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Friday, January 25, 2019

Free Advert Post Is Here Again....

This is a post and you can tell us what you have to offer in the comment section..................

A good Business advert is like a complimentary card,so please choose your words wisely.

Be clear on if you can get your product across to a buyer out of state or not as some people are not clear on this and when they get orders,it takes them forever to send because that is when they start looking for ways to send...Especially if the order come from Abroad.

Be clear on if you are the direct seller or if you are the third party seller,some people advertise things they do not have and start looking for where to buy them cheap when they get orders.....NOT NICE!

Lastly,those of you who collect money and go into voice mail and block whoever has ordered from you after they have paid should know that if such report gets to me,i will call you and your business out if i confirm it is actually scam...Please desist from this act.

Good luck and I pray God sends lots of Businesses your way!

Lets go!!!


  1. I sell original designer shoes and snickers
    contact me on 07069704981

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    2. Nugwa Bags Promo!!!
      We specialize in making very High quality Leather and Denim
      *Lunch Bags
      *School Bags
      *Laptop bags
      *Customized Wedding /Party souvenir Bags
      * Traveling Bags etc
      Nationwide delivery for bulk order.
      At very affordable prices.
      There is also an ongoing promo for those that want to learn how to make the bags.
      Training will commence in February, hurry and book a space.

    3. Afrikaans accessories made with akara eg earrings, bangles, bags, slippers etc, Moroccan oils (Neem, Baoba,Citro, Papaya etc) pls they are not bleaching oil, I use them and I do not blanch, both for body and Cheveux *hair*, Senegalese outfit, etc
      I prefer to get for those that want to resale,
      I.e you should order in bulk but if you want 1 it will take a time because these things are from some west Africa countries
      Although I am using Jumia for single sales.

      Pls send text or WhatsApp to +234 70 66 72 77 96
      I will b changing my personal Instagram handle for it soon.
      Cheers πŸ₯‚

    4. Jos Strawberries and Grains25 January 2019 at 15:08

      Who said you can't have fresh strawberries in Nigeria? What if I tell you we can deliver fresh, home-grown strawberries to your doorstep right from the city of Jos!!

      O yes we can!

      Contact us for your free delivery within Jos and for a token to any State.

      Price N1500 per kg.

      Call or Whatsapp 07037161900.

      You'll definitely love our strawberries!

    5. Contact AmaQ Collections for your beautiful, colourful and stylish ready-to-wear kids dresses.

      Call or Whatsapp 08136804048

    6. For your cleaning services, catering services, both outdoor and indoor. Please contact Florence Home on 08134085553, 08071348508. We deliver anywhere in Nigeria.

    7. Loan for salary earners in Abuja contact me on 0802695863825 January 2019 at 16:10

      Sort out all your financial needs.....we give the best rate in town.

    8. Start non fading wholesales bedsheets business with #15000.
      Nationwide delivery. Pls call 09051228071 check us out on IG: @ma.emporium

    9. Do you know that ring light make up artistes use and make their pictures come out flawless and smooth.

      Introducing selfie ring light which is a miniature version adapted from phones and laptops. If your a make up artist and can't afford the big lights, use the selfie ring lights to take your phones.

      It can be used to shoot brighter videos and clearer video calls, no need jumping and down.

      It comes with charger, all you have to do is charge.

      You just clip it to your phone or laptop and viola.

      It's just 2k.

      Location is apapa, Lagos, for pick up.

      It can also be waybilled to any location.

    10. *We need to take care of our HEALTH Now more than ever so Max up your life with _Cellgevity_ for that boost needed to stay on top of your game even in da oza room πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

      From recent research, your glutathione levels determines the health state of your cells which directly determines the state of your health - tissues, organs, system.

      *_So raising your glutathione levels with Cellgevity cellularly will empower the body to correct the abnormalities in the cells thereby putting the relaxed muscles in good condition_*.

