Stella Dimoko Toni Tones And VP’s Wife Dolapo Osinbajo Collaborate To Help Advance ‘Yaba Market March’ Cause


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Friday, January 18, 2019

Toni Tones And VP’s Wife Dolapo Osinbajo Collaborate To Help Advance ‘Yaba Market March’ Cause

Toni Tones is well known for being a stellar actress, singer, and
photographer. But did you know she is also a passionate advocate of
women’s rights and empowerment?

One of the causes she is currently advocating for is the ‘Yaba Market
March’ movement, which was started by Damilola Marcus. You may recall
that Damilola along with a group of women, had organized and embarked on a
peaceful market protest at Yaba market a few weeks ago. The rationale
behind the protest was to stop women from being victims of marketplace
groping, abuse and even physical assault.

The women marched peacefully, urging men at the market not to harass them,
as they chanted their slogan, “stop touching us.” They were not deterred
be the aggressiveness of the men present. The very next day, there were
reports from women saying they had visited Yaba market and no one had
touched them, as a direct result of the march.

Toni Tones heard about the movement via social media, and was deeply moved
by their cause. Consequently, she sought to help them develop sustainable
measures to ensure that women continue to remain safe while visiting the

To this end, she facilitated a meeting with activist, her Excellency, Mrs
Dolapo Osinbajo, wife of the Vice President of Nigeria, to discuss ways in
which the government could help support the noble cause.

Her Excellency, graciously hosted Toni Tones and the women who engaged in
the market march at her home, where they discussed the market march agenda
and the different ways the government could render support.

The meeting ended on a very positive note, with lots of impactful reforms
deliberated on.

Mrs. Osinbajo also came up with an additional slogan for the movement, as
follows: “I’m shopping no touching.”


  1. sexual harassment is all shade of wrong
    BT does yaba lead to Daura,in kastina,bcos thats the only place I know she,osinbanjo ND d dullard Is marching to

    1. As usual no sense at all.

      Let ASUU strike do quick so you have something that will engage your mouth. @ugona

  2. Good job!
    Those traders don too touch free nyash

  3. Sexually harassment has to be thought to men from a young age because as they grow older dropping ego pumping habits like indiscriminate touching of women in public is super hard.

    Most times these guys grew up seeing their dad's and uncles do it, so if we are going to change their mindset we have to start educating boys form primary school age.

    As for the older ones, let the government create policies that give out fast purnishment for indiscriminately touching of women in public,once people start getting jail time or pay fines for such then they will messing with women in public.


  4. Abeg all na to chop money. Biko make una shift

  5. Absolutely Wonderful..if is Before those Guys will carry someone's hand And put under their Sweating handpit..

  6. This is really nice. Sexual harassment in markets need to stop.

  7. Please they should extend the March to onitsha main market bkos the guys there are something else. When u politely ask them to stop touching or dragging u, they start calling u names like ..., ashawo, ugly girl, with insults like’ “u think say u fine? With ur K leg” ‘ “ with ur smelly nyash” blah blah blah

    1. Hey! You just wrote down my thoughts. Very useless boys. I was there last Yuletide and I threw out any sense of decorum I had. I was cussing them no be small. Silly people. Note that it is Onitsha main market not Onitsha boys oo..

  8. Stella I love you because you always promote women . I owe you alot for your kindness towards promoting women's businesss and always championing their cause . I pray God will give me the opportunity to fulfill my plans towards you some day

  9. Funny how Nigerians quickly seem to forget life under Buhari in the last 4 yrs. Boko Haram, herdsmen, corruption, ill health, unemployment, exchange rates, subsidys payments, ubsid scandal, "lazy youths", just to mention a few. Like kids, they are being misled with shiny lies. They will reelect him and continue their Lamentations for another four years. It will entertaining to watch.


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