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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Spontaneous Tuesday Post

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Good Morning!
So I am owing the Bambinos Igbese for a lot of things...They have it catalogued down somewhere and the various reasons for each amount is written near it...They will drop the case if i stop threatening to report them or take their new Nike air max away!!!..Hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha 

Have a great day people and stay positive!



  1. Bi gbogbo aye

    Di te mo wa

    Won gbodo teriba fun Oluwa

    Eyin omo ijo Mimo

    Edide k'eyin Oluwa

    Hallelujah ni Orin wa

    Hallelujah wa ninu 'sewa

    Bi aye fe

    Bi aye ko

    Won o teriba fun Oluwa


    Still receiving order.

    Good morning

    1. Good morning @StarlightSkinGuru, original omo cele. You must have woke up singing this song. May you have victory over all your enemies on this victorious Tuesday. Amen. πŸ‘πŸ½

    2. Dear Stella,

      Thank you so greatly for your kindness and humanity.

      I did my Jamb application yesterday and it was successful and my pin received.

      Good bless you, the giver and also your P.A.

      You are all truly wonderful people.

      Many thanks again.

  2. After the war, the Israelites came to Moses and said, we counted and none is missing, (Number 31 Vs 49). In this week of ELECTION none will be missing in your family, among your friends and loved ones in Jesus name Amen.

  3. Una good morning!

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  6. Good morning bvs .my eldest kid is 5 plus; there is a cartoon called vamparina .it gives me goose bumps I don't allow her ND her younger ones watch it.yesterday my mind told me if I keep caging her from such the time she will have freedom of choice she may become a fan of such creepy things.its better I allow her watch and explain the wrongs of it and allow her make her choice.
    so I discussed with their dad over the phone and we agreed to allow them watch it.
    Yesterday when they returned I allowed her.i kept explaining continually to my daughter and her younger one;they kept saying they love it πŸ˜₯.I got tired and started blackmailing her emotionally that is bad kids that watch such she still said she liked it.i just could not stand d creepy cartoon I asked her to change it.she keep begging till I told her I would put the decoder off.plsss am I doing it right.i just don't like the cartoon.even tried watching It now makes me feel like I want to throw up that how well it irritates me.pls no insults.
    Am I parenting her well.pls experienced mother's should I allow them or not.i just can't stand the cartoon.

    1. Tenth destroyer or whatever you call yourself, be warmed, my assertions wasn't directed at you,so don't even dare come at me for whatever 30k your miserable self earn, if you really want to fight dirty, I will so dog drag you, if I argue with my least favourite person, even with that PH boy, I know it's all bants not based on hate, but you right here stinks!😎😎😎😎😎

      No wonder your parenting sucks!😎😎😎😎

    2. Madam let them watch it, if they love is so much. I watch vamprina and it's not that bad, please don't pass your fears down to them.

    3. hahahahahahahh and i tot my mother was the only guru in blackmail. you cannot teach or tell a child how to react to certains things. may i ask why it irritates you?

    4. Let them be so long as they don’t get nightmares watching it. Kids these days are different. They are braver and bolder. Don’t you see how a two year old can get your phone and look for their game without help. If you don’t let them watch it, they will start sneaking around to do so.

    5. What exactly is so creepy about it??? My nephew watches it and he's 5, I see no wrong with it. Its not cartoon that will ruin your kid's life, ye?

    6. You shouldn't have allowed her watch it! My girls are NEVER allowed to watch any cartoon that has to do with vampires, werewolves, monsters, etc. Even magic-themed cartons are first scrutinized by hubby & I before they watch. E.g Sofia the first. My 3-year old would be the first to callout 'mummy come & change it' when vampirina is about being aired. Even the lyrics of the theme songs are 'evil'. Have you listened to it?

      See, Disney is funded (and owned) by the same persons who support the LGBT movement. They want to start 'screwing' with our children's brains from this tender age all in the name of entertainment. Your kids watched & enjoyed it cos the whole idea is to make 'vampires' appealing to them & let them believe 'we're all the same' but you & i know IT IS WRONG!

      Please guard your kids. Sensor what they watch. Protect their young minds before they get lost in the world & see every wrong thing as normal.

