Stella Dimoko Election 2019 .EU Reacts To Gov El-Rufai’s Threat That Foreigners Who Intervene Will Leave In Body Bags


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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Election 2019 .EU Reacts To Gov El-Rufai’s Threat That Foreigners Who Intervene Will Leave In Body Bags

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday reacted to threat by Kaduna Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, that those who intervene in the forthcoming general elections will “go back in body bags”.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) governor made the threat when he featured on NTA’s Tuesday Live programme anchored by Cyril Stober.

“Those that are calling for anyone to come and intervene in Nigeria, we are waiting for the person that would come and intervene, they would go back in body bags,” the governor said.

He noted that Nigeria had intervened militarily in Sierra Leone and Liberia in the 1990s on resolution international community and as a gesture of “neighbourliness”.

“We are trying to run our country as decently as possible,” he said.

El-Rufai’s statement came after the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union warned the Nigerian government of interfering in the election.

Their reaction followed the suspension of Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Reacting via its Twitter handle @EUEOMNigeria2019, the body said: “We are aware of the comments by the Governor of Kaduna about non-interference by foreigners during a talk show on #NigeriaDecides2019 on 5/2/19.

“The EU only deploys an election observation mission when it is invited to do so by the authorities of a country.

“EU election observation missions give commentary and analysis, and make recommendations about the electoral process.

“EU election observation missions are impartial, do not interfere in the electoral process, and operate according to a strict code of conduct.

“While the security of EU observers is of paramount importance, and will remain under constant review, EU observers will continue their work across the country in the run-up to – and beyond – the 16 February elections”.
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*All i can see is the Violence in his threat.....Leave in body bags?Oh wow!!!!


  1. What is wrong with these people? What kind of desperation pushed him to make such stupid threats? Life means nothing to these our Nigerian politicians, I just pity those people that are ready to die for them to win.

  2. Replies
    1. You are right . I wonder why he's still in Nigeria instead of moving him to del hague.someone who has lost so many people since he became the Gov of kaduna State

  3. It's very clear to see where his son got his callousness from.No sane human would make such a statement.El rufai is a shame to his state and Nigeria as a whole.

  4. "We will write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes".
    7:51 PM · Jul 15, 2012

    This were the exact words of Governor El Rufai on a tweet he tweeted on the said date, time and year beneath the quote. Now you can understand where the hostilities and unrest in Kaduna is coming from and those sponsoring it. El Rufai has a trade mark in inciting violence just like this recent one he just said. Remember he was placed on ban since 2010 by the U.S from coming into the country as a result of this character of inciting violence. Worse of it all is that the old man called President supported him by saying he acted on national interest.

    You can see their desperation to remain in power at all cost. Only a man who is jiltry about his possible loss will make such a threat. El Rufai is a total and monumental disgrace to governance and sane society.

    1. I really don’t know where this man gets his confidence from. He brazenly speaks about things that someone from a different religion dare not speak. He is my brother but I do not stand for violence and the “born to rule” nonsense that is ingrained in my people’s psyche.

    2. Arrange his name El Rufai and see what it will give you. Failure. He is already a failure.

  5. wat do expect from an Aboki who tinks everytin shld b violence. For man who talks excessively, he'll def run his mouth 2 his death.

  6. Very careless words from a so called leader. You can be sure those words are not empty either.

  7. What a careless talk by El Rufai, what can one expect from Agero people's Congress. (APC)

  8. Haba!... Why make comments of such magnitude as a public figure...

    Before long boko haram will strike because of comments like this...

  9. This man is useless i pity Kaduna south people that is why he didn't pick a christian as his deputy, he picked another muslim and he said even if he picks the pope the christians will not vote for him. The chriatians caused their problem in Kaduna. If you dont like what I said about this short man devil please shift do not come for me he I a wicked man.

    1. *christian

      *he is

      Stop giving me yeye spelling🤣🤣🤣

  10. Bastard, when you people invited them in 2015, thank God internet never forgets photos are still there. You people disrespected a sitting President (Jonathan) you idiots presented your deaf brother like he was the man in power then. They met with just you lots and left, helped him become president (God punish Obama & co whenever they are now) you didn't remember your body bags. Wicked man!!! God has exposed you this time.

  11. Following in the footsteps of his oga na

  12. El Rufai has forgotten that we all are answerable to God, anyway he has displayed his bigotry self for the international community, so they must have their eyes on him.

    He thinks it is Nigeria, a hair on the head of any EU observer should not be missing or else, then he will know the real meaning of entering hot soup.

    El Rufai guard your mouth, mba! They must remain in power at all cost.

  13. I watched the clip on channels news yesterday...I must say, I was really disappointed. Why make such unguarded statement? Those foreign observers wer invited by INEC so what's his ish?

  14. Well, his Dada said something about the blood of the baboon soaking the sand or sand soaked by the blood of the baboon. These guys are callous. This is inciting violence and nothing more. In a developed country, there will be calls for him to resign but for Naija Na lie. God is not sleeping.

  15. Out of d abundance of d heart, d mouth speaks.

    1. Exactly
      If the statement was made by an opposition, it would have been termed as Hate speech.

  16. Mr El you don't have control over what you say, it is bc you people have plans to upturn the whole process that is why you are afraid of foreign intervention.

  17. Nigerians your eyes and ears open wella to see and hear what this fulani herdsman is saying, if come February 16, you still come carry your vote go donate to APC you are on your own, whatever dem take una eye see for the entire four years wey you dash them you go take am like that.

  18. Short devil with a demonic soul. El rufai feeds on BLOOD. The Spirits of those killed WILL NEVER rest till the haunt El Rufai. This man pays to stir up VIOLENCE. His kids took after him. Like EESAH....

    This is a threat from an INSANE man. He is mad and his lucifer son that is an infidel will rot in hell

  19. I hope he meant they will leave with money bags!!! Abeg am not ready to run from war.

  20. Terrorist alert!
    Read my lips El Rufai is a terrorist!!! Now lets analyse it.
    In 2015, before the general elections APC was in the opposition. This was how they were raising alarm too then that Jonathan's government were trying to rig the elections. The international observers came then and monitored the elections, the results which was in favour of the APC.
    2019, There are allegations by the PDP who are now in the opposition that Buhari who is now the head of the ruling party is also trying to rig the elections as a result of his actions such as the sack of the CJN without due process etc.

    At this point, is it not necessary that there is the presence of international observers to monitor the electoral process? Why is Buhari and his cohorts suddenly afraid of being observed knowing fully well that observation is needed in every election.

    Why would El Rufai threaten observers with death and his Principal says the threat is in NATIONAL INTEREST! It is sad that we have terrorists at the helm of affairs.

    My people let us vote wisely in this coming general elections.


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