Stella Dimoko Man Attempts Suicide Because His Wife Left Him After Misunderstanding...


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Saturday, January 05, 2019

Man Attempts Suicide Because His Wife Left Him After Misunderstanding...

What is going on with men?

According to dailypost,The Police in Jigawa on Friday said a 40-year-old man, Abdullahi Jafaru, was hospitalised after he attempted to commit suicide by setting himself on fire.

The command Spokesman, SP Abdu Jinjiri, confirmed the incident to newsmen in Dutse.

Jinjiri said Jafaru attempted to commit suicide because he failed to convince his wife, Halima Abdullahi, to return home after a misunderstanding that made her abscond from their matrimonial home.

“On Dec. 31, 2018, a woman by name Halima Abdullahi absconded from her matrimonial home because of misunderstanding with her husband, Abdullahi Jafaru, aged 40, of Shunar village in Kafinhausa Local Government Area.

“And attempts made by the said Abdullahi to console Halima to come back to his house being his first wife with six children proved abortive.

“In this regard, Abdullahi found it unbearable to survive without his lovely wife, hence he found petrol and set himself ablaze.

“And as soon as the police in the area got the hint, they swiftly moved to the scene and rescued the suspect/victim and rushed him to hospital.

“While still on sick bed receiving treatment, Abbullahi is still calling the name of Halima despite the fact that his second wife remained with him at the hospital,” Jinjiri said.
According to him, the case was under investigation.

*Set Ones self on fire???Na wah oh...Why even Marry a second wife if you love the first one so much?I am just tired of hearing this suicide thing,why are so many men killing themselves because of women?this is definitely end times!


  1. Replies
    1. You see these men? They cannot take half of what they dish out to women.

  2. Emotional blackmail. Manipulative bunch.

  3. If he loved the first one this much, what did he marry the second one for? I guess he doesn't know what he wants, besides, how will the second wife feel hearing him call the first wife's name?

  4. D second wife will just be boiling silently.

    1. U know dis! Imagine d nonsense fa

  5. Surely be charge for attempted unlawful dead.

  6. You love her so much, she gave you six kids yet it wasnt enough for you. She don waka now you wan kpai yourself. What do men realy want?

  7. This man na kolo, shay you have second wife. The first wife might even be the bread winner that's why he can't do without her

  8. I wonder why he married a second wife when he is crazy 😜 in love with the first wife and half dozen of children

  9. Nothing pains men as much as a woman leaving them and moving on swiftly. They can loose their minds. They feel it's the law of nature for them to be the ones cheating,marrying 2nd wife and leaving a marriage.

    1. YKR? Very correct. My heart bleeds whenever I see a woman who doesn't know her worth. These men no get liver and they respect or fear a woman who knows her worth and especially a woman who is not afraid to walk away from their nonsense. Tell a man that is threatening your peace and happiness to feel free to do what will make him happy and that you will not stand in his way at all; immediately, his clogged brain will go back to factory settings.

      Shebi the first wife left his sorry ass for his 'sweet potato' to enjoy alone and he decided that he was better dead than alive. They hate to be dumped cos it kills their ego. Even the second wife sef will soon borrow brain and leg. He wanted to pepper his wife na. Now, he's FIRED! Yeye man.

    2. Nothing but the truth!! That’s why when I see women killing themselves over , I just shake my head. These men cannot take it. The first few days they will still be doing who up and down but a month in and they’re going crazy.

      Know your worth, woman!!!! Never make a man feel the marriage is more important to you than your peace of mind!! 15 years of peace at my end because he knows that as much as I love him, I will protect my peace of mind with everything!

  10. They should check his mental health,so many crazy people walking around in nice clothes

  11. Stella, there are some weak men out there. They are easily overcome by their emotions and some can't really handle rejection and so they can easily self-harm . It's either someone wants you or they don't . You don't beg or force yourself to be in someone's life. I have been in a relationship for 6 years and i love who i'm with. I'm not up there in terms of wealth or money but i'm good. Haven't cheated and have provided to the best of my ability. We are supposed to take our relationship to the next level by April 2019 but since December 22nd 2018, we haven't really spoken. It didn't stop me from sendng some cash to her for her birthday and for christmas . Yesterday she sent an sms to me that she need to restructure her life in 2019, hence we can't talk. Well that doesn't move me, do i love her, yes, is it possible she wants to back out of the relationship yes, but it doesn't move me. Someone either wants you or they don't, it doesn't make you less of you or less of whatever you are. The six years can go, i enjoyed every minute of it, i loved, i was faithful and all that. I can't regret it cos i entered into it consciously. Some men needs to man up and stop being too emotional.


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