Stella Dimoko PDP Presidential Candidate Atiku Opens Up On The Real Reason He Travelled To The US


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Saturday, January 19, 2019

PDP Presidential Candidate Atiku Opens Up On The Real Reason He Travelled To The US

Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has penned a long article on why he decided to visit the United States of America.

Full text below:

''It has become pertinent for me to speak about my ongoing visit to the United States of America, where I have met and I am still meeting with the U.S. administration officials and business leaders.

I travelled to the United States of America because I have a mission, which is to create the right economic atmosphere for American investments to return to Nigeria at a rate and quantum that we had before the current Nigerian administration’s policies almost halted the flow of foreign direct investments to Nigeria.

I am in America because Atiku means jobs.

My reason for running for the office of president of Nigeria and even for going into public service in the first place, is because I believe that Nigeria has what it takes to be the beacon of hope for the black race and a leading nation of reckoning in the international community.

This has not materialised over the course of the last four years because, as Chinua Achebe prophetically said in his 1983 book, “the trouble with Nigeria is the failure of leadership.”

The current Nigerian administration has allowed our relationship with our long-standing friends and partners to deteriorate and this has had unfortunate consequences for our economy.

Foreign relations that had been meticulously and delicately built for decades were allowed to deteriorate because members of the incumbent administration mistook their personal interests as the interests of Nigeria and allowed short term goals to dominate their foreign policies.

New friendships should not be made at the cost of old friendships. It is not an either-or situation. Right from Independence, Nigeria has nurtured a policy of non-alignment. We borrowed from the Lincoln policy of malice toward none and charity for all. Sadly, that policy has suffered major setbacks in the last four years.

As a leader in business, I am cognisant of the fact that both Western and Oriental nations will be making the transition from fossil fuels to electric powered vehicles and other green energies over the course of the next two decades. This means that Nigeria’s oil has a limited shelf life.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed and we must, as a nation, begin to make the transition from an oil economy to a modern one based on manufacturing and value-added agricultural chain.

…my vision is for trade to go both ways. Nigeria has a lot to offer America via her creative industry (Nollywood is the world’s third largest movie industry) and rich mining sectors (Nigeria’s Kaduna State is rich in gold ore). I am also eager to find a market in the U.S. for some of the half a million shoes manufactured in Nigeria’s cities of Kano and Aba everyday.

The message I took to the United States business community is not a new message. In my opinion editorial in the British media (“Beyond Brexit – Nigeria wants a new trade deal with Britain”), I submitted that Brexit is an opportunity for Nigeria and the United Kingdom to have a Big Ambitious Free Trade Agreement.

It is only common sense.

In 2014, the African continent as a whole earned $2.4 billion from coffee grown in Africa and shipped mainly to Europe. That sounds impressive. However, one nation alone, Germany, made $3.8 billion from re-exporting Africa’s coffee in 2014.

As a businessman, I see this and I cannot allow it to continue. It is unconscionable, but situations like these will not stop unless Nigeria and Africa have leadership that thinks business, instead of aid, and capital instead of loans.

Nigeria has, perhaps, the highest populations of youth as a segment of the total population, in the world. Already, we have the unfortunate distinction of being the world headquarters of extreme poverty. We cannot afford business as usual. My single-minded focus is to change this dubious record by transforming Nigeria from a consumer nation to a prosumer nation (a nation that consumes what it produces).

For this to happen, we need U.S. firms who have divested from Nigeria, to return. We need Procter and Gamble to reopen its $300 million Nigerian plant, which it shut down last year. We need General Electric to reverse its $2.7 billion pull out of Nigeria.

And my vision is for trade to go both ways. Nigeria has a lot to offer America via her creative industry (Nollywood is the world’s third largest movie industry) and rich mining sectors (Nigeria’s Kaduna State is rich in gold ore). I am also eager to find a market in the U.S. for some of the half a million shoes manufactured in Nigeria’s cities of Kano and Aba everyday.

Someone somewhere said Nigeria’s youth are lazy. I am one of the single largest employers of Nigeria’s youth and I know that assertion is false. My travels in Europe and America is to sell the Nigeria that I know to the world that does not yet know her. A Nigeria with not just a hardworking youthful population, but a nation with some of the smartest working people on earth. A nation that is open for business and a Nigeria that is much more than oil.

And I am certain that if I am successful in selling this Nigeria to the world, the world will come to Nigeria for business. That is why I am in America. Because I believe in JOBS – Jobs, Opportunity, Being United and Security and it is time Nigeria and all Nigerians finally have the opportunity to realise their true potentials.

From Daily Post


  1. Now this is the man to get Nigeria working again. Such an interesting read. The anonymous that asked me the other day about Atiku reasons of becoming a President and I promised to get back to, can you see the job being made easy for me. Can such knowledge about the economy comes from the APC man?

    It will be Nigeria great loss if Atiku is being denied this golden opportunity to get things better. I assure you, posterity will never forgive us as a people especially those who work against it. Wait until 7pm tonight to see more of a man with vision and knowledge of a true economy.

    1. Teejay as a business woman I've been advocating Atikulate 2019. Sdk knows my handle on Instagram...

      God revive this nation's economy

  2. We dun hear. Just help us comot bubu for that sit. After all,you're no better. But at least you can be managed.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 chaiiiiiii that your 2nd sentence na die 😂

  3. Ride on sir. I am OBITUKULATED and ATIKULATED. @Blessed Princess

  4. I was angry reading this. Yes, your facts are right but it's not just the current administration that put us in this mess. You are part of the people that put us in this mess. Why are Nigerians quick to forget or overlook things? We want PMB removed,true, but I don't believe Atiku is the answer.

    Nigerians believe Atiku is the lesser evil but evil is evil biko. Nigerians believe that either Buhari or Atiku will win so they want to vote for Atiku. If we all redirect this energy to campaign and vote for someone else,I believe that person will stand a chance. Why don't we ever want to try something new?

    1. Among all of them except Peter Obi, who among them have rule a state in Nigeria? And if there is, how successful was it? Do you think they can just pick anyone because he is a new face or a youth? How grounded is the person on national issues?

    2. Kathy, well said. May God increase your wisdom, IJMN, Amen.

  5. true..since you all agree atiku is a lesser evil..then he should forget it because when two evil peoplw takes the bigger evil to defeat the closed.everybody gan sleep.if you love yourself..becareful n wise on the day of election.

  6. This TEE JAA lives on social mediaa! are you that jobless? Maybe your job is to be fighting for your candidate and trolling oppositions online though.

    Elections are here already and we will know how far. Mtchewww

    Atiku ko, Atiefku ni

  7. Atiku is better and if given a chance will be a better president than Buhari. Chikena!!

  8. Atiku knows how to run a university. Can Buhari do that?
    Buhari only knows how to graze cattle and it’s cattle colony.

  9. Under Buhari. Cattle’s have more rights.

  10. Yinmu. Buhari is winning this election. And he diesnt even need to rig. Apart from people from SE I dnt know other people I interact with all over that doesn't see Buhari as the lesser evil. Take it from me he is considered a safer option

  11. Well, I was going to vote for atiku until when he also avoided the debate tonight for the Most stupid reason. Buhari is Lifeless, atiku is soulless. I swallow my PVC!

  12. They are all the same. That how we believe so much on Buhari but what happened at last? Me am not voting any of them


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