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Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday IHN

Una good afternoon oh......


My name is Vera, I'm a bv from way back... I'm a model, dancer and writer. I'm currently serving in Lagos state and I'm available for photo/videoshoots jobs, thanks.

Your skin is glowing!!!

You forgot to add your contact for
Please send me another set of photos with your contact attached....*wink*



I am one of the women who prayed and prayed when you used to post on women trying to conceive and kept praying even after the posts stopped, trying to conceive is a very hard road to travel on, the physical and emotional pain, the shame, the sleepless night with an end that is never in sight,...

Befor i got married 5 years ago i knew i was going to try a little harder to get pregnant as i was diagnosed with PCOS while in high school, a disorder which makes getting pregnant a little difficult, but i never thought it was going to take so long, i became worried after one year of trying and decided to see a doctor, my husband who is also a doctor and my doctor told me to relax stating it may be because we lived in different cities as a couple, I quickly sought for a transfer to join my husband, tried for another year and nothing happened, my husband and i became worried and went back to the hospital, the journey of needles, pills and pain began...

I learned how to inject myself with hormones, i took every pill available that would help me ovulate, i researched on everything fertility and PCOS, i became a fertility specialist without a qualification/certificate my doctor would marvel at how much i knew about his profession, i was just a woman who needed answers! I did the dreaded HSG, OMG that shit is painful, I screamed the whole hospital down, i still had to go down the line of a laparoscopy surgery, I couldn’t walk well for 4 days after this particular surgery, but i was glad my tubes were healthy and intact, i gave up after it....

I was exhausted! 

The effects of the drugs on me was another thing, i left everything to God and continued with normal life, I enjoyed every bit of everyday till another year and another rolled by and nothing happend,...hmmm I’m grateful to God that my husband or my parents or sisters in-law did not worry me, at least not until beginning of 2018 when my mother in law will ask what we were doing about our childless situation, my friends will call and ask how far?

 Some will call to tell me to visit certain churches, others will offer to bring certain concoctions all of which I always declined stating i had only two places to go to, going on my knees and going to the hospital, towards the end of 2018 my husband became very worried and asked that we visit another hospital for an IVF, i was glad, 13 Nov. we went there my blood was taken for some hormonal test and my husband was asked to return so his sperm could be checked as well, days later they called me to come over to see the doctor with my test result, I don’t know became uninterested and very reluctant and refused to go, a day later while sitting in my studio, an elder sister to my male friend (who is also like my friend) walked in and one gist led to another and she started to tell me how she suffered with infertility, (she had her first child after 4years of marriage and had two others within 2 years) glory to God! 

she told me how she went to church for cross over night in 2013 and cried her heart out to God and within a month she conceived, with only one damaged fallopian tube! she really encouraged me that day, i went back home and went straight on my knees, i pray sometimes, but the prayer on this very day was different, i prayed at the top of my voice, i cried, i told God i will not leave him until he blesses me, i later began to thank him for I believed he had done it, I fell asleep on my knees, i can’t remember how many hours i was in that position, the next day, the devil struck, i fell into a very bad depression that had me crying all the time, i always wished I continued sleeping each time i opened my eyes in the morning, it was bad! But I thank God because i kept praying and praying, then I noticed i was always having this clear discharge that soaked my pants, i called my husband who was away again and he told me that it was a sign i was about to ovulate, i never had it before....

I became sad that he was not around, he came back a week later and life continued, he mentioned going back to see the doctor but something kept holding me back, Dec. 13 came and i was expecting my period but it didn’t show up, I didn’t put any meaning to it because sometimes I experience delays or it doesn’t come at all, my girls at the studio and my friend who came visiting noticed i was eating too much and my friend jokingly said go and check yourself but i brushed it telling her I spotted blood last night and was expecting my period, on my way home;I stopped at the pharmacy and bought test strips, i did the test but there were no two lines so I immediately dropped it and left the bathroom.

