Stella Dimoko Buhari Reportedly Boasts Of Victory Ahead Of February Presidential Poll


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Friday, January 11, 2019

Buhari Reportedly Boasts Of Victory Ahead Of February Presidential Poll

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday said he was confident of victory at next month’s presidential election.

He stated that all that was needed was an extra push by the Presidential Campaign Council and the February 16 poll would become a formality.

Buhari spoke in Abuja at the inaugural meeting of the council.

However, All Progressives Congress governors were absent at the meeting.

Buhari said, “I will like to appeal to you to dedicate yourselves once again to the task at hand.

“There is no doubt that victory is ours. But that shouldn’t mean we should rest even for a moment.”

The National Leader of the APC and co-chairman of the council, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; the APC National Chairman, Mr Adams Oshiomhole; and the Director-General of the campaign and Minster of Transportation, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, among others, attended the session.

Buhari had on Tuesday handed over the leadership of the campaign to Tinubu when he inaugurated the council in Abuja.

On Thursday, he reminded the council members that they were the best materials available to the party.

“I urge you to rise to the challenge of the great expectations of this party and Nigerians – and the confidence that I personally have in the ability of all of you to deliver,” Buhari added.

In his speech, Oshiomhole said the state governors were already doing their coordination assignments and were busy in their respective states.

He said, “Don’t forget that elections are not defined in Abuja; it will take place in the 36 states and I am sure there are APC members who are campaigning for the Houses of Assembly, various House of Representatives and Senate constituencies and governorship posts.

“The whole country is Mr President’s constituency, so he will visit each of the 36 states with appropriate messages.

“There is a saying that except you know and remember where you are coming from, you cannot appreciate where you are. Even in the life of a man, those who look at those in their front will never thank God enough, but when you look at your back, then you will appreciate that you have made a lot of progress.

“So, you need to constantly remind Nigerians of what happened in the 16 years of the PDP and what has changed in the past three and half years, and what will change over the next four years if given the mandate to continue and consolidate,” Oshiomole said.

A former Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio, was also at the meeting.

The former Akwa Ibom State governor spent eight out of the 16 years of the PDP as its governor.

He also won election to the Senate in 2015 on the ticket of the PDP before his defection to the APC last year.

Akpabio said he believed that the PDP had nothing more to offer to Nigerians.

“I will say that APC is poised to win the elections. We have a few weeks to the general elections; first the presidential election – and we are ready.

“The achievements of Mr President are there for people to see and I think the entire country is quite excited, unlike our colleagues in the PDP, who do not seem to have anything except to attempt to run campaigns of calumny and false accusations against us in the APC,” he added.

However, the Peoples Democratic Party said Buhari should prepare for defeat in February.
It said there was nothing on the ground to indicate that the President and the APC would get more votes than PDP and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar

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  1. After rigging. See mouth like roasted goat. Mtcheeeeew

  2. "“There is no doubt that victory is ours. But that shouldn’t mean we should rest even for a moment.”"

    These are not "boastful words". He is just being OPTIMISTIC which is good for any contest.
    The only thing I don't like about him is tribalism, selective victimization in corruption fight.
    It is a pity that the credible challengers do not have the financial muscle for national spread.

  3. Power of incumbency... The Lord is on the throne for His ppl

  4. Buhari doesn't need to brag. We the Buharists will do the bragging for him. There is no Politician in Nigeria that can defeat Buhari atm. Not even a thousand Atikus. Buhari will defeat Atiku in his state Adamawa, go mark my words. Buhari has never lost any election in Nigeria. Even the first 3 times he contested, he was only rigged out. In a free and fair election, no how Jonathan could have defeated Buhari. The man is loved. He's got a cult-like followership. His followers will still vote for him even if they are hungry and eating faeces to survive

    1. when d 30k dem pay you finish u keep quiet, all dis BMC members

  5. Why is everywhere quiet. By this time 2015. Even the ants in Nigeria knew that election was by the corner. The television stations, radio stations, streets littered with posters. Supporters boxing themselves. People climbing trees, trekking etc. What is happening. Has the election month been postponed. Who witnessed what the traders did to Pro. Osibanjo and his entourage in an Abuja Market few days ago, Everyone will be alright las las.

  6. I stand on Nahum 1:9 affliction shall never rise d 2nd time,dauara 2019,he will av a better retirement herding his infertile cattles

  7. The affliction that will not rise again are the corrupt practices, those who paid $2m for Islamization propaganda, those stoking violence and sponsors of BH, spreaders of fake news. These are Nigerian problems, not Mr President.

  8. It is not his fault. Only in Africa, Nigeria especially, can his likes be contesting for the Presidency.

  9. That is why i cannot waste my precious time on the line that am voting when they already knows the elected person already.

  10. From almost all indications and indices, it sure looks like he's won already. It's as if Atiku went to sleep after he announced Obi as his running mate believing that alone would secure votes.

    My problem with Buhari is his age, health and inability to impact the lives of the common man in four whole years! Na so so "we are fighting kwaraption" and blame-trading day in day out. With how expensive commodities are and how lavish the politicians live, why are they taking so long to approve the 30k minimum wage? In an election year for that matter.

    Na Oby Ezekwesili I go kukuma vote for. I don't care if it's a waste of my vote but at least she has convinced me of her consistency. Besides, there's no noose of corruption hanging around her neck because nearly all Nigerian politicians now have an EFCC file. She's my breath of fresh air jare and she has a solid economic manifesto. The rest should collect their votes from their village people and loyalists.

    1. @It's as if Atiku went to sleep after he announced Obi as his running mate believing that alone would secure votes.

      Are you serious? PDP is currently doing rallies in the North. Niger and I think Nasarawa this week. I think it is the Press that is not making noise for them.


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