Stella Dimoko Pastprs Wife Says Being A Pastor's Wife Is A Lonely Journey


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Friday, February 08, 2019

Pastprs Wife Says Being A Pastor's Wife Is A Lonely Journey

Are you a pastor's wife?

A pastor’s wife must focus on developing an attitude of contentment. She will have to watch other people in the church do things with their kids that she is not able to do.

That also includes sometimes, watching them decorate their homes in ways she cannot decorate. She will have to watch them purchasing things that she and her family cannot purchase.

But Rev. Mrs Rita Korankye says the pastor’s wife must understand that the rewards of ministry do not always come in tangible or monetary form.

“Every woman wants to be a pastor's wife but it can be a lonely journey,” wife of Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, the Founder and General Overseer of the Royal House Chapel told Lexis Bill on the Personality Profile on Joy FM, Thursday.

One of her wishes growing up was to become a member of a religious community of women because of her passion for Kingdom business.

“I had always wanted to be a Catholic nun…It’s something that I wanted to do…,” Mrs Korankye Ankrah revealed.

The Ashanti woman who was born and raised in Chorkor in the heart of Accra would land a job in the banking sector later in life although she would have preferred to be a dietician.

She held onto her passion until she got the chance to “preaching my first sermon in a church.” She sought permission from her supervisor at the bank to take the day off to prepare for her religious assignment- and it was granted.

The next day, Mama Rita, as she is now known, brought a cassette recording to her boss for possible feedback.

“After she listened to my preaching she advised me to resign. ‘This is not your calling, go and help your husband’s ministry’ she told me. That marked the beginning of her entry into ministry.

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  1. Na true.i know a pastor whose wife persuaded him to take the whole family to American.which he did.after a month just him came for something's in he got a call he should no dare look for his family that the wife has moved on.she is her boyfriend.the wife now they post almost naked pics.say she is preg she first take hold d hubby in his early days in minstry.the pastor very selfish human.honeslty he uses his workers and no benefit.people happy when the heard.tori long

  2. did i hear her say every woman want to be a pastors wife? pls pls pls i am not one of them biko. i do not want to be a pastor wife. what!!! am i mad? unless God wants to trully punish me for all my sins in this life. she forgot to add the part where pastors and their wives go on a physical fist fight with the devil himsef. whats there to envy? is it the unending fasting and prayers or being forced to act and behave like mommy G O all the time? abegge. i am a pastors daughter i know how hard it is being a daughter how much more a wife.

    1. Lol... no one in their right minds wants to be a pastor's wife unless the man is a billionaire pastor and has private jet things

    2. Hmmmm. My Sister. Nah so. No one desires it naturally oooo.
      The work no be here.

    3. Finny I join you shout. Who wants to marry a pastor?

    4. Finny, I'm reading your post and laughing. If you're not yet married, it is well with you cos it's your type that God usually plans for - give you one fine man that will love you to distraction, you'll fall deeply in love with him, marry him, then boom! Call into ministry lands. It's not a curse, oh. It's just what I've seen many times over. Just be running your mouth... :)

    5. 05:11 right right.

      I have seen it played exactly how you said plenty of times

    6. Finny, I had to look for this post to let you know this: God has set you up and closed your matter. Your husband IS A MAN OF GOD. Go and mark today's date.

  3. Hoooooolup, not every woman. I don’t and never want to be married to a pastor or religion cleric. Please don’t generalize πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Thank you.

  4. I dont wish to be a pastors wife

    I want to be Me.

  5. They are really trying honestly cos Lord forgive me, I can't!

    Some of them are just not being who they freely want to be, they're just keeping appearances.

  6. I'm a pastor' wife and am enjoying every bit of it, though it is quite tough because you become a role model to many, mind how you dress, speak and all, i wouldnt have been less cuz i always knew i would end up marrying a pastor, my husband is a super man, he encourage me to pursue my dream as a worship leader. the hardest part of being a pastor wife is the endless prayer and fasting, and vigils.

  7. Lol @ "every woman wants to be a pastor's wife."

    I'm not sure what kind of women she knows, but no sane woman who actually has an inkling of the task wants to be a pastor's wife. Only a power-hungry woman will deliberately set out to become a pastor's Mrs - whether he's real or fake. I've never seen a pastor's wife who has a real relationship with God (I'm not talking about the ones whose anointing is sexually transmitted) who actually wanted to become a pastor's wife. The God that waits till some men are already married before He reveals clearly that He called them into ministry, you think He doesn't know what He's doing? It's easy for a woman to refuse to marry a man that's already a pastor. But if you've already married him and you know it's God leading him, what will you tell people - that you divorced a man that didn't do you bad cos God called him into ministry, and you say you're a Christian? You will look like a devil - like I said, God factors in certain things before He starts telling a man some things.

    1. Thank you πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

    2. Anointing is sexually transmitted... lmaooo

    3. You've said it all. No one truly called naturally desired it.
      Somehow you just end up there by God's divine orchestration.
      Cos they are limited in many worldly ways and may never achieve some of their fantasies or live our a desired pattern of life. I'm material things, possessions, dressing, lifestyle etc.

  8. Not every woman wants to marry a pastor! When some women in relationships get to know that their husband to be is going to be a pastor someday, they tend to call it quit while some who find out while in the marriage, have no choice but to try fit into that shoes.
    Truth be told, it is hard to find a woman who is truly up to the task of being a pastor's wife. Some tend to frustrate the man and his ministry most times.

  9. Biko madam speak for yourself. I have absolutely no desire to be a pastor's wife abeg. All that 'all eyes on me' thing, I can't deal. I already have enough of that as my family's first child and daughter. That's a huge deal, how much more this one, that na perpetual goldfish in a bowl situation, as in for life. Mbanu. Besides how that kain trap wan catch me sef? Open eye marry pastor? Except it happens after marriage. Even that sef, I don't even want to reason it.

  10. Not every woman wants to be a pastor's wife.
    Some years back, there was this Abuja guy that was on my case. He was a good man or so I thought. He wanted me to be his wife, according to him, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and that will make his Church to be booming but, I blatantly refused.

    I know the word of God but, I'm not in the line of that calling.
    He has few branches now in Nigeria and he is living the Nigerian pastor lifestyle.

    I could not bring myself to accept an offer from someone that was tempting me into having phone sex.

    I prefer a man that love and respect God.

  11. Me???? Pastor's wife??? Abeg o!!
    Madam please that assertion is false, can't deal Abeg. That somebody is a pastor does not mean he is a saint.

  12. Every woman wants be a pastor's wife?
    Bitch where!!!
    May God forbid.
    I would hate to be visible in church. Why? Well the scrutiny is too damn much! When you're visible in church, people put you on pedestal. You make the littlest mistake and the holy holy gang starts to treat you like an outcast. The pressure to be perfect is too much, mehn! See how people are casting Osinbajo. Because he did not meet their so called 'standards' of what a man of God should be like.
    My auntie is a Pastor's wife. She's a very nice lady but she's really shy and quiet and she has this serious look on her face. Could you believe that just because she's quiet and looks serious most of the time, people in the church started gossiping about her that she was mean and snobbish? Because of that, people who didn't even know her hated her. For nothing! What nonsense life is that?
    Some of us like our freedom, biko.

  13. I think the main thing is they get to share their husbands with the church members. But the correct guys that really know God take their wives along with them on their trips. I know quite a few that do this though.

  14. I love to be a Pastor's Wife. It's an honour to serve ZION in that capacity. It's a great Calling, and with it comes,great temptations, battle, tribulation, etc. But THE SWEET HOLY SPIRIT is there as the great Teacher, Companion, Healer, Comforter, Revealer of the deep things of God the Father, and Lover. With Him, l have no fear. BLESSED BE GOD !!! I shall fulfill Destiny, and look after the Souls l am to Shepherd. When God calls you for an Assignment, he equips you in all areas of your Life. THE SHOFAR BLEW by Francine Rivers, is a good Book for Pastor's Wife, and would-be Pastor's Wife. Oh, what an honour !

  15. That's our first lady ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Once a Royal, always a Royal.

    1. First lady of where? In church? Is that in the Bible, or something church folk invented to justify their idolatry?


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