    7. The cartoon is not that bad as you say, my kids watch it and i watch it too, it only teaches them meaning of friendship and to stick out for one another. Look pass the vamparina itself. Or just let them watch 307 instead.

    8. I copied this from BV Ivahstherapy post down below πŸ‘‡:Their brain is like sponge; it soaks up information, useful and damaging and the worst is that they don't know how to sieve information, therefore they put everything to use!"

    9. Thanks everyone.i really do aporeappre.@finny.i just can't explain but I don't just like creepy.their bed is made of coffin.they have skeleton.its creepy.@ron really.but what of when u are no home with have natural curiousty in them .then they will do things excess.

    10. @RON I love you so much on that comment. You said it well.

    11. My son loves vamparina,i dont see anything scary about it

    12. God bless you, Ron. Tenth, the moment it doesn't just feel right, stop it! We're here as parents to shapen these kids' life aright. The society is messed up already and has nothing good to offer so don't let it determine how you raise your kids...see Ron's 2nd paragraph.

      Replace those cartons with educative ones. That's what they need for now.

    13. Pls protect them from such Cartoon and it's like.
      Alot of evil messages are being passed through cartoons now.
      Don't compromise.
      Kids are in their formative years. They desire most times, to be what they watch and see.
      There is nothing good about being a vampire, drinking human blood, etc.
      You don't want your children to believe it is a good thing or desiring to be one. Just like Vamparina. Do you?

    14. I decided I was not going to buy or subscribe to all these Disney cartoons for my daughter because of the message I got from some of their storyline. I'm not going to mess up my child's mind so, I get her only nursery poem cartoons, rhymes, children songs. Now she likes music a lot. My siblings and I grew up not watching cartoons and we didn't die. My neighbor's kids don't watch cartoons and they're alive and healthy.

    15. Thank God my 4yo son only loves PJ Mask, Paw Patrol, pepper pig and ben and holly

    16. it's just cartoons. I have a friend that stopped his kids from watching Loud House because of the gay couple in the toon but I had to explain to him that his kids will still get to know about homosexuality no matter how much he tries to shield them from it rather teach them your views on these sensitive topics with biblical backings. there are worst things that can corrupt the young mind, guide your children but allow them have their childhood memories. we watched cartoons about Santa Claus and movie about Willy Willy but today we know they don't exist.

    17. Your feeling is on the right track. All these cartoons are a form of subliminal programming. They are been conditioned to believe that anything that belongs to the dark side is right. My kids don't watch vamparina and Sofia the first because the first day I watched I was surprised at the promotion of sorcery and witchcraft. It made being a witch glamorous and fun.
      Everyone is entitled to their opinions but kids are easily moved by sight. Whatever that is fed into their heads at this young age remains with them. As a child of about 3 the image of my uncle and Aunt having sex has never left my memory and I'm almost 40. Please let's guide our kids the right way and not follow the crowd that sees nothing wrong with certain things.

    18. SDK bvs re so great.learnt so much,thank u all.lady bug do u know how many times u have talked annoyingly under my drag re u a dog??pls move on.nothing about hate jare if u post what I like I will still praise u.dont take social media so u know how many u ve hurt??if I start responding was d gain ND end result =quarrel when in life we may be neighbors.abeg move on.

    19. I don't mean to over-flog this issue but BV Highly favoured said something up there(Kids are in their formative years. They desire most times, to be what they watch and see.) & it reminded me of an incidence that happened when my older daughter was 4: I got a complaint from her class teacher that she refuses to eat her food with the argument that 'Princesses are NEVER fat', sighting Sofia-the-first as an example. She'll ask her teacher, 'have you ever seen a FAT princess? Food makes people fat & i don't want to be fat. I want to be pretty like princess Sofia'. As harmless as that might sound, it affected her eating habit. I did everything from counseling, scolding to beating! I had to explain to her thoroughly that the carton world is made up of drawings, arts, colours & people's imaginations. The only REAL things are the VOICES and the LESSONS. There are no trolls, fairies, flying horses, talking donkeys, or singing fishes. They are all not real.