      *_And Ribociene technology in cellgevity has been scientifically proven to be 300% better than the best alternative Nac in raising glutathione levels in the body without any known side effects._*

      Stop thinkingπŸ€”πŸ€” too much
      Stop analysing🧐🧐too much

      Stop looking😳😳 too surprised

      Stop procrastinatingπŸ˜•πŸ˜• now

      Stop doubting😏😏like Thomas

      Stop waiting😐😐 endlessly

      Start movingπŸƒπŸ»‍♀πŸƒπŸ»‍♂πŸƒπŸ»‍♀πŸƒπŸ»‍♂Now

      Start πŸ“±πŸ“²

      Start testifying

      Like me

      Make that call Now @08026626811
      *CELLGEVITY WORKS and Pays along too*

    11. Call me to automate your business, any kind of computerization you want, Android application, IOS application, desktop, I'm the programmer you need : 07034615930,

    12. Be irregular and beat the norm.!

      Unique adire or Kampala as you may know it.

      Hand made√

      No washing√

      Quality Fabrics and unique√

      Affordable, value for your money√

      Can Be made into any style, can be paired with lace, plain patterns√

      For YOU, for loved ones, aseobi√

      Bulk/wholesale available√

      Everyone needs an adire.

      Port Harcourt based, can be delivered anywhere swiftly.

      Instagram :adirehubph


      I await your calls and messages to make your orders.

      Thank you

    13. Say no to boring night wears, your kids deserve to sleep in our lovely and very comfortable pyjamas from 2 yrs old to 7yrs old, i am in Abuja but can deliver to anywhere in NIGERIA. Contact me on 08038700533

    14. @Everythingok Thrift Store We Stock and Sell the Best in corporate and casual Dresses, Pant Trousers, Skirts, Shirts, Tee shirts and Jeans .
      You can shop online on our Instagram page @EverythingOkonline, in our store located at 10 Alaba yusuf shopping complex off Ojamakinwa Takuro street Addo busstop Ajah lagos or call/Whatsapp on 09094534658

    15. I sell original human hair. If you even want wigs, i can make it for you. I stay in Abuja and deliver to everywhere.
      As for hair (both natural and relaxed) problems, call me to get your original chebe powder and karkar oil. I will tell you how to use it properly. Just whatsapp 09067672340.

    16. Contact me for your original zobo drink In bulk.Freshly made with fresh pineapple and vanilla. Instagram - islandfoodnearyou. DM us
      We serve the islands- lekki down to epe

  2. Hi, The Language Studio Abuja offers private tutored language classes. You can learn Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Hausa or Yoruba at home for 50,000 naira for 2 hours of class twice a week for a period of 3 months. Group classes cost 10,000 naira per head for a group of 10 max for 2 hours of class twice a week for 6 weeks. For more information follow us on Instagram @thelanugaestudio_abuja or call +2349069771606, 09069765276. Thank you

    1. Mich Foods 0812331083725 January 2019 at 15:24

      Contact us at Mich Foods for your hygienically prepared 'Rich and Nutritious Tom Brown' and 'Soya Bean powder'

      Our Rich Tom brown and Soya bean powder is a mixture of nutritious grains and protein that is needed for your children's growth and development. It is ideal for breakfast. It can even be taken at any time of the day and can easily digest. It's also very good for adults and even for the elderly. Instead of the regular pap, why not opt for our rich and nutritious Tom brown. A trial will convince you.

      You can call or send us a message on WhatsApp on 08123310837. Location is Abeokuta and delivery is free for those in Abeokuta. We can also deliver to those in other South West States for now.
      Thank you.

    2. Get your unique catchy business logo, flyers and cards from us at a very affordable price.

      Instagram/Twitter; @graphics_by_sky
      GSM: 08025653564

      Location is not a limit.