 I returned some minutes later and saw two lines staring at me, I was very excited i couldn’t sleep that night, i went to the hospital for blood work the next day and boom! Negative! I was sad, i rushed to a hospital close to my house, the doctor scanned me and said bulky but empty uterus, he said i must have had an early miscarriage, I didn’t cry surprisingly, i kept singing and declaring that God will do it again, i felt it was a good sign, a week later i started to feel a little sick, my boobs were hurting, I decided to buy another test strip, i tested and I got a very bold positive, i rushed to a lab which confirmed a positive blood test, then my worries began that it may be an ectopic pregnancy, I quickly rushed to the hospital where the doctor did another scan, immediately he placed the device on my tummy he goes, that is a gestational sack! 

He said it was too early for the scan machine to see anything the last time i came, he was shocked that a home urine PT test could read a positive result while a blood test couldn’t, i was over the moon, i had another scan last week and my baby already has a heart beat and everything seem to be ok, i don’t have bad morning sickness, i puked just once, i am only queasy and uncomfortable aside that, no serious sickness at all...

God is faithful! 

I urge you not to relent in prayers nor give up, never put your trust in anyone aside God, go on your knees and talk to God, ask him anything and above all believe him, i am still in awe, I can’t believe God answers prayers so quickly, i was praying but I wasn’t believing, everything changed when i backed my prayer with believe, our attitude while waiting also matter a lot, don’t look dejected and be angry, stay positive and keep an open mind, the God that did this for me will do it for you, it doesn’t matter how many years you have waited, sorry for the long post and typo.

Congratulations to you!!!



How can I report to child welfare services around this Lekki axis?? Do i just go to the nearest Local Government office with the child?

They want to take my new baby sister from me oh - I commented about her on Christmas day post. The mama wants to use her to do househelp and is trying to take her back from us. She was to start school today, but mama is saying she needs her to go back to the village etc. So even my dad is confused and exhausted, after a weekend argument.

The little girl has been crying that she doesnt want to go. She has locked herself up and is weeping bitterly and hasnt eaten since yesterday. But we are not her family and we are asking mama to give us the family's contact so we can have a meeting to discuss her welfare. If possible sign any agreement they require to take full responsibility for her.

Stella this girl is very smart and we have very good plans for her. Most of which we haven't even told mama, because we wanted to be sure. Honestly, one of my sisters said that this is how people's destinies are truncated. The little orphaned girl has confessed to being made to hawk goods on the street, before now. She is happy to finally have a shot at life and has threatened to runaway if we try to send her back.

Please what do I do?
I have not been able to concentrate at work. I've just been crying.

*At the end of the day,the child is not yours so look for a way to settle this and not going to will not end well if you report and forcefully take a child away....especially when the child's root is from the Village....don't let the family go diabolical on your family oh....Use money to woo the child away from them and don't appear to desperately want the child



1) Miniflat in Goshen Estate, Lekki @ N850k per year

2) Luxury 4 Bedroom duplex in Chevy View Estate, opposite Chevron, Lekki @ N3M per year
Call/whatsapp 07064440129 for enquiries



First aid kits are a must have for every home, especially those with young children. They can be used for minor ailments and for more serious injuries. An example of a serious injury when a first aid kit can be of use is an injury where the person is bleeding profusely. The use of a sterile pad with gauze can stop the bleeding until the injured person can get medical attention. Without this there is a risk to the health of the injured person.

There is not a one size fits all for first aid kits for the home, but they should include some key items.

A basic home first aid kit can contain the following:

*Absorbent sterile cotton

*Plasters, in a variety of different sizes and shapes

*Small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings

*At least two sterile eye dressings


*Safety pins

*Disposable sterile gloves



*Alcohol-free cleansing wipes

*Adhesive tape

*Thermometer, preferably digital

*Antiseptic solution

*Distilled watter, for cleaning wounds and as an eye bath

It may also be useful to keep a basic first aid manual in the home.

Contact safa first solutions your first aid supplies for homes, offices, schools, cars and travel..
Whatsapp/call: 08168595034/08032288191


1. I wrap and design slippers and shoes for a token. In large and small quantities.
2. I make beautiful design for clothes and shoes and hairband.
3. I redesign old clothes. Please visit my page for more details.
Instagram. @ese_delta or
WhatsApp/call 08053325804



I need a nanny who can do a live-in here in the USA, I have a four year old child and I am so busy with work and school. I prefer an older person or a mother or grandmother and only females please. I am a single Mother and a Christian.

