Stella Dimoko Former Gov Ohakim Denies Stealing Money While He Was Governor....


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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Former Gov Ohakim Denies Stealing Money While He Was Governor....

The Imo State governorship candidate of the Accord Party, Ikedi Ohakim, yesterday said he did not steal money while in office as governor of the state, between 2007 and 2011.

Ohakim stated this to the people of Okigwe Local Government Area when he visited them for his ongoing governorship campaign in the state.

He said: “Despite the gang-up and distractions against my government, I served the people of the state well and addressed their needs while I was in office.

“I did not steal government money while in office as governor and I did not allocate a plot of land to myself. I still live in the three bedroom bungalow which I built in 1992 as a commissioner.

“I am not greedy. I occupied myself with serving the people, I am a man of character, I was able to separate public life from my private life.”

“I will establish one industry in each of the local governments in the zone, I will ensure that the development of the Okigwe city becomes a priority.”

“I will tap all the development potentials in Okigwe zone and I will ensure that the economy of the people is enhanced. Okigwe Zone has all it takes to develop as the zone is blessed with both human and materials resources.”

The AP, guber candidate went further to say: I will implement the contents of my affidavit which I swore to at the Imo State High Court on May 10, 2018, it is just four years to recover, reconstruct, rehabilitate and reconcile the state and return her to the path of greatness.”

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  1. You were governor years back , now you are back again you want to Buhari Imo people, 3bedroom bungalow since 1992, even a civil servant would have built something else since. That's how Buhari claimed he couldn't afford nomination ticket then o.Fayose too came back to show Ekiti people .

    1. 3bedroom bungalow built in 1992, plus your mansion in Abuja, your mansion in the village. Oga please stop telling us lies, we watch your daughter's vlogs and we saw/see your "3bedroom bungalow" 😂😂😂

    2. Don't mind the thief. If you see his country home, you go fear fear. E long from Lagos to Togo. It's a state on it own. 3bedroom indeed. He should tell that to the bed. Just pray no Imo person read this. Ikiri telling lies again.

  2. I dey come
    @Blessed Princess

  3. lMAO He's still living in a three bedroom bungalow....lmao. Who owns the masnsion he lives in Abuja and the one his son lives in? Have you seen their house in the village?

    1. Na true what of the one adanna shows us on utube the mansion in Abuja with a pool. Abeg why will grown men people's grandfather be lying like this. What will the little children do if their father is lying korokro

    2. God bless you annonymous. His house in the village no be here ooo. It's as big as half of Owerri itself.

  4. Have u seen his village house ?have u seen his Abuja mansion too?what about his oldest sons house in Abuja ?This man stole and enriched his family and made his children life changed within a twinkle of an eye.Make I no talk sha!

  5. Ohakim please shut up that useless trap you call a mouth. I'm not from Imo State but I studied there(Urualla) to be precise and it was during your tenure. You embezzled the State fund like say tomorrow no dey. Your kids(those twin girls) were studying in ABSU but the moment you became governor, boom you transferred them to schools abroad. Well that's not bad but doing that at the expense of the poor masses is so unfair.

    Mr Clean and Green. Oma ula/akanti one of Mbano, I hail thee.

    All ye politicians think that we're gullible and we have short term memory but thank God our mumu Don do.

    The same way I'm praying for Buhari to fail is exactly the same way I prayed for you to fail.

    P.S please I need an 🆔

    Obinna, come and see how your dad is shooting lie. Adanna, Adanma and Chioma, see how daddy is blowing lie. Oby, you see you father inlaw?
    This man reaped imo dry. He knows it.
    If you see his big mansion in Asokoro ehn. His child has mansion in suncity. Properties in his children's name. His house in the Imo is like 6 houses in 1. Sorry sir, you can't win again. We are wiser

    1. You will agree with me thag He still performed better than Okorocha. Even though his claim of living in a 3bedroom bungalow is a big fat lie

  7. He did not steal but took money.

  8. I told adanna how her father stole to train them and she blocked me on ig

  9. Ohakim is the greatest thief known to man. Please just go and look at my state you will weep. He enriched his children but as you can see the only one of them that can claim personal success of sorts is Adanna. All the others are collosal failures living on stolen funds. Please don't get me started. 3 bedroom bungalow. If your children were not on IG then we might say maybe. We that are from your state plus your childrens lavish life style exposes you.


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