    3. I manage and grow instagram accounts organically.
      I have a certificate from Accenture on digital marketing
      For my monthly management, you get:
      - Scheduled posts
      - Hashtag research
      - Page audit
      - Page rebranding
      - organic growth
      - Content creation (this is available seperately)

      Call/whatsapp me on 08077753679
      I manage @onimisibespoke on instagram.

    4. Pure undiluted honey 🍯 for wholesale and consumption25 January 2019 at 18:23

      Pure undiluted honey straight from the hive is available
      7000/5litre you can repackage and resell....07087886798

    5. Am a lawyer and into incorporation of Business Names, Companies and Incorporated Trustees.
      I can be reached on 08169624635.

  3. Blogbrity 0816022264525 January 2019 at 14:39

    All types of souvenir items

    As man as 100pcs and above. Available for immediate delivery

    Home items


    Dining casserole
    Rechargeable mini fan
    Rechargeable blender
    Waist shaper

    Nicer Dicer plus for easy making of salads

    Food flasks with 62hours hotness guarantee

    Different sizes of aluminum non stick pots

    Call/Whatsapp 08160222645

    Instagram: luchy_homeitems

    Shop location: Ebute Ero, Lagos

    Nationwide Delivery

  4. I have quality Ghana slippers at affordable price.the slippers can last as long as u want it to.very strong and beautiful.0812 230 2213.I stay in portharcourt

    1. I produce and sell coconut oil for hair, skin and consumption.
      Carrot oil for hair and skin.
      Black soap for lightening, colour maintenance and anti pimple.
      Black soap hair shampoo for virgin and relaxed hair.
      Body scrub for face and body made with fruits and vegetables.
      All are made with organics materials and natural ingredients.location Abuja.07059605320

    2. Let me take space here
      Independent studies done by LUTH professor- Abraham Osinubi, found/reaffirmed the following;

      -The master antioxidant of the body is glutathione (A US company found the most effective way of delivering it to the body in form of riboceine-containing patented supplements, after 25years of research by prof. Nagasawa)

      -use of the supplement was noticed to have effects such as;

      ✔Slowing down of the aging process (makes you look younger)

      ✔Increase in energy

      ✔Detoxification of liver and cells

      ✔Strengthening of the body’s immune system - this is remarkable in HIV patients especially

      ✔Reduction in muscle and joint discomfort (inflammation leads to pain)

      ✔Improvement in focus and mental clarity

      ✔Reduction of the devastating effects of stress

      ✔Improvement in quality of sleep

      ✔Enhancement of athletic performance and recovery time

      ✔Improvements in your skin — when toxins leave the body your skin becomes more radiant

      √ *Remarkable changes for individuals with NCDs like hypertension, stroke, DM, arthritis and more*

      Seriously I didn't believe it completely too, even with the studies until a close relative of mine with DM used it for a month, and I still can't believe her recent FBS values, best it has been in years.

      Disclaimer: the riboceine supplement is not a drug and does not replace any patient's drugs, however, there have been cases where patients have had their drugs reviewed and reduced in number/dose because of better results after using the supplement.

    3. Hi guys,i am a makeup artist,lashes and Nails Artistry.I do braids too that last long.Check out my page on IG(Bukkiest Polish)

    4. Ma emporium beddings Wholesales
      3/6 2 pillowcases #2000

      4/6 2 pillowcases #2300

      6/6 2 pillowcases #2500

      6/6 4 pillowcases #3000

      6/7 2 pillowcases #2800

      6/7 4 pillowcases #3200

      6/6 duvet and bedsheets #11000

      6/7 duvet and bedsheets #12000

      (6/6 is king size bed, 6/7 is super king size, 3/6 is student bed)
      09051228071 nationwide delivery


    5. Exquisite and durable 100% 7×7 cotton bedshets and duvet.
      Unique and amazing designs, including cartoon characters.
      Cost from #2,500

      Set of duvet (comprising a 7×7 bedsheet, 1 heart shape pillow, 1 sweet shape pillow, 2 throw pillow, 4 fiber pillowcases and 1 fiber duvet) Price #17,000.