I am Ok with a mother coming with her child if about the same age as my child.

I prefer anyone who is here in the USA already for safety purposes or if the person has a US visa already or is here but without legal papers then I will still need to do some private background check and need references both here and in Nigeria, this is so I don’t bring in anyone who will harm my only child.

Can’t be too careful from what I read on Anonymous nights.

Ideally the person will manage the house chores and cook too. I don’t want a loud person please or someone who is always on their phone 24/7 and ignoring my child. I am a very reserved person but generous and friendly.

Salary is lucrative and negotiable.



*Neatly used 7kva Firman Generator 150k.
*New Hisense 8kg Automatic washing machine 65k
Both are Slightly Negotiable
Location: Lagos



Olawealth Ankaraowlfabrics Wholesaler.

This is to inform individuals, corporate agency or investors that wish to invest, and they don't know how to go about it.

We are open to investors, starting this mid-january. Any individual that wishes to invest in my Ankara business (resides in Abuja), with a manageable 30% interest on money invested, after 8 months.

Location of our shop is;


Investment of between #250k to #750k with a 30% bonus can be collected after 8 months..

Why you need to invest?

1. Ankara business is a fast moving business with lots of our customers spread across the country.

2. We started just 7months ago and we were able to rack in over #600k before December 2018 without a shop.

3. We also have a great followership on Instagram where we sell our products to intending customers. (Ankaraowlfabrics)

4. Our place of sales in Abuja (kaura market) is a fast developing location where nobody sells at wholesale price to customers.

Investors could be from any location but preferably Abuja for easy access to any document or shop seeing..

Reason for this, is that, i want to involve in other sections of Fabrics and TAILOR materials.

60% of Kaura market is filled with tailors/fashion designers and it is a good spot to sell materials..

Call/WhatsApp 07037210981 for enquiries.

This Ankara business seems to be good....if i invest for starters 100k in your business ,how am i sure I will get it back?I am not on ground so what assurance do i get?I am saying this cos some people in the diaspora might also want to invest in you but hold back cause of the must stay in Abua clause....Think about it..your response might open doors for you


- 7x7 non-wash cotton bedsheet with 2 pillowcases is #2,500
2. As 1 above, with 4 pillowcases is #3,000

3. As 1 above with 2 fiber pillowcases is #4,000
4. As 1 above, with 4 fiber pillowcases is #4,500
5. As 1 above, with customised cartoon characters, with 2 pillowcases is #3,500
6. As 5 above, with 4 pillowcases is #4,000
7. Beautiful, durable cotton duvets #10,000 only per one.

Phone No. 09072300391
Instagram: hf_cotton_bedsheets_duvets
Location: Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja. But can be delivered nation wide.



400 acres at Adamo near Caleb university @ N750k/plot.
5 plots at Igbodu, Ikorodu @ N4.5m/plot.
4 plots at Bagido, Ikorodu @ N4.7m/plot.
1 plot at Royal peace estate, along Ijede road, Ikorodu @ N5.5m/plot.

Call: 08069552793 for inspection anddetails.



I sell first grade UK used bags, they are carefully hand picked and unique authentic leather bags.

I also have first grade UK used school bags for kids in primary and secondary schools.
Attached are pictures and prices of samples
You can contact me via call/WhatsApp on 08105445861

Really lovely bags,i pray you get buyers in Jesus name!!!



Hello Stella and Beevees, how market?
For all the ladies that want to slay this year on a budget, call me for your virgin hair, Double Drawn and super double drawn at great prices. Closures and frontal available.

08038775794. Wholesale and retail available plus great discounts.



My company is in need of an Office Assistant.

