Stella Dimoko OAP Kaylah Tells Women To Be Sincere With Their Source of Income Even If They Are Sleeping Around For Money


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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

OAP Kaylah Tells Women To Be Sincere With Their Source of Income Even If They Are Sleeping Around For Money

Beautiful OAP Kaylah in a series of tweets has advised women to be sincere with their sources of income and avoid misleading the young ones that look up to them....

''Ladies , let’s be more sincere with ourselves next year . If you are sleeping around for money , own it , if you are working hard for your money own it , just own whatever works for you and avoid misleading the young ones that look up to you ️. Nobody holy pass

It’s just better that way , I know a lot of women who have done all sorts to make a living and I’m in no position to judge them , they don’t owe me any explanation either , but I respect that they have turned it into something positive and encouraged others to do same

Without being dishonest , some people out here are just looking for inspiration , why show them the opposite of what the actual case is ? In my opinion , you aren’t empowering them , instead you are confusing them & they wonder why it’s harder than it looks

By gifting them with earnings from your ‘’ hardwork’’ knowing the high poverty mentality , you aren’t being sincere and they in turn wonder why nothing is really working for them . I just want real women with real stories in 2019 . I’m tired of the lies''.

*Hmmmm I wonder who is sitting on this table cause all these words of advice didnt just spring up...


  1. @I’m in no position to judge them , they don’t owe me any explanation either.

    But you judged and you want an explanation.

    Some people don’t use their heads. We all know the main person she’s having a go at from this @gifting them with earnings from your hard work.

    MYB so she thinks runs is not hard work? Does she know the rituals and dehumanising sexual favours these people do for that money? If you don’t have double liver, stay at home and be an OAP. You have better peace of mind.

  2. Sincere ko! Even huddah Monroe ain't sincere.

  3. Honesty is a blunt instrument..+ there's no society where the women who sleep/slept around with men for money/position at some point own or owned it.. it inspires nada.. all we should know is, certain sacrifices are needed for certain levels.... nobody would be crystal clear with the secret to their success.. all this unrealistic expectations gotta stop. Inspire/motivate yourself

  4. Anything that work for you is your business. Continue

  5. I agree.

    Own your truth.

    This new movement of everybody wanting to be a motivational speaker is disturbing.

    Make your money in peace and stop misleading gullible young girls.

    Me I kuku son Chee chumchin in my 35 years on earth.

    Role model: My role model is Mama Chukwudi who trained her kids through her petty trading business at Oyingbo Market. She didn't come and tell me her story.I was a witness

  6. Sincerity My foot... if ya'll Open ya Eyes you will definitely know their source Of income..

  7. Maybe you start from yourself first? Is your source of income from hard work alone?

    1. Gbam @Cyclone.

    2. O gba Sara gi?

    3. Yes if you judge get ready to be judged too.

  8. For me i don't care how a woman earns her money, that is her own business. I like to see women win period!! But what i care about is hypocrisy or deceit. If you are making it by sleeping around, then stop announcing from the roof top or writing inspirational quotes about hard work to mislead others.

    But on the other hand, true hard work cannot be hidden. If you choose to be mislead by one of these "hard working" women who make their money on their backs, then that is your own cup of tea.

  9. Is it easy to do runs? Please Kayla, Rmd and the rest, leave us alone abeg.

  10. Hmmmm I know some real women making their money through 'legit' hard work. Kudos to them

  11. Oshey! Human rights activist ... senior advocate of the North ... stay in your lane hanty ... Westin concern you... he who comes to equity.... let him come with clean hands ooooooooooo!

  12. Some people siddon for here dey support bad thing. Yes, its absolutely none of our friggin business how they made their money but lets take a moment and think of the impressionable generation thats comjng after us. They try this so called 'hard work'you preach and as soon as it aint paying as you paint it to be, they resort to all sorts to get the raba. Do you know how many girls lost their lives to ritualists last year alone??


  14. If am to judge society by the comments I see here, then it's a pitiful state it's in.
    Poster is right; OWN IT OR SHUT UP!
    It ain't that difficult.


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