      To those saying, "it's JUST cartoons", please think again! why did the internet go agog when Disney announced they were gonna do a Frozen 2 where Elsa will be portrayed as a Lesbian? Why did celebrities like Bisola (of Big Brother) complain about Disney's incessant display of 'good' monsters & 'bad' monsters or Loud House inclusion of 'gay' parents & threatened to stop their kids from watching? Cartons (& other forms of entertainment) are now being used as mind-controlling tools. There are cases of people who killed themselves after listening to Rihanna's Russian Roulette! Think again!!! Please PROTECT your kids! The world isn't as it used to be. The wicked ones are looking to destroy souls & they're doing it through 'harmless' means.

      @Teejay, Choice, Highly favoured, & my Blog Boo: thank you!

    20. My daughter has been disturbing me to buy it for her....

    21. Please SDK family what's a wet facilitator in makeup??

    22. I agree a 100% with RON! God bless you and yours. Tenth if you are not comfortable with your kids watching such then turn it off. Dont let the society dictate whats right or wrong for YOUR kids. Guard what filters into them

    23. God bless you Ron. You said it all!

  7. Replies
    1. Good morning my former friend.

    2. Yes o, Lucille nwanyi mara mma. Good morning.

    3. Good morning Castle my bbf forever.

    4. Hahaha Castle.. We are Friends forever oh. Howz Baby Windsor? My love to her.

    5. Good morning Lucille my future friend.

  8. Children tend to learn by observation and assumption apart from intentional teaching. We parents should be extremely careful what we do in front of our children.
    I remember telling my three year olds in class to stop making noise. All of a sudden,every where was quiet but I could still see them talking in hushed tones. Oh well, at least they weren't loud,I said to myself. All of a sudden, their spokes person stood and pointed at my tummy" Miss A, what is in your tummy?," I was taken aback,not the outcome I expected. So these children were quietly discussing about me? " well there is a baby in my tummy," I replied
    He still looked curious, so I asked him" why do you want to know what is in my tummy?
    "D said you were carrying a ball," he replied innocently. Immediately D jumped up to defend himself probably out of fear of being scolded, " dash not what I shade," that's how I became a mediator because it turned to an argument and I couldn't scold again.

    The other day, a parent was greeting me sympathetically, "good morning Miss A,how's your leg?" I was surprised, "my legs are fine"
    She continued " Loto was telling me you went to the hospital because you broke your leg," Now I understood. I had to explain to her that I wasn't in school that day because I went for ante natal. We laughed over it but I learnt a valuable lesson; during my last trimester,I was permitted to wear flip flops in class because of occasional swollen feet. So she noticed that I was no longer wearing shoes so that brought about the broken leg and hospital connection.

    1. This just reminded me about my last class with pry 3. I dunno what came over them that day, everyone just wanted to gist me something that day.

      'And Glory use to call me *insert name of school* coconut. And she also says I'm not fine' Adesola said.

      Aunty no oh, it's not me that started calling her that, it was Fara' Glory responded.

      And it went on and on, maybe cos I let it by responding to them and asking more questions. My class was so noisy that day, but frankly I didn't mind. I was just glad they were having fun. We had to finish the rest of the class with their fingers on their lips cos they just wouldn't stop talking

      Frankly, that was my best class in a long while now.

  9. While it is okay for children to discuss what took place in class and her fellow classmates and even teachers after all what we do is open for public consumption, SOMETIMES we don't need to know what transpired at home. What some parents haven't come to recognise is that,things we do or not do. Say or not say can affect our children's mental,psychological and social health. Their brain is like sponge; it soaks up information, useful and damaging and the worst is that they don't know how to sieve information, therefore they put everything to use!

    Not too long ago,I had this very intelligent three year old who has anger issues and was very moody. At first we thought it was a natural phenomena that would soon phase out, it didn't! Not until we found out that her parents were always fighting and breaking stuff in their presence and sometimes, it would result to them coming to school without food because their dad would leave the house and their mum would be so emotionally drained that she would forget she has two beautiful and smart girls.
    Inadvertently, the older who is four became a mother to the three year old,she turned to her sister for everything thing including emotional support she was meant to get from her parents. Imagine the how draining it was for the four year old,combined with her studies. The truth?? She wasn't doing well in class because of absent mindedness. Don't always think about yourselves, they were not born to clean up your mess!

