Stella Dimoko Atiku Warns Buhari Ahead Of Saturday's Presidential Poll


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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Atiku Warns Buhari Ahead Of Saturday's Presidential Poll

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari ahead of Saturday’s elections.

Abubakar warned that history would condemn Buhari if Saturday’s presidential election was not free and fair.

The former Vice President, who spoke on Tuesday in Abuja, also alleged that the All Progressives Congress (APC) had equipped many of their members with unnamed devices that could slow down or quicken the Smart Card Readers during the presidential poll.

According to Abubakar, “So, if you are in the South-South, South-East and North-Central, you are likely to get your card readers to be slowed by those APC operatives.

According to Dailypost,“We have seen the machines; we have interviewed some of those who have gone on this training, and we have passed that information to the campaign council to pass to you.

“But if you are from the North-West or North-East the tendency is that they will use these machines to fast-track the reading of your card readers, so that many of their supporters can vote while disenfranchising the other three zones.”

Abubakar stated that Buhari must ensure the presidential poll was free, fair and credible, adding that if he does so and wins, “then the people will commend you for it but otherwise, history will condemn you for it but before history does that, we will condemn you for it.”


  1. Too blessed to curse20 February 2019 at 10:14

    Two thieves with no interest of the masses.mutcheeewww

    1. Yes o! They know themselves very well. Gradually the truth about how 2015 elections were done and rigged is coming out.
      Jonathan was too soft and kind reason he was taken for granted. He isn't the kind of man Nigerians need, He is too an honest person for Nigerians.

      We have tried Buhari e no work, make we try another person see.

    2. Atiku is 200 million times better than buhari holistically !!!!!


  2. Why should I vote for Buhari? Please can someone convince me with verifiable facts why I should do that. In less than one month, Buhari has been going around begging for votes and has broadcasted over five times, but when we needed his voice or presence on the Agatu massacre in Benue State by his kinsmen (Fulani Herdsmen) where over seventy bodies were buried in a single day he was no where to be found.

    What about the Nimbo killings in Enugu? Is it the Southern Kaduna crisis where houses were raised down and so many lives lost. What about the Jos crisis and killings? We saw the blood spillage on every nook and crannies of the city, the very poor people he sworn an oath to protect.

    Is it the indigenous people from the East killed at Npor, Ariaria, Afara Ibeku in Umuahia, Aba, Asaba and Port Harcourt.

    In all these gruesome genocidal killings and destruction of property, has the perpetrators of this heinous crime be brought to book??? How many herdsmen, Police  or Military personnel have been charged for murder?

    Periodically, the boko haram detainee are been released and rehabilitated into the society, yet insurgency is still on the high side. But the peaceful indigenous people from the East agitating without a bullet are still languishing in various prisons across the nation.

    Tell me why should I vote for a man whom the wife have categorically stated and cried out that he is been caged and hijacked by some cabals who don't mean well for the country.
    Why should I vote a man very sick and suffering from dementia? A man who has lost touch with realities. A man that abused the constitution and act with executive rascality.

    God forbid I vote for such a man.

    1. your vote is not needed Teejay..Buhari will rule till 2023

    2. LMFAO... But why is he begging for the vote? Or have you guys perfected plans already to rig the election? This one you are certain he will win.

    3. Teejay we don't need your vote darling 😘

    4. *Hear what Prof. Tam David West had to say about Gen. Buhari, unbelievable.!*

      *¤ Buhari is one of the cleanest men I have ever met in my life. If anybody wants me to dislike Buhari, such person should give me an example of his corruption. I will run away from him totally. But right now, there is no evidence. On the contrary, the more they attack him on this issue of corruption, the more they are making him Gold bier.*

      *¤ I will give two examples:*

      *¤ One, Babangida thought Buhari was making a lot of money on counter trading, so he set up two independent bodies to investigate counter trading.*

      *¤ One of the bodies was headed by J.K. Randle, while the second was headed by Prof. Aboyade of blessed memory. None of them found anything against Buhari. None. I attested before the two bodies.*

      *¤ Great Aboyade commission was digging into Buhari’s counter trading, J.K. Randle, who’s still alive, did the same thing.*

      *¤ But both of them produced reports that showed that counter trading was so clean and was making so much money for Nigeria.*

      *¤ Then two, soon after Obasanjo was sworn in, there was a social function for him in Lagos or so, then surprisingly, some people tried to praise Buhari, Obasanjo said: ‘don’t praise him, I have not probed him.’ It was after that incident that Obasanjo set up Dr. Haroun’s probe panel of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF).*

