Stella Dimoko UNICEF Declares That Nigerian Children Born In 2019 May Not Live Beyond 2074


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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

UNICEF Declares That Nigerian Children Born In 2019 May Not Live Beyond 2074

In a press release issued to journalists in Abuja by United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund,UNICEF Nigeria’s Communication Specialist, Eva Hinds has decried the low life expectancy rate for children in Nigeria, saying those born in the country in 2019 may not live beyond the year 2074.

Ms. Hinds, who described Nigeria’s performance on the global life expectancy index for children as comparatively unimpressive, said a child born this year in Denmark is likely to live until the 22nd century.

According to the UNICEF expert, within Africa, only children delivered in Central African Republic, Chad and Sierra Leone have a lower life expectancy than those born in Nigeria.
She noted that while an estimated 25,685 babies were born in Nigeria on New Year’s Day, an average of 257 children who are still within their first month of life were equally expected to die every day in the country.

She attributed this situation to preventable causes such as premature birth, complications during delivery, and infections like sepsis and pneumonia, a violation of their basic right to survival.

Ms. Hinds further added;
"We can and must do more to ensure that children born in Nigeria survive their first day of life, and are able to survive and thrive for many months and years to come.
“In Nigeria today, only one out of every three babies is delivered in a health centre, decreasing a newborn baby’s chance of survival. This is just one of the issues that need to be addressed in order to improve the chances of survival of those babies born today and every day.
“This New Year Day, let’s all make a resolution to fulfill every right of every child, starting with the right to survive.
“We can save millions of babies if we invest in training and equipping local health workers so that every newborn is born into a safe pair of hands.”



  1. The last paragraph said it all. So unfortunate that Nigeria is usually used as a case study globally.

  2. I believe God's report. We have been existing and will still live. No shaking.

    1. There's got to be something in the water you lot drink in Nigeria. I've never in all of my natural life seen these level of ignorant responses to a global report.

      God's report? Hilarious! You think the clouds are gonna fling wide open and God will speak with a thunderous voice declaring that UNICEF's report should be discountenanced?

      This is God's report. He gave us brains to carry out researches, kindly put that brain to use. Even your Bible in Ephesians 5:16 admonished you to understand and redeem the times cause the days are evil.

    2. Thank you so much V&V.
      The problem of we Nigerians is that we always want God to do what we ought to do ourselves.
      God did create and beautiful the garden of Eden for Adam, but he was to care for it (probably weed, transplant and expand the garden).
      God has done his part, he gave us brains....
      Should people not have come up with malaria drugs, it would have claimed lives quadruple of what it currently claims should the cure be only prayer dependent.

    3. V&V with the brain!
      You couldn't have said it better 👌

    4. Kemi Kane but you look like a smart lady now? Gods report when we are busy destroying each other?
      It's high time we started using our brain and stop all these religious nonsense.

    5. Thank you Vice and Virtue, You have said it all. To average Nigerians, everything is spiritual. Religion is important but we need to start using the brain God gave us to make our life better.

  3. I just belive since the government has failed, each individual according to his capacity can form a group and donate. Yours sincerely will be interested even if it's a thousand naira donation monthly to equip our health facilities. I saw the one Redeem Church donated to Lasuth. It will be nice. Anyone interested let's just do it. Happy new year people. If una form group make I know o.

    1. Or you can volunteer with donor organisations working in volatile and remote regions across Nigeria.

      We should be more responsive and responsible as a people.

    2. I am very interested

    3. I love this, if the person I charge will not steal the money and run away, but it’s a very good idea, I don’t mind.
      We can even start it from this platform, have representatives in every state...we can’t keep waiting for the govt

  4. The Word of God says "He will satisfy me with long life and show me to see his salvation"psalm 91:16.
    I stand upon this infallible word for my family and I.

    1. Another one!

    2. 😂🤣😂🤣
      V&V biko leave us ooh😂😂😂😂

  5. We reject such declaration in Jesus Christ name.

    Are they going to put some kind of drugs in their system and use them as experiment?!

    Pregnant women should beware!!!

    1. I am literally gobsmacked at the astronomical level of ignorance displayed in your comment.

      This is not to undermine what your religion can or cannot do but you can't pray away certain things.

      I will advise you to start 2019 with a more objective outlook on life and global trends. Read reports from organisations who have done decades and decade of work in these fields, keep yourself abreast of events so you don't come off sounding like pseudo-intellectual lass.

  6. Whose Report Do You Believe We Shall Believe The Report Of The Lord..

    1. This is the Lord's report!

      Hold your government to account!

      This is the same religious response that was given when reports and forecasts on Polio and HIV/AIDS were first declared. Look where you are now!

      Nigeria is the only country in the world after Afghanistan and Pakistan that still has transmission of Polio. Why? Silly religious beliefs.

      Needless to state the current statistics on HIV/AIDS prevalence in Nigeria cause I assume you are aware of it.

      It's 2019. Stop exhibiting traits that poses pre-historic man to appear smarter than you.

  7. Nigeria accounts for one in five of all school age children living in extreme educational poverty worldwide. This puts the figure at approximately 10.5 million out of school children in Nigeria.

    The narrative isn't any better when it comes to Nutrition and other thematic areas such as sexual reproductive health, water and sanitation, governance, disability rights, etc. For Nutrition, UNICEF and WHO estimates that over 11 million children within a certain age bracket in Nigeria are stunted. For clarity, stunting takes place when a child's brain and body does not get the right kind of food and nutrients within their first 1000 days of life. Sadly, it is irreversible.

    As an expert in the development sector,I can confidently say Nigeria is sitting on a ticking time bomb and the government isn't doing much to address these negative trends.

    Hopefully, international donor organisations don't pull out of Nigeria cause the average Nigerian is unaware of the gaps these organisations are filling.

  8. @V&V I understand you perfectly but these government are part of a family or individuals who one way or the other have decided to be wicked. If you say hold the government responsible who exactly do you want to hold. We are just speaking life with the aim of working towards a better nation by sensible individuals .Please Stella if you don't mind let's do it like I stated.We focus on health and we have a quarterly project to be executed. Like I said I am not interested in money I want to be a donor too if this will take place in each state no problem one thousand naira will go a long way as small as it seems. Let each family hold theor representatives in government responsible .

  9. health care has improved unlike some 10yrs back. we would still improve

  10. Nigerians are something else, I'm literally blank from ready all the "God's report, Jesus will not allow it... " then someone said pregnant women should beware Lols. Did you see the reason given for why life expectancy is expected to reduce for Nigerian children born this year? Did you read the report or you just read the headline and rushed to comment. We need to do better than this, comments like what I saw up there is the reason why our children do not live long and most die at birth.

    1. Cyclone, thank you ooo. Now I believe we have lots of children on this blog and the kinda people being raised these days can't even use their brain"

      God sef tire for our idiocy!

  11. Anakogheri rubbish

  12. Our health care needs to improve.
    And we as humans need to take care of ourselves too.

  13. Vice and virtue leave people and their belief.
    Christianity is a walk of FAITH!
    We don't care what has been 'discovered'.

    We trust GOD to be in control.If He decides it will happen then so be it but stop discouraging those who rejects the report.

    Life itself is mysterious.

    So,I reject this report in Jesus name!

  14. I'm disappointed at the number of ignorant responses. It's like we read to respond and not to understand. The bible says "My people perish for lack of knowledge". Some of us should make our New Year's resolution be to acquire knowledge so we would not be giving ignorant responses like the ones I've seen here today.

  15. In addition to what the last paragraph of the post mentioned, health education, food and nutrition lessons should be given in all levels of school and to women especially in the rural area. I work in a rural community and IvI' seen two year old that can't stand talklesst of walking as a result of malnutrition. Their mothers don't even know what to feed them with. On my own I carry out sensitization and also give out nuitritous natural food items that are locally available. The situation is scary. Let's be our brothers keeper and do what we can for the affected persons. Nothing is too small.


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