      Only Duvet #10,000.

      Check our Instagram at: hf.cotton.bedsheets
      Phone no: 09072300391

      We guarantee quality.

  5. Hi lovlies check out @beesvogueline on Instagram I sell affordable cloths , shoes and bags under 4k and all items are from well known uk high street brands

    1. Ok... 've been on your page, still on it actually... Lovely stuffs you have and the sweetest part, items are posted with price.. most sha... Double thumbs up...@beesvogueline..

    2. We sell these foodstuffs at a giveaway price.
      Hand shelled melon=200 per cup.
      Cat fish,small=200 per one. Medium=250=per one
      Ogbono=550 per cup.
      Palm oil= From one litre onward.
      Call or WhatsApp: 08096662621.

  6. Pure Abakaliki Rice.

    Machine picked with 100% stone free guaranteed. It is high in fibre, organic and healthier than foreign rice. Available in retail and wholesale purchases. We deliver NATION WIDE. Call Sonia 09025036638.

    1. Nanny at your service. Call me Tonia on 0706 206 0240 .I will give your little one a tender ,love and care with this gifted hands and heart. If you live and work in lekki then nanny daycare is the place to be. Stay blessed

    2. Silkroad Chinese25 January 2019 at 18:18

      Hello ! δ½ ε₯½
      Do you want to learn Chinese/Mandarin
      ~We offer
      one on one private classes and
      group classes
      ~Language classes designed for
      kids , teenagers and adult learners.
      ~We are result oriented.We have classes for
      *Basic conversation Chinese
      *Business Chinese
      *HSK tuotoring
      * Advance Chinese

      Registration ongoing for saturday children class at our Yaba, Lagos teaching center!!

      Contact us for further information on

      θ°’θ°’ ! Thank you!

  7. We sell quality kids clothes and accessories at affordable prices!!
    Check us out @totesadorbsz on IG and Facebook.
    Thank you Ma'am..

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    1. Many companies have amazing goods and services but lack the right personnel to represent or present their goods/services. Let's be the face and mouthpiece of your brand, all we need is detailed Information and at list 7 days notice to study it. Call us on 09035858362.

  9. What Part Of Your Body Part Is Proving Stubborn To TreatmentπŸ™„πŸ™„
    Dark Inner Thighs, Stretch Marks, Scars, Dark Knuckles, Skin Dryness, Sunburn, Pimples, White Patches....
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    Starlitcreams Range Of Skincare Is Up To The Task To Take Care Of Your Skin Needs
    Worldwide Delivery
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    2. Your instagram is wrong

    3. Good Afternoon BVs.

      We sell turkey wears (tops,skirts,gowns,etc), handbags, shoes, sandals, purses, Jeggins, slippers, Ankara and other accessories at Patsy Collections for an affordable price.

      Instagram handle: @patsy.stores

      Delivery is Nationwide.

      Call: 08095013777

      You are free to come to our boutique to check and buy stuff for yourself.

      Making you look good.... Is our businessπŸ™‚πŸ€—
      No scam ✖

  10. Hello guys.. I sell pure original white musk and oil perfumes at an affordable price. I also sell original lalle and muhallabiya. Kano based. Thank you

  11. Do you desire quality leather sandals, palm slippers and pure leather belt (unisex) at affordable prices? Contact MIEA HOMES on 08068178480 (phone calls and WhatsApp)

  12. I am into wholesale and supply of premium grade palm oil, and stone free ofada rice. Our palm oil is packed in the 25kg container while you can get Ofada rice in 1kg, 2kg, 5 kg, 25kg and 50kg, Price varies based on the numbers of orders. We source our palm oil directly from farms in the middle belts and south south region and our Ofada rice in the south west region. We can be delivered nation wide and also be exported. We are looking into partners that source for raw foods (palm oil and stone free Ofada rice) abroad. You can reach us on 08054101069 0r send a mail to

    1. Not trying to spoil your business.
      What is price ranges according to order.
      Don't you have a standard measurement like 1kg is 50million.

