Stella Dimoko Buhari Sacks TETfund Boss DR. Abdullahi Bichi Baffa


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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Buhari Sacks TETfund Boss DR. Abdullahi Bichi Baffa

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has approved the removal of the Executive Secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund,Tetfund, Dr Abdullahi Bichi Baffa.

The president, in a statement by the Federal Ministry of Education, released to the media through the Deputy Director,Information, Mr Bem Goong,said
Professor Suleiman Elias Bogoro,was reappointed to take over the TETFund as the Executive Secretary.

The terse statement from the Office of the Honourable Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, said, the re-instatement of Prof. Bogoro is with immediate effect, with the same terms and conditions as it were in his previous appointment and as stipulated in the TETFUND staff conditions of service.

“Prof. Suleiman Bogoro was the Executive Secretary of TETFUND between April 2014 and February 2016.”

No explanation was given for the action.

*Hmmm there seems to be a lot of 'renovations' going on....


  1. The drama is getting so interesting. They should keep bringing it on for us to be entertained.

    1. They should be careful of ‘theirselves’ o.

    2. This man was removed from his office because he opposed the reelection of Gandollars,aka the dollar thief !!!! Pls buhari/APC I urge you to kind look up the meaning of **integrity** before attaching it to buhari, because hbuhari and integrity are 2 parallel lines that can NEVER meet !!!!!!

    3. 08:11 are you serious? Maybe 'Mr integrity' didn't know the technology used in removing him at first.

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  2. If you think the renovations are because they will give him better winning chances then it is false. The man has already won this election even without rigging. Atiku and others are not even campaigning in states. No money to campaign. Just noise. The president had visited several states in the north and south. Treasury single account really wicked. Lol.

    1. Ann: 07:58 where do your type of humans come from? You just speak or write with out thinking. It’s people like you that made me leave that country and not politicians, people like you are the enemies of the state called Nigeria . What has TSA got to do with money for campaign? Is atiku a federal government appointee? TSA is for federal and not states any of the PDP states can bring money for Atikus campaign. I’m sure it’s people like you that believed atiku went to the USA as a PA to saraki as if saraki went to the USA in an official capacity, you think any country will grant visa to a wanted person,maybe you people think to travel is just to up into a plan and off you go like it’s God Is Good transport.
      Una tire me for that country I swear!

    2. 08:31 thanks for that rejoinder. Good you left earlier enough. Don't you see how your reasoning are unlike the anonymous above you. This country is enough to drive one insane, just as it is about doing to me now lolz. I wish I left the time I had the opportunity. When I read his comment above,I wasn't surprise knowing fully well he is a Nigerian and a black specie, they don't think with their brains.

    3. 8.31 you just made me start craving for fried peppered fish with this ur comment.

      No sense in 7.58 write up

    4. 8:31 can i just love you Pls??

      Kisses darling 😘😘.

      You too TeeJee 😘😘.

      The country is in a hot mess.

      And most people are reasoning with their anus cos their pschy have been battered and shattered by our dishonest politicians.

    5. Anon 8:31, are you serious? Since you left the country, of what benefit have you been to yourself other than being a third or fourth class citizen craving nonsensical manifestation in your hollowed comment. Well I understand that your pain here is because your candidate is not going anywhere.
      Should I acknowledge you, teejay or pass? So your being black and also a Nigerian means you don’t think with your brain? That is if you had one. I saw how you were shamed yesterday over ‘theirselves’ comment. A graduate like you with such level of astounding and astonishing ignorance. Who gives a hoot about you? Do you even have a mind of your own to think? Goodness, not new to your kind of comment. Your life is still unborn in a dream that never ends. I will use my time for better things. No waste it on you. Lest I forget, there is free English class for you, my brother. No payment. Grab the opportunity since the other one left you.

    6. Hahahahahaha.... Are you still crying? See how people were applauding the anonymous that defeated the rubbish you threw out there to deceive people about TSA. I thought you were exposed and learned? I just lost respect for you. I have told you to look for something else to attack me, the everyday cry about my English is stale lolzzz. I already owned up to it that I am not perfect in written English so why should I be ashamed if I make a mistake.

    7. 12:21 can I know you? I am beginning to count sane people on this blog. Your sense of reasoning is top notch. That anonymous of 10:04 is a paid buharist receiving 30,000 monthly to do what he is doing. You don't see him contribute positively on post except to attack criticism directed towards his 'Mr integrity'. Please don't stop commenting, I will be looking forward to your comments. I have seen the way you spelt anonymous 'Ann' it will be a clue to know your comment.

    8. Lol @ the Ann.

  3. Thank you Ann. TSA does not stop cash flow it only keeps records of cash flow from CBN. It’s like having a single account for your family and giving every member of your family access to the scoping by simple signing before withdrawing,hence having record of every withdrawal and by who and at what date and time. Rather than open account for everybody to manage at will.


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