The person must live within Ikate/Itedo Lekki Lagos for easily proximty.
Salary is #20,000.
If interested or you have someone that's interested, please, call: 09079414128.
Please note that the Applicant MUST BE MALE



  1. HeyπŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹

    1. That washing machine and generator look so good. Aren't Port Harcourt people selling stuff except Lagos lolzzzz. Good afternoon ladies and gentle men of SDKB

    2. Pregnant woman, congrats. No b small thing. May God protect the pregnancy and make you have your twins like the Hebrew women

  2. Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.
    Albert Einstein

    1. Wow...congrats to the ttc bv,save delivery dear..

  3. Don’t be sad to the extent that we think nobody could possibly be in a worse situation than what we’re facing now. That’s not true. Always look at those who are in far worse situations than ourselves when we’re feeling hopeless and depressed._menk

  4. Congrats to d GTC woman,it takes only d grace of God.

    1. That was very encouraging. @ d pregnant lady. Everyone expecting this miracle here will come and testify.
      Indeed, it is in believing and acting it. Not just praying and crying.
      I am next to testify of God's goodness and His miraculous power.

  5. Ndi Pharisee, I dey hail o.
    How una night be?

    1. Ndi Sadducee, TJ say make I hail una too o.

  6. #singing
    My God is not dead, he is surely alive... He is living on inside, roaring like a lion...

    1. Loud it ooo.
      Have you seen part 1,2 and 3 of the movie "God's not dead"?? Try and see them if you haven't... My best remains the part two though.

  7. Vera,you look beautiful. Thank God for your testimony at TTC story,may God open the wombs of those looking up to him. Am also planning to go into fashion,God pls,bless the works of my hands so that whatsoever I do will be a success. Those selling,more customers fall on you. I love that sign out meme,its really encouraging .

  8. I will like that Nanny job but I am not in the US. @Blessed Princess

    1. So that you will beg the child for his/her food okwaya?

    2. 14.32 LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ OMG!

    3. Hahahqhaha allow my friend beg in peace na

    4. Well done sky in anonymous mode @14:32

    5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wicked anonymous

    6. chest! Anonymous,why are you like this ..... Hahahahaha.. chim oooooh!

    7. Hahahahahahaha Annon.14:32 You wicked ooooo
      @Blessed Princess

  9. Looks like every Nigerian girl now is a "model and video shooter?"

  10. ihn is here , the heat in Lag is too much, jeez. please who can link me up with a job in Lagos , I stay around alakuko edakun

  11. Yaaaah,my advert is on, Stella thank you so much, dear bvs, for your authentic leather UK used bags, you can always count on me, can be delivered anyway.

  12. Welcome ihn
    Vera you are very beautiful I mean you are physically complete.
    Congratulations ma'am. Twins fall on you.
    Had a busy week last week and I pray I do same this week because the outcome was amazing πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ.
    Good afternoon bvs

  13. You're beautiful Vera. Goodies fall on me this afternoon

  14. Thank you for that sign out meme. It's actually speaking to me.

    Congrats to the new mom-to-be. You'll carry to full term in Jesus name. I'm happy for you.

    Have a blessed day my people.

  15. Good afternoon lovelies ♥♥

    The trailer of the movie "Little" is everything. Can't wait for April to come. Regina Hall is such a great actress.

    Congratulations to the pregnant BV, May your joy be permanent and this is just the beginning, we are all going to testify.

    Vera,you are a beautiful model. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    It's really good to be good. My colleague did my logo for free.I know this business is going places. Registering my Business name soon. The joy I feel ehn, I can't explain.

    1. Watched the trailer too last week, and it's definitely going to be one of the best funny movies in this year.
      Can't wait to see it too.

    2. Truly, you are really out for this money this year. God grace and blessings fall on you always Olori.

    3. Olori you didn't get back to me

    4. Mike, I tell you
      so sorry funny.... the little girl killed it

      Teejay, you know I have been praying for direction
      On the 31st, I told God to lead me. I was tired of doing the same thing over and over. Building somebody else dreams and leaving mine. I can see this is the way...and I am walking in it till the empire is built. Amen and you too.Thanks bro♥

    5. You are welcome Sis. God got you covered.

    6. Lemme borrow space, I just bought bedsheets from the lady up there@Highly and i more than pleased with them. I will definitely order more, as was my initial plan. God bless you, for surpassing expectations. Will recommend you to any of my colleagues who is interested in buying bedsheets. Ps:Your surulere customer.

    7. @ Nonye Uju. Wow. Me, this made my day. Thank you so so so much.
      Thanks for your patronage too.
      I await more...
      God bless you ma

  16. Wow
    Vera you look so good. Nice makeup too. January rain. Na wa o

  17. THANK you Lord for the gift of Life!!! Happy Birthday To Me!! I’m not just a Year older but a Year Better!!! #Capriconsarebae

  18. That beautiful girl is all I see. Girl idi too much. Keep it up my dear. Why no contact na.

    Congrats to our sister that is pregnant. You will carry to full term and deliver safely.

    There are just beautiful things today. God's grace on you all

    I love those land selling. I am sure it is very far from ikorodu villages

  19. Good day y'all.
    Preggy mum, congrats and yoully carry to term in Jesus name.Ese_delta I love your work.
    Grateful for the gift of life.

  20. Good afternoon to us all.
    VERA, you are beautiful, kisses.
    Congratulations to the pregnant BV, the Lord will see you through.
    More customers fall on those selling.
    I bless God for He is ever faithful and able.

  21. So is read the Saturday's in house news, and got really emotional. We all talked about our encounter with mentally challenged persons. Well those people have families. Although we still hoping on God and my sibling's condition is getting better.

    Stella please do a post about people that have relations with mental illness, how do you cope, especially leaving in the same house with the person. Plus all the stigmatization from your own relatives. Even as I desire yo get married, what should I tell my intending spouse, it really bothers me.

    1. Esp telling your intend spouse ...well you have to be open....Stella take note very impt discussion..

    2. It is well with you. I do feel the pains when I see people going through difficulties. God will bless your family as you keep taking care of him

  22. This sign out post is for me.. God you know what me and you have been discussing in private for years now. Please let it manifest speedily in this first quarter of 2019. In Jesus Name.. Amen.

  23. Congratulations to that pregnant Lady. The God that started a good work in you will surely bring it to perfection Amen. The joy in answer prayers is compare to none.
    Beautiful Vera wish you the best.

  24. Afternoon

    #Shinesteeth. I am sooooo bored. Lemme video call someone's child and look for trouble. brb.

  25. Olori, pls what is the price for somebody that wants to re-sell,let me know before i call. Is it the 1500. thanks

  26. good afternoon, dat gen,new one na abt 120k,urs to expensive btw good sales to d sellers

    1. It's not true!! It's a very big Gen... and we bought it 300k Oct 2017. Pls say what you know & dont scare people trying to buy.
      Thanks Stella for posting

  27. Those selling things,please always add your location to your items. I don't really like buying stuff online because of scammers and might prefer to come to your shop to get them myself if I'm close to your location . that hair seller for example, you should ve written your location there

  28. IHN Welcom
    Good pm all
    Congrats to you @ pregnant at last

  29. Congratulations to the blog visitor that just got pregnant. Am a going to conceive mum too, it not easy the emotional stress and fininancial drainage is much, people will be using pity eyes to look at someone, I know this year is my year , baby dust to all gtc mamas

  30. Congratulations to the lady with a testimony. May our good God perfect the work He has started. Amen

  31. Thanks so much stellz😁😁😁

    The investment is not only limited to Abuja resident alone.

    Anybody from anywhere can partake in it..

    The investment is to expand and stamp my business in the complex.
    Fortunately, I am the only person selling at wholesale price in the complex.

    Also want to continue Asoebi sales and other fabrics (men materials)..
    Cashmere, Italian, Irish..

    All these mentioned are very cheap in Kano compared to how its sold here..

    30% of #100k is #130k after 8months.

    Agreement can be made also..
    All is a phonecall or WhatsApp.


    1. why not 6 moths?

      Anything can happen in 8 months you know... so we can comfotably say 5k profit every month. 6*5=30 right?