      This is an opportunity that Stella is giving you, maximise it babe.
      People do not really have time to start calling and listen to exorbitant prices.
      Forgive my outburst though.
      So many people are into this business. Do not waste any opportunity you get to market your goods.
      Customers fall on you.

    2. Gentle when buying plenty dey tend to give some discounts, that's what the person means

  13. Are you suffering from fibroids,endometriosis,ovarian cyst and any other gyneacological diseases?follow us @everything_organic_ on Instagram or call us on 08097797727

  14. A Quality And Affordable Islamic Studies And Arabic Online Tutor For Kids And Adults Is Here At Your Service.

    *Learn to read and write Arabic and Speak it
    *Qur'an memorization
    *Read the Quran perfectly
    *Tafsiril Qur'an
    Learn Islamic books like:
    * Hadith
    and so on

    Call Or WhatsApp us on +2348032648193

  15. I am into selling of pupuru(processed cassava flour). It is very neat and clean.odourless .easy to made. Just add hot water. One rubber paint go for 600 naira.low in carb

  16. Starlitcreams Is The Leading Brand In Skincare Products
    We Cater To Your Skin Repair, Care And Maintainance
    Made With Love And You In Mind
    All Our Products Are Safe On You And Your Babies Skin
    For Sales:
    WhatsApp +2348187783253

  17. I supply Local Rice on wholesale (Ofada, Abakaliki, Mokwa rice). 100% stone free with natural sweet aroma. It's available in 25kg and 50kg. I deliver anywhere within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Call 09050697535. Pay on delivery available for those within Lagos.

  18. Are you in Enugu, looking for a fashion designer? Stylecee is here for you . Ready to wear , kiddies, bespoke tailoring, delivery available

    Instagram @stylecee__
    Phone number 08162268090

    1. Am just in your page on Instagram, Cynthia you are good will contact you soon! We do business thanks!

  19. Please contact for your balconies and stair case rails. Rust free Aluminum rails, stainless steel rails and more. 07030079773. Thank you.

  20. For your finger foods, pastries, cakes and mocktails for all occasions do call us on 08127297545. Location is Lagos.

    I also supply to schools and offices

  21. We sell locally made and highly effective aphrodisiacs and s3x enhancers for both men and women. WE also sell herbs to cure Fibroid, ulcer etc.

    Kayan Mata ON POINT



    Try us and you will be gald you did

  22. Order for your original Rose flower lapel pin at wholesale price. Our location is Benin City. We deliver Nation wide. Our contact is: 07082991673

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It's like you're planning on scamming people. The business no get name? Can't you give the details here? Abeg shift...stop littering this blog with this your scammer plan

  24. Dog food and accessories for sale within Abuja25 January 2019 at 14:55

    I have dog food and accessories for sale. Delivery within Abuja.

    Dog food include Diamond dry feed, Frances pride canned food, Jo-jo and Binggo etc. I also sell accessories like dog leash, chain, toys, Combs,plates etc.
    You can reach me on 08030746749(calls and WhatsApp). Please I'm expecting your calls. Thank you.

  25. Call viettastitches for your beautiful outfits.we are fast, reliable,quick to deliver and our finishing is top notch.
    We are also very affordable. Call/wassapp us today @ 08139440627.

    We stay in Owerri but waybill to all parts of the country.

  26. Do you own a supermarket/restaurant/foodmart in Abuja or outside Abuja? Also, are you an Individual who is in need of fresh groceries like strawberry, berries,etc or fruit salad for sale or consumption? Hephzibah Groceries is here for you . Kindly reach us on 09021574522. We also supply to individuals or foodmarts/malls anywhere in the country or overseas. Looking forward to hearing from you soonest. Thanks Stella for supporting business. May God bless you

  27. Romeo Without Juliet25 January 2019 at 14:57

    I sell plumbing materials,pipes,water closet,PVC gums,fittings,carports,canopies,tents etc.
    Contact Romeo adventure concept on 08063741717.Thanks Stella for this opportunity.

