to your daughters so they can talk. Perverts are on the increase.

    God strengthen your inner manyoung lady, to remain strong.

  6. Thank God for your life

    May God continue to strengthen you

  7. You were sleeping with your Dad's friend and became pregnant... To every item on display, there is a price tag. Every action has a consequence...

    1. This is an example of reading without understanding. She was raped olodo!!Raped!! Pls do yourself a favor and go for adult education...your mumu level raised to infinity and beyond

    2. Anon 13:06 you are a very big fool!! I just pity your partner cause you just proved to be a sorry excuse of a person

    3. Yaba left on the goal...

    4. Kai there is always that one stupid anonymous

  8. Thank God she over come it.

  9. Thank God she overcame


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