Stella Dimoko Court Dissolves Marriage Of 31 Years Over Religious Differences....


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Monday, February 11, 2019

Court Dissolves Marriage Of 31 Years Over Religious Differences....

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Monday dissolved a 31 year-old marriage between one Azeez Muritala and Ramota over religious differences.

Chief Ademola Odunade the president of the court, held that he dissolved the relationship because the duo had refused to be pacified.

In his petition to the court, Azeez, a truck driver said that he wanted the court to put an end to the union with his wife on ground that she was not ready to practice Islamic religion with him.

“My lord, I have decided to call it quit with Ramota because I have exhausted my patience with her for too long.
“I got married to Ramota in 1988 so that she could practice the same faith with me.

“Without my knowledge or approval, Ramota started going to church and bringing home certain kind of water.
“In fact, to my disgust, Ramota brings into my matrimonial home different colours of candle under the disguise of praying with them.
“Ramota has even absconded with the first three children without giving me any clue of their whereabouts.

“Just few days ago, she stubbornly came to take away the last child that has been keeping me happy.
“When I can no longer bear the humiliation, I reported to her parents and relatives, but they pleaded with me that she would change,” Azeez said.

The respondent who consented to the suit could not deny any of the allegations leveled against her.
Ramota, a food vendor at Gingede area of Ibadan however, maintained that she had seen practical manifestation of prayer in her life.

“It is true that I now go to church and my husband approved of it.
“When Azeez later told me to stop going to church, I disagreed with him because I needed prayers.
“I did not abscond with any of the children, they willfully followed me.

“I want to urge this honourable court not to award Azeez custody of the children because he is too busy, they will suffer,” Ramota said.

The Arbitrator, Odunade however, awarded custody of the four children produced by the union whose ages ranged between 11 and 30 to Azeez because they were grownups.

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  1. How can white garment church and Islam work together

    But na wa for them. After 31 years both would have just continue practicing their religion

    1. lol.. my parents have been married for close to 40 years but are almost divorced.

    2. Two cannot work together unless they agree. @Blessed Princess

  2. I wonder how issues of religion destroys marriage. 31yrs ended as a total waste.

  3. Hian! Ramota have founda new faith abi

  4. Na real waaaa
    Reason why some won't marry outside their religion
    After 31 years 😱

  5. The judge must be a Muslim to have award the custord of the children to the husband. Is 11year old a grown up

  6. Awarding custody of a 30 year old?! What kind of court is this?

  7. Stupid man...when I tell people don’t marry a Muslim if you are a christian they won’t hear. Only a christian who is not truly born again will marry a Muslim. If it was a northern Muslim they won’t even allow you last 30 years. I don’t know what is in that religion that makes them always want to force you

  8. He was a truck driver so he was probably away from home a lot and Romota had a lot of free time to do as she wished. Religion is such a dividing thing. Hope they both find the joy that they are seeking.

  9. The bible that says do not be unequally yoked is not joking na. You can be in the same church and you are not equally yoked sef much less a Muslim and Christian.

  10. Marry same faith una no go gree.


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