Stella Dimoko OPAN Demands INEC Chairman, Mahmood’s Resignation


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Sunday, February 17, 2019

OPAN Demands INEC Chairman, Mahmood’s Resignation

The Online Publishers Association of Nigeria, OPAN, has asked the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Mahmood Yakubu to resign from his position immediately over the shocking and disappointing postponement of Yesterday’s Presidential and National Assembly elections.

OPAN as well as many Nigerians are bewildered that INEC under Mr. Yakubu could announce the shift of the elections just hours to the polls despite giving multiple assurances that the elections will hold as scheduled.

In a statement signed by its president, Austyn Ogannah, OPAN accused the INEC boss of sinister motive and asked all stakeholders to join in the call for his resignation or removal from office for gross incompetence.

The statement said: “This postponement is an embarrassment to Nigeria and all those who believe in this country. The pain and shame is just unbearable. Several people travelled to various destinations this weekend to perform their civic duties – many events were adjusted to ensure they did not clash with today’s election only to wake up and be greeted with this heartbreaking announcement. The financial damage is unimaginable. Enough is enough. Nigeria cannot continue to reward incompetence.

"President Buhari cannot give an election speech last night and you postpone a nationwide election on Election Day.

"The INEC had three and half years to prepare for this election and it has failed under Mr. Yakubu. With this development, OPAN and Nigerians have clearly lost confidence in the ability of this chairman to conduct free and fair elections.

"This election postponement raises pertinent questions: why was the election cancelled after sensitive election materials have been deployed?
What happens to the materials, will the materials be recalled?
How secure are those materials?
How come INEC was not aware of the "logistics problems" until a few hours to commencement of voting?

Is INEC's postponement of the election within the said time frame constitutional in view of section 26(1) of the Electoral Act as amended? (The section provides for security concerns and natural disasters, where cogent and verifiable as only reasons for postponing election.)

"Should Nigerians insist on the use of new ballot papers as the sanctity of the ballot papers are no longer assured?

“We hereby call on the INEC Chairman to resign or be removed from office if he fails to do so".

Austyn Ogannah

Daniel Elombah
General Secretary.

February 16, 2019


  1. They should free this man abeg. I watched the press conference and saw a man who has had sleepless nights and under severe pressure. Make them no kill am o.

    1. Castle, one question yet to be answered is, do they just found out six hours to elections that there is a logistics problem? Remember, the same Amina Zakari the reported niece of Buhari is the chairman in charge of the said logistics. There are more to this than meet the eyes.

    2. I was looking for someone to say this. People thing election prep is like eating beans or coming here to throw comments here and there. They y know nothing at all

    3. teejay, nnamdi’s boy, you think logistics for elections in Nigeria is like jumping here commenting like a chicken menstruating right? You just want to accuse the president for this by including the unproven allegation that Amina is Buhari’s niece. When was she made the head of election logistics? Last month? It is very difficult for you to learn because your sense of critical thinking is absent, not even down below the drain. But non existent.

    4. @you are a liar about Amina Zakari as the Chairman of logistics. In fact, it is an Igbo man who heads the committee. It is Professor Okechukwu Ibeanu, Head of Electoral Operations and Logistics Committee. Stop lying. You see how your sentiments have taken over you by lying in your comment above just because you want to find an excuse to blame Buhari for this. Ask your Igbo brother. Was he trying to win the election over for PDP?

    5. Thank you anonymous 07:54. I was about to attack his lie too but glad you pointed this out. Amina is the Chairman of thé committee on health welfare. The igbo prof heads the logistics committee trying to play games with the elections to get his cousin brother Peter Obi to win. teejay, can you defend your lies please?
      Thank you Castle, well thought comment.

  2. He is just a 'fall guy'. The executive arm of the government knows what's up. Chaiiiiiyiii, them don turn Nigerians sheep. All these and that 'na wash', abegi.
    God will expose and disgrace them all.

  3. So many questions to be answered. Another INEC office in Akwaibom state was attacked yesterday as I read. All this only but point out one thing, PDP stronghold states. This is becoming interesting and no longer funny. It wasn't this ugly at 2015, so what is really happening? Who are the people responsible? Who are the people sabotaging the free conduct of this election? What are they afraid of? What do they stand to gain if Nigeria goes into flames? Nigeria drifting into anarchy. This is a very bad precedent for a government to act lackadaisical when things are getting out of control.

    1. @Teejay hope your sentiments won’t put u in trouble. How do u expect them to continue with the election after reading all this

    2. Thanks anonymous. His sentiments made him lie in his comment. Look up, someone just got him bursted. Next time, prepare a better lie.

    3. LMFAO... Not even a million of you buharist can silence my voice here or change my perception of your incompetent kinsman in power. I equal to all of you put together.

    4. It is good to see that you commented here but not the section above where you were bursted. Liar with false claims. Mr Fake News. Do you have anything to say about your lie bursted up there? Or about your Igbo brother in charge of logistics but failed us? Ikpuru. Idide.

  4. Teejay calm down, you are beginning to "not make sense", it's important to know when to talk and when to shut your trap instead of racing around the comments like an headless chicken


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