      *¤ Haroun probed PTF inside out. Buhari was discovered to be as clean as snow.*

      *¤ You know, why he agreed to be the head of PTF was not to condone what Abacha was doing then, but he saw it as a way of serving the country and he did well. I have the record.*

      *¤ Haroun came out and said PTF account was audited every year while Federal Government account was not audited in 36 years.*

      *¤ You know Babangida detained Buhari for 40 months after he overthrew him.*

      *¤ Buhari’s mother died while he was in detention and as a Muslim, I expected Babangida to rise above politics and allow Buhari to go bury his mother. If he was released, I am sure he wouldn’t have run away.*

      *¤ Buhari was not allowed to go bury his mother. But in the night after the woman was buried, Babangida released Buhari.*

      *¤ His son died, the same thing happened.*

      *¤ Anyway, after Buhari came out of detention, he told Babangida to tell the world about his corruption. The records are there.*

      *¤ The same thing happened with the PTF. He told Obasanjo to publish the report of the panel, but Obasanjo could not publish it because it was a certificate of honour for Buhari. If that Haroun’s report had any page in it that indicted Buhari, Obasanjo would have used that to disqualify Buhari from contesting against him.*

      *¤ Buhari is clean. He is not corrupt.*

      ¤ To show how Buhari loves Nigeria, he doesn’t like spending Nigerian money frivolously. When Shehu Shagari’s NPN government was overthrown, as Buhari was assigned to head the Military government of 1983, he never changed any chair or curtain in Dodan Barracks. Buhari used what Shagari was using until his government was also overthrown by IBB and co.

      ¤ As minister, our total pocket money under Buhari was N200 per month. You could spend less than N200 without accounting for it, but anything above N200, you must account for it.

      ¤ When he increased the money to N250, we clapped for him at the executive council.

      *¤ Now, as a former governor of the defunct north-eastern state, former minister of petroleum, former head of state, former executive chairman of PTF, Buhari has no house in Abuja.*

      *¤ If he goes to Abuja, he stays in a private hotel. He has no house either uphill or downhill, apart from his house in Kaduna.*

      *Nigerians, We Need BUHARI by 2019.*

      *PROFESSOR TAM DAVID WEST, Former Nigeria's Petroleum Minister.*

      Teejay take this to the bank...

    5. Atiku is 200 million times better than buhari holistically !!!!!

    6. Dollar goddess πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

    7. He is not corrupt, but he bathes in the blood of the innocent. He is truthful, but he values the life of cows above that of humans. He is upright, but his deeply tribalistic. He is not a thief, but he crashed our economy with his ineptitude rendering thousands of youths jobless. He is clean, but he is the shielded killers but unleashed the python on peaceful demonstrators. He fights corruption but any thief is safe once you join APC.

      I don taya to type biko.

  3. They know the masses will not vote APC now is acting " na do or die affair"

    1. Go out and snatch ballot box and risk your life, you will a scapegoat for others😎😎😎😎

    2. PROMO!!! Snatch 1 Ballot box and Get 1 FREE bullet!!!!

  4. E no get anything wey person no go see for this country. Even Atiku? The chief in command for rigging? Baba God abeg we need your hand for this election.

    1. I can’t believe that Atiku wants us to trust him with our country and natural resource, MBA! When even you, can’t trust yourself with your own wealth. Please continue dreaming. 4+4=2023 God willing

  5. I wish none of them will win the election. Make we hear word abeg...

    1. I am telling CY, I am so indifferent about them πŸ˜₯. God let your will be done in this country.

    2. Me too.
      I can't cast my vote for any of those 2 old men. I'd rather not vote at all.

  6. 2015 general election result are being photocopied.
    I don't know what they want to use it for.
    I just did one now 4 one senatorial result.

    Mind you, these results are the ones that favoured APC b4 any1 will come and be calling PDP & other parties names.

    May the Will of God prevail over this election!

    1. You just discovered that now. Then you are slow with information.

  7. Hmmmmmm, dont trust any the two parties in ensuring credible elections. We all have witnessed large scale rigging involving PDP, so APC is no saint either in rigging elections. So nothing will shock Nigerians in the final outcome of the results in the end. Is only God that will save Nigeria from corrupt old politicians and give us leaders that are credible and will give us true democracy

  8. Only if Nigerians won't vote for this two

  9. On Saturday we are making a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. May God have mercy on us all.

  10. May the suffering all these politicians brought upon our country Nigeria fall upon their families and generation tenfold.

  11. I just wish what happened in Ghana many years ago would also happen here. So we can start on a new slate. All the politicians we have here are same. They are only there to protect their selfish interest and not that of the masses.

  12. Please warn him very well. We don't want to hear stories that touches the heart.


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