  28. I sell sealed and refill oil,be it for generator,brake or engine oil,i can help out in getting the 25litres here if the ones in your area is expensive and can send to anywhere in Nigeria,delivery isn't free,you can reach me on 09079410046.

  29. order for your English plain and pattern materials, high quality can start up your own English plain and pattern materials business with just 20 thousand and stress free. 09021284282 we deliver nationwide

  30. Hi..

    I'm Olawealth Ankara Distributor.

    I sell Ankara at wholesale price (#4000) even lower, if only its bought in bulk.

    I resell for those who wish to start ANKARA BUSINESS, at a very affordable price.

    I also supply Ankara for asoebi wedsings, weddings traditional burial ceremonies..

    I have a shop at Kaura modern market, opp Prince and princess estate, abuja.

    You can walk in anytime and pick your choice


    Do u want to b a Distributor with us? #Ask me
    Do you have and event and need customised water ? We customize to suit ur event(s)
    Refreshening Taste Of Goodness
    Best Price, Best Delivery
    Call or Whatsapp me on 07062839998
    Port Harcourt residents only
    Thank u in Advance.
    God bless you.

  32. I sell quality cotton Ankara fabrics and Adire at affordable prices. I'm in Akure and can waybill to other states. Contact number is:08070932947. I look forward to your patronage . Thank you

  33. Let me advertise myself. Who knows,God has a way of doing things.

    Am a graduate of Public Administration with 3 years work experience. Am in dire need of a job. Please help !!!. I can be reached on 0818 533 7049.

    God bless.

  34. Hello 2019 Brides and Grooms to be, we are a wedding planning company trained professionally to relieve you off planning stress and cordinate your event and create beautiful memories. Contact us and let's create your dream within your budget. Call or WhatsApp 08132151666 IG @hod_events

  35. Doing this for my mum... For your continental and traditional cuisine, please contact 08176964295... We offer indoor and outdoor catering services. Locations is Lagos. We are open to catering requests outside Lagos too.

  36. Dear 2019 Brides and Grooms to be, we are a wedding planning company trained professionally to ease stress all through planning process and cordinate your events so you can enjoy your big day and all its memories. Contact us and let's create your dream within your budget. Call or WhatsApp 08132151666.IG @hod_events

  37. I have nothing for sale,but I know about genuine landed property for sale in Dline(developed with all necessary amenities),rupokwu,oyibo,egbelu,aluu all these areas are are in port Harcourt Rivers state call if interested 08167559348
    N.B with all humility I am trustworthy and reliable

  38. I sell fashion accessories e.g jewelry,cloth,bags,bikini ig page is to call 07084787277.


  39. I sell data plans on all networks at affordable price. Chat me up on WhatsApp 07030402573

  40. I am a fashion designer based in Lagos Nigeria and we make female clothes ranging from office wears to traditional attires. We are very affordable and reliable plus we ship to any where in the world. Trust us today and you won't regret it. Follow us on Instagram @Laura_empirewears and our WhatsApp no is 08138521749.

    1. For any of your events either weddings,birthdays etc,contact iya dolly for your EWA AGOYIN.It's tasty and very rich.You won't regret booking for her.She is also customers friendly and nice.Her EWA is the sweetest.Contact her on 09035819819

  41. for serious bakers, chefs, caterers, cooks or event planners looking to grow their business and rake in more customers should please drop an email so i can reach you to give you the breakdown on how you can and should go about it.......