    This was a conversation I had a six year old in school one early Monday before the bell for assembly went. After the normal greeting s,K dropped his bag and then approached my table.
    K: where is your baby?
    Me: he's in his class.
    K:Miss A,my mum and dad was fighting in the night.
    Me:(curious) what happened?
    K: my mum was shouting, give me money,give me money. And my dad said I don't have money,I don't have money! So my mum seized the blanket and locked their room. Since you don't want to give me money,you wont sleep here. She now said"K let's go out from here" and she dragged me away from the room.
    Me: what did your dad do?
    K: nothing.
    Me: who have you told?
    K: nobody.
    Me: no even the bus attendant who picks you up?
    K: I didn't tell anybody.
    I told him not to tell his friends mainly to avoid bullying knowing how they can be. I now started counselling; telling him not fight others when they make him angry as he sees his parents do that even though they fight doesn't make it right etc. The story and gesticulating was vivid that I could practically see myself in their house during the fight!
    On graduation day,I saw the woman all glamed up and glowing but alas,I couldn't talk to her because of school policy.

    We all have our issues at home but how one decide to handle is what makes one responsible or irresponsible. Selfish or thoughtful.
    Please,these children did not beg to be born so STOP damaging th

    1. Kids of these days are sooooo observant

    2. The things kids pick up ehn, you would be surprised.

      Sometimes last year, we had a new pupil in nursery two. His family had just relocated from Ethiopia or so.

      One of the first things he told his aunty was that, they came back because his father killed someone. She told me and I was so shocked but told her to just ignore him and keep it to himself as he may just be making things up.

      But deep within me, I'm quite sure that was what happened

    3. Your posts are always insightful & enlightening! You have a very good heart & it isn't hard to see that! You make it easy for people to talk to you - guess that's why your school kids are very open with you.

      Parents (mum's especially) please let's learn to PROTECT our kids: emotionally, spiritually & otherwise. Their little minds are still too young to fully comprehend the way the world works. Please let's do right by them: that's the reason God gave them to us.

    4. That is eh@ tenth.
      You don't say @joy. And you won't know they see and hear everything. God will help us.

    5. @Ivah: like the Yorubas will say ' mo wa pa', meaning i dey kampe!

  10. Good morning,

    A very wonderful day to us all.

  11. Hi Stella!

    1. Good morning everyone
      Do have a splendid day

    2. Welcome back!! How are you?

    3. Hi you dey?hows your health?

    4. CHW, Longest time. Hope you are good.
      Good morning and a beautiful day to us all. May God come through for us always. It is well.

    5. OMG!!! Welcome back.
      Hope you are holding up well,
      Its good to see you commenting
      Much love

    6. Stellastica the day Stella go reply under my comment I go dance alanta...yes is a big deal
      Yinmu.stella bambinos ...How old?

  12. Good morning lovelies ♥♥♥

    Up United.....Chelsea how market??πŸ˜‚

    Women have three types of anger
    Shouting,Silence and crying
    Which one are you???That last one ehn

    Stella, your bambino's have waffy sense

    1. Olori please don't just start. I haven't gotten myself from Manchester city humiliation last week only for their brothers to add more pepper to the injury. I don't know who is sabotaging the Chelsea I used to know.

    2. Crying; very embarrassing something.
      You get angry,go into a fury only for you to spoil it by bursting into tears.

      Cynthie baby how is you

      Olori momma we are in the same whatsapp group. How is sales #bigfoot

    3. Very useless chelshit that can't play ordinary bts to save their season

    4. 2.can keep it for a full week but now can't stay four hours oooo.

    5. Olori: Chelsea do me strong thing last night ehn. Mo binu lo sun ni! hhehehehehe

  13. Hello Guys, Good Morning oooh!!!

    Coza has kidnapped my sister😭😭😭, Y'all need to see the way she dresses now ooh.... Ha!!! Your mouth will open, she now celebrates up and down oooh, speaking Grammar, oti sun mi!!! You people should come and help my life cos it's like I'll go and drag her back......πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    Any gist for me?? I'm bored!!!

  14. People who gt angry easily,hv a gud heart,dey love easily and gt jealous easily,bt if dey hate u dey hate u with passions,True or false

    1. True, i am sitting comfortably on the table

    2. pure lies, some peoples just have bad temper coupled with black mind.