    2. Sugar..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 6 months is too small..
      8 months is quite ok and affordable.
      Compared to what other agency will give you

  32. Stella abeg make I borrow your line..
    Beautiful Vera,
    Are you okra? Your love is drawing me.😍

  33. Am I the only only who loves to eat tomatoes raw?
    Gosh I love them.
    The large, juicy firm ones. Not the poto poto ones that ooze liquid when you press.
    I eat them raw or dice them in chunks and add to my rice, suya, spaghetti etc. Sometimes with raw garlic.
    Just bought some huge ones, you need to see the way I am smiling, as if I won gold.

    1. You eat raw garlic? πŸ˜•πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²
      You can't stand near me know how Indians/pakistanis smell? Na so u go dey ooze.

      Good luck dear 😲

    2. Anon, I love eating fresh tomatoes, but as for garlic? I jump and pass biko

    3. Good food you have here
      Enjoy it to the fullness
      I swallow my garlic with water, like as if am drinking paracetamol

  34. All I could read was the pregnant BV ����������������Congratulations.May God make the journey easy,you will deliver safely in Jesus name Amen.I have been trying for five years now and I know this year 2019 is my year of fruitfulness.I won't cry before God and cry before man.

    1. Amen. Just keep praying and have faith. Don't let your faith waiver. God will do it at His own appointed time.

      You can try ivf too. God's hands is there too

    2. That raw garlic can smell for days (yuck).

  35. this heat is too much, GOD please bring back the harmattan
    Good afternoon everyone

    1. It’s just too much. You need to see the way am sweating and oh na has refused to give us electricity....

    2. I just remembered that anon that said he/she would prefer to remain in darkness till June rather than contribute in the compound and get new meter.
      Even boldly saying e no get gen sef. At least that one would have done back up.

      See you see sweating like Christmas goat for this heat.
      Enjoy am well well o.
      As your stinginess to your self na self inflicted punishment. Hand like aradite. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.
      Awon stingy kokos!

  36. beautiful vera.. to the bag seller God bless ur hustle.

  37. Lovely bags....

    Fine girl Vera...

  38. in need of a job I port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria,ASUU has made me stay at home fr long and I don't want to be idle again, please if you know of any genuine paying job please notify me.thanks in anticipation

  39. Thanks a million Stella.
    God bless you.
    Pls I need your patronage.
    It is greater value for money.
    Ask my customers here.

    1. They are really beautiful. Will let you know when I need. Keep up your work well

    2. You sold bed sheet the first day, the next day you increase price, you think dats how to do business.

    3. Hahahahaha

    4. 14:53 So she should sell below what she bought? If you don't wanna buy, face front and patronize your #400 Ok

    5. Yori York, thanks so much. I look forward to dat.

      Anon 14:53. Abeg no vex. I did a mail on why, but it seems you missed it.
      If I sell at the initial price, I will run into loss.
      I didn't do a proper analysis. My bad. But lessons learnt.
      Forgive the increase.
      Just buy and see the difference pls. Or ask those that have bought.
      It's still way cheaper if you buy that quality elsewhere.
      I await your patronage ma.
      Thank you.

      Anon 16:23. Thank you so much

  40. AmenπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™. I love you SDK. God bless you abundantly and God bless all SDKers in Jesus name. AmenπŸ™.

  41. Pretty Vera❤❤

    Congratulations to blog visitor that conceived.
    You will carry your baby full term and deliver safely...
    Thank God for you...

    God never fails...
    Promise keeper..

  42. Congrats on ur pregnancy, pls take care of yourself, supplement with progesterone asap since you've been trying for a while.

    1. Always consult with ur doctor before you do anything. Don't mind all them online Doctors o

  43. I tap into your testimony the woman that just conceived. you will carry your testimony to full term.

  44. Beautiful Vera, I pray u get more jobs.
    Thanking God for d pregnant lady, u will carry to full term in good health of mind and body and birth safely , also praying for those DAT desire this precious gift(s), God will surely make them smile this 2019 .
    Those advertising, more sales come ur way, amen.

  45. Yay! Congrats to the pregnant bv

  46. Generator and washing machine seller, you try oooo!!! second hand things for that price? thats way too high for a fairly used item biko. Sign out meme is so on point. Am so encouraged by the once TTC testimony. Indeed God never fails. Getting ready to share mine soon

    1. Madam face front biko!the Gen is just 1yr old while washing machine is new.... my husband bought it 300k & Am selling 150k... So mechie onu

    2. 17:58
      Jesu! You are a prospectus seller and you are sounding like this? Like vermin??
      Oya go and beat her up na, obese animal.
      Get lost with your fairly used rubbish.
      'My husband nyen nyen nyen.'
      Broke and in need of money and you are insulting someone for airing an opinion.

    3. No be fight Nne. You don’t need to go defensive and attack people. They are only stating their opinion. Whatever they say will not stop your customer from buying. Take am easy.

    4. Anon 18:46
      Why are you so pained?? Someone cannot post something in peace & y'all will troll.

  47. Beautiful face of IHN, good afternoon people.

  48. Face of in-house news very beautiful,congratulations to the pregnant bv you will carry your baby to term in Jesus name.

  49. Thanks for the advert, Stella with the good heart. Good afternoon BVs.

  50. Good day BVs. I am expecting my baby next month and already bought my Aju Mbaise. How do I use it please? I intend to breastfeed exclusively for the first couple of months. Thank you.

  51. I cry whenever I read about people trying to conceive. Not an easy feat. May God answer all your prayers.

  52. Stella keep using all my comments on all your posts to be cooking egusi and ogbonno soup

  53. Wow... IHN is Bae..... Congratulations to the beautifully pregnant lady, your joy will be permanent IJN Amen and you will carry your baby to full term. I am also a 1st time mum and the joy that comes with being a mum is superb. You are blessed now and always. Continue to immerse you and your baby in the word of God. Plenty hugs and kisses darling!!

  54. Ehhh God made the sun stand still for Gideon not Joshua...oKbYE

    1. Chi is actually joshua,read Josh.10:1-end.

    2. @ Chinonye before you argue blindly, go back and read your Bible thoroughly. OK Bye

    3. Hahahaha...this is a story we even know when we were still in primary school. It was bro Joshua naaa lolzzz.

  55. thank you Stella for the closing quote i really need it...

  56. Grace personified14 January 2019 at 16:11

    Congratulations to the pregnant lady
    Thank for testimony of encouragement
    We shall also testify in Jesus mighty name Amen

  57. Grace personified14 January 2019 at 16:14

    congratulations to the pregnant lady
    For the testimony of encouragement
    We shall also testify in Jesus mighty name Amen

  58. Stella u just dy swallowy comment,no wahala

  59. Beautiful Vera
    God bless you Nneoma

  60. Congratulations and Safe delivery to the pregnant lady. May customers fall on us selling. Good afternoon.

  61. Beautiful so happy for the pregnant bv and i pray for all the ttc women on this blog just like her you will surely testify in Jesus name... Amen!

  62. I'm so happy for you pregnant bv, sincerely speaking that journey is not what one wishes her enemy especially when the fault is from the woman. I wish am in USA, I would have grab that job without looking back considering the fact that am going to give somebody some space and maybe make him miss my present in his life.

  63. Beautiful Vera.

    Congratulations to the pregnant lady

    Good afternoon all

  64. Used fireman 15kva 150k? Lol I bought mine brand new at 100k in ikota shopping complex during Christmas oo and it's was going for 110k at spar ikate and you're selling used 150k receive sense in Jesus name seller.
    Chivera nwanem I sight you keep soaring the sky is your starting pointπŸ‘Œ

    1. She will soon come and tell you to mechikini kan kini kan. Very rude and ill mannered oaf.

    2. Why are you guys so bitter? Nawaaooo

  65. God bless SDK Blog...

  66. When I am depressed, I go to the cemetery, look and around and say, "hell, I am doing a lot better than all these folks here"

  67. THANK YOU SO MUCH Aunty Stella, this means a lot to me, God bless you exceedingly...and thanks everyone for the nice compliments, you all are amazing❤️...I forgot to add my contact out of excitement, Lol. But I'll send it to you right away ma.

  68. Congratulations to the pregnant woman, wish you safe delivery.


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