    1. you


  42. Contact me for your stain remover, izal, liquid soap and air-freshner . very high quality products that you cant do without. It's good home use, hospital and offices .I'm in Asaba but I can deliver to anywhere in Nigeria.u can reach me on this number, 08068460222.thanks.

  43. Cellgevity is a food supplement by a US company. It raises the glutathione level which every single cell in the body needs to function well. I am sure you may know someone who will need the product or you may want to make money.
    Cellgevity by Max International.
    Call me for more info

  44. Mich Foods 0812331083725 January 2019 at 15:15

    Contact us at Mich Foods for your hygienically prepared 'Rich and Nutritious Tom Brown' and 'Soya Bean powder'

    Our Rich Tom brown and Soya bean powder is a mixture of nutritious grains and protein that is needed for your children's growth and development. It is ideal for breakfast. It can even be taken at any time of the day and it can easily digest. It's also very good for adults and even for the elderly. Instead of the regular pap, our Tom brown is rich, nutritious and a complete meal. Have a taste of our Tom brown and Soya bean today. A trial will convince you.

    You can call or send us a message on WhatsApp on 08123310837. Location is Abeokuta and delivery is free for those in Abeokuta. We can also deliver to those in other South West States for now. Thank you.

  45. Planning and coordinating for events like wedding,birthday etc. We are a call away and very affordable,we also work with your budget.
    Thank you

  46. Hi bvs.for fast n effective clearance of your cars and cargoes in all the sea or airports in nigeria.get in touch with asabco maritime services. 08023683057.thank you.

  47. If you are in ABEOKUTA ogun state capital, i do market runs and run errands for busy people. Anything you want in Any market in ABEOKUTA be it SAPON, LAFENWA, KUTO, OMIDA, OSHIELE, ADATAN, ELEGA, OLOMORE, Even the neigbouring village market like, KILLER, OLODO, ODEDA will get everything for you at the exact market price. if you need my service kindly contact me on 09081643311. Thank you.

    1. Wow... that's fantastic...

    2. Iya ni WuraπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  48. To my beautiful ladies that want to look good every single day, and to the guys that want the women in their lives to look radiant and beautiful, @sisi_adahairs is the place to be. for all your hair needs, all types of durable and very affordable human hairs that will last a life time. hair that can be styled differently, dyed and curled.
    visit our instagram page - @sisi_adahairs or you can reach us via whatsapp on 08032619272.
    A trial is all you need!

  49. MTN DATA
    1gig = #550
    2gig = #1100
    5gig = #2700
    10gig = #5300

    Call me on 08062310528
    What'sApp me on 08156232750

    Payment Mode
    VTU and Bank Payment

    The first two people to comment under this ad will be contacted via email on their ID and credited 1gig MTN each

  50. Are you in ph looking for ways to earn between 5-15k daily using just your phone and with as little as 5k capital?? Join us tomorrow at aldgate hotel sani Abacha road gra by 10.30am for a mind blowing seminar.. you can also call 08063215658 for seat reservation..

  51. Do you want to register your business name or register a company or a NGO? I do registration with CAC and also can help you file your annual returns. I can also register your company's trademark. Please call 08179047493 if you need any of these services orohave any legal question. Thank you

  52. Pamzcollectionz@gmail.com25 January 2019 at 15:21

    Hello sdkers. We make clothes and accessories for women and kids. We also sell original steel jewelleries. Based in Surulere, Lagos we offer nationwide delivery. Kindly add us on WhatsApp via 08187375136 for more enquiries.

  53. We also offer trainings at affordable prices. If you are looking for the perfect place to learn fashion designing and pattern making,look no further.
    Call us today 08139440627.

  54. Hello everyone, this is for my
    Calabar people

    Contact Yoyuka WashHub for your Laundry needs

    Professional Laundry service at a maximum of 48hours
    Garment Steaming
    Individialized customer services
    Company Pact services
    Mother's helping hands for Kiddies

    Free Pick up and delivery
    Don't move an inch from your room,
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