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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Most Powerful Passports In The World.....

Imagine that you are citizen to a Country tagged as having one of the most powerful passports in the World?Imagine knowing that you do not need Visas to gain access to many Countries?

 According to the Henley Passport Index Japan tops the list of the world ’s most powerful passport and Holding a Japanese passport gives citizens visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 190 countries.

Second place is Singapore and South Korea .....

Germany and France remain in third place heading into 2019, with easy access to 188 countries around the world.

In three years the US and the UK have dropped from first place to sixth place, with access to 185 destinations.

-Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden now hold joint fourth place 

-Spain and Luxembourg take the fifth spot.

Sitting at the bottom of the ranking with access to just 30 countries are Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which have held the spot for the index’s 14 year history.

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  1. Where's my beloved country Naija on the list?

    1. Imagine Iraq o.

      Did I miss Sweden?

      Should I relocate to Singapore...*thinking

  2. Nigeria us only ECOWAS right?????

    Even some African countries will tell us Visa on arrival or get E-Visa

    1. Yes it is true. But all these countries listed as strong passport countries need visas to enter Nigeria. Yes our passport isn’t strong but visas are needed by strong countries to enter ours. The weakness is not absolute.

    2. Annon dumb statement. Worry about the fact that your ecowas passport doesn't allow you to enter most African country without visas than you giving visas to bigger countries

  3. At what number is my country biko?

  4. Japan making waves. Nija when will we get to that number 1?

    1. According to your Honourable minister Ameachi until everyone gets killed bfor d country can be seen as a COUNTRY habitable enough for humans.

  5. Where is Nigeria on the list

  6. our passport has no value, just like Malawi money......SMH

  7. Will have my next baby in Singapore

  8. What of Nigeria?


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