Stella Dimoko Partially Pissed Man Proposes To Lover He Wanted To Dump With Ring Meant For New Girlfriend


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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Partially Pissed Man Proposes To Lover He Wanted To Dump With Ring Meant For New Girlfriend

A man who wanted to break up with his girlfriend ended up accidentally proposing to her with the ring he had intended to give to a love interest, he had been dating secretly at work.

The man, a Reddit user named Propermistakeregret, said the last new year's eve was a nightmare for him, as it was the time, he mistakenly proposed to his longtime girlfriend, whom he had intended to break up with. He placed a portion of the blame on alcohol though , reports Metro UK.

He shared his story with fellow Redditors and how much he regretted it. He said, “I'm seeing someone else, wanted to break up with her. I bought the ring for a work colleague, wasn't planning to propose until the holiday we planned.

“During New Year's Eve, I proposed to my girlfriend. It's been posted on my friend's Snapchat, my girlfriend's Facebook page, everywhere.

“I saw people proposing so I wanted to go with the flow and proposed to my girlfriend whilst partially pissed. Can I get the ring back and cancel the engagement please?”

Unfortunately, law experts on Reddit explained, it wouldn't be possible for him to get the ring back unless perhaps it costs a fortune and he was able to show that he was so intoxicated that he lacked legal capacity to offer a gift.

After a few unforgiving comments from users including pleas for the poster to see a therapist, he posted an update, that he is now marrying his original girlfriend.

He said, “ I've had a long and hard think to myself, I decided to hand in my four-week notice to my boss and start afresh.

“I think it's best my girlfriend doesn't find out about the affair , I've been having so I've spoken to my colleague and told her I'm not going on holiday with her and I've ended it with her.

“I've known my girlfriend longer and my mum gave me a call saying she’s happy and she's always wanted grandchildren and whatnot, so I didn't want to disappoint my mum. I'm going to marry my girlfriend.”
from metro uk

*He should pray that she does not read Reddit,otherwise kasala go burst.
Imagine how he wanted to dump her...


  1. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚men are scum

    1. And one of the scums gave you a "Mrs" title
      You live with a "scum"
      Have little "scums" you call kids
      And you will soon want someone else to marry your "scums"
      Remember to feed all your "scums"
      And fk the biggest of the "scums"

    2. Annon 11;48,everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Rather than wait to attack the next available BV, create YOUR OWN opinion

    3. This anon is a mad one

  2. The last paragraph made it clear to me that not all men marry out of love,just imagine that he's going to marry someone he doesn't love because he's known her for years and the mum wants grandkids.smhπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  3. The girlfriend serves a mighty God

  4. I guess she's made for him. Congrats to them.

  5. The reasons he's marrying his long time girlfriend though. Is he still in love with her or just wants to please his mum?

    1. He doesn't love her well enough to marry her. he's marrying her bcos he saw other guys doing it and bcos he was he was partially pissed.
      Like say i send am message.

  6. This happen to me in October 2015, my then boyfriend proposed to me in his living room with a very beautiful ring, and I was already thinking of breaking up with him, when I saw him there on bended knees with that very beautiful ring, I knew I couldn't leave my life with him, mehn dude is very malicious, and petty that's to say the least. I rejected the proposal then and there, he couldn't believed his eyes because then, I worshiped the ground he walks on, he storm out of the house angrily, I took my bag and left. two weeks later , I was tag in a post by him of a girl celebrating her engagement, with this same ring oh, I was just shock, he even inbox me to tell me that was my ring, bought in my name, that since I refused to accept it some one else was happy to have it. 2 months from then he sent me his wedding invite.(online and physically) I attended with my best girl bought a gift for him and spray them wella. A month after the marriage he messaged me online telling me how I made him marry a woman he does not love just to spite me , that I should give him the word that I will take him back and he will dirvoce her immediately, and start our wedding preparation, I told God forbid that I do that to my fellow woman, and I do not roll with married men .he flare up and told me how God will judge me that every unhappiness he feels is my fault and I will be punished for it.

    1. Really? Can you just imagine that, I'm sorry dear but I gastuπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I commend your boldness though, not many people knows what they truly want,most of such people regret and become bitter once such want slips away from their grip. keep you head high dear,better days are coming. Love your kinda spirit that you weren't even bitter after what he did.
      -Anon14:06 S.Artios release my 100k

    2. You didn't tell him "da pada omo baba ijebu" meaning back to sender.
      I thank God and I'm glad you made that decision. More so,you handled the situation very well and maturely.

    3. That sounds like my story up there. Very funny

    4. Anon 11,30 you are one brave woman, if you are yet to be married, may God grant you a good man,that will love and cherish you . All those his curse to you, A big back to sender.

    5. I am waiting for the day my partner will propose, he has waste 8years of my life and still not sure if I am the right person for him. I have a son for hi. Which he cherish so much, but the day he will propose I will bluntly decline it. Ambi just waiting for My Right bone. Yes I am stupid I know, but I just need the courage to finally leave. I used to worship the grounds he walks on but not anymore. Funniest thing is I am very independent but I just need my son to grow with his father.

  7. That was how my girlfriend stumbled on a beautiful engagement ring in her boyfriend’s apartment. She came home and was jumping up n down that d guy wants to engage her but he’s keeping it a secret from her. Hanty wash plate n cook tire, ring she no see. One day, she went to his place uninvited and met a fine girl there with d said ring. She cried dat day and I felt so sorry for her. Sigh... men are scum


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