Stella Dimoko Tales Of A Libyan Returnee -Part 4


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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Tales Of A Libyan Returnee -Part 4

This is a Libyan returnee' tale of how much Suffering one goes through to get to Libya and back......Narrating her experience is healing for her.

Enjoy the read!!!!

I quickly adapted to Libyan Culture, within the first 3 months, I learnt how to cook the simple foods, learnt to dress in Islamic way, changed my name to Rukayat. I worked with another family and endured the curses until I lost my self esteem totally, I was made to believe making money ain't easy, and it comes with lots of insult and pain.

Ticktock, I had only 2 months to clear my debt, so I pleaded with my burga to borrow me money to send home, I sent 100,000 naira to my younger brother who just gained admission to university.

 My burga treated me well because I gave her no problem, I was paying my money without any issue and I witnessed how lazy Jedid were sold into prositution, I made a vow to work hard as a maid because one of my determination was never to involve myself in any s#xual escapade throughout my stay, little did I know I was sleeping on a high horse.

During one of my off days, My burga's 'husband' (In Libya, To survive and save, you must reside with a man) took us to a place called Gargaresh. 

Gargaresh is an African village; filled with brothels, restaurants and home of illegal activities, we entered a brothel and saw lots of girls moving about in bikini, the one that broke my heart was a young girl of about 15 being forcefully defiled, her screams brought tears to my face and seeing her Benin brothers and sisters laugh at her broke me entirely.

Late October, My burga jokingly asks me about my Libyan boyfriend; Libyan boyfriends are the one you keep because of accommodation, food and little expenses, Libyan boyfriends/girlfriends doesn't affect your relationships or marriage in Nigeria. After paying my 4200 dinars, I was expected to get a boyfriend so as to move out of my burga's house and other girls can move in there. I politely told her I wasn't interested in boys but money as my education was of utmost important.

Envy, Greed, unhealthy competition and hatred live amongst Nigerians in Libya, I had no hatred for the Arabs until I was raped, my problems were with the Nigerians there, Sister selling Sisters into prostitution, friends killings friends, family fighting family and many more unhealthy traits portrayed we Nigerians in negative ways.

Late January 2016, I was done with my debt, a party was thrown, it was fun filled, drinks, cigarette and lots more, I met lots of people and I was finally a burga, I got a new phone and sent more money home. I kept working for different families and they love the fact I speak Arab, it was an added advantage for me and they always tried to make me happy, all these kept happening until a fight broke out in Tripoli.

Libya has 2 President, the UN-installed, President Serraj and The East Military Commandant, President Hafter, there's always power tussle among them, this fight ruined the economy and there was hike in price of dollar, so sending money home was just like extortion, it became unbearable for most people and my burga's decided to move to Europe, I was asked to move with them but I refused because I read about refugees in Europe online and I wasn't comfortable with it.

My burga and her husband handed the house to me and two other girls, we were to contribute the house rent and pay monthly ...

I changed my work to weekly so as to get enough rest, I refused every relationship advances and focus on my rest and money, I always kept my money under our bed, things were going smoothly until I got a call one day from a friend, We have been robbed. I heard her cries as she told me they were in Tajoura prison, I should come and bail them. This doesn't look good, I told myself. How do I get 2 girls out of prison on my own, I was 100 percent sure I would be arrested, Oh God!!! Lead me I prayed..

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  1. Getting more interesting...

    1. I read one of this tales,d one d lady borrowed money to travel. The mental sickness that thing put me tru thinking about that lady's ordeal ehenn!!! What fuck!!!! Especially d part some were like skeleton and dying. Fucking them even with bruises. God!!! I vowed NEVER to read it again. Aunty whatever u wrote up there, may God almighty heal u and mk u anew. But for me to ever read such again..... Mba ,d tot of what that girl went tru alone. Hmmm.

  2. Replies
    1. I feel sorry for what you had to go thru on this journey poster

      I am very sorry for all Nigerians who towed this path of darkness

      Very disturbing to read let alone experiencing it real time

  3. I just hope this series will save souls,looking for ways to perish

  4. Oh!Ok is becoming really interesting

  5. This Part 4 is quite interesting.

  6. It is not easy reading this. Nigerian in Libya are terrible

  7. ". I worked with another family and endured the curses until I lost my self esteem totally,.."

    This part got to me. Once a lady's self esteem is gone, she sees nothing good in herself and thus can be subjected to absolute rubbish.

    Dear poster, I hope you find your healing as you pen down your Libyan experience.

    After all said and done, some are still preparing to embark on the same journey.

  8. Hmmmm,this is sad ,the raping and molestation.
    I can't even wish my enemy this.

  9. How she gets to remember every place name.
    Very interesting.

    1. Yes. She has a very good memory. Poster, it is well with you

  10. God help us . A family member we have been looking for, for over 2weeks called today and guess the country code? +281. I died and woke up.


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