    3. Thank you Finny. People like my husband. Bad temper plus evil mind.

    4. Lol no true.. Those with good heart dont get angry easily.. But when they do its always hot. And once they hate they forgive easily but avoid you. ..this is my personality ..thats what i just explainede

    5. I get angry easily yea nd forgive easily except the hurt really pained me.

    6. This is me πŸ’―%.
      Ola yemi true
      Teejay, yes not everyone.
      Finny, yes some people.

    7. True Ola, I am one of them

  15. This is me admitting openly that I don't know what pick up line means for the fact the guys that approach me always go straight to the point. @Beggy Beggy Princess

    1. u no b blessed princess again but beggy beggy princess?
      please dear, change that name because u fit turn into that forever o
      enjoy your day

    2. My blessed princess I know you aren't the one who made this comment, or are you the one? Lolzzzzz.

    3. Why calling ur self beggy beggy?what u say and see matters alot no matter what

    4. Lol, I like you Blessed princess. ignorance is not bliss, dear. pick up line is just a catchy line one use to get the attention of someone you like or in stella's language 'toast' someone you like.

    5. Thanks @Perxian. @Blessed Princess

  16. Up and grateful to God for life..

    Super Grateful Lord for life
    I am Thankful Father Lord for your protection,guidance,favour,blessings etc,to me,family and loved ones..

    Thank you Jesus for divine healing in my mother's life.
    I am super grateful Oh Lord

    Good morning everyone here..

    God is Awesome..

    1. Thank God for her health, it is permanent in Jesus name. May she live long to eat the fruits of her labour.

  17. Spontaneous post, my first time here

  18. "You're late for school, hurry up." Mpa called from the sitting room.
    "I can't find my socks, can I wear yours?" I peeped into the room and made that face he usually fell for.
    "OK, ok. But this should be the last time.
    "Yes mpa". I replied cheerily as I dashed into his bedroom and took the navy blue socks tucked in his shoes. Unlike some other schools at the time who wore white, ours was navy blue. I didn't like it at first but moments like this make me appreciate our proprietor's decision. My father's socks were mostly in navy blue, brown and black.
    This was not the first time I wore my father's socks to school, this was the first time I asked.

    Before then, I took them without his permission. Until Emy, my brother burst my bubble because I refused to share my meat. Mpa scolded me and warned me never to touch them again and even barred me from entering his room. I went to school without socks and received some strokes of cane that day.
    I bought two pairs on my way back from school, I was determined never to touch Mpa's again. But after a few weeks, I lost them. I was in SS3 but so careless with my personal belongings. Everybody at home teased me about this, Mma would sometimes flog or drag my ear.

    But that morning, Mpa solved a great part of my problems by giving me his socks. The greater part, however, lay waiting for me outside. A boy.

    It all started a month before. I was returning from school and just very close to my house, at a mini bar, a boy stood up and beckoned at me. I walked on, very sure it wasn't me. I had no business with anyone in the neighbourhood. I had no friends around. We moved into the area the previous year and I was still stuck on my childhood friends at our former house. I still went to the school close to my former neighborhood, my parents insisted I finish my secondary school there and would give me #250( equivalent to #500 today) everyday for transportation.
    After school, I'd play and gist with my friends for about 30 minutes before going home. When I get home, it's chores, games, books and fights with my siblings until bedtime. I seldom stepped out of the gate after I come back from school except on rare occasions when in Emy's absence, I had to run an errand.

    So when this boy signalled me, I kept walking. He followed me and this time said,
    "Hello, excuse me, can I talk to you for a second? "
    Now I was sure it was me.
    I waited politely, my knapsack on my back as he approached me.
    "Erm, erm do you live around here?"
    "Can we be friends?"
    "No". I replied sharply and kept walking.
    "Wait. Please."
    I walked faster until I got home. My heart was beating. This was the first time a boy had asked me to be his friend.

  19. In 2015, we were all optimistic and excited of the coming of Buhari, A case scenario of “waiting for goddot”. It was as if the Jackie Chan and Jet Li that will change and transform Nigeria had finally gotten his visa to Aso Rock. One dollar ($1) was going to be equal to one Naira (N1), Petrol ⛽️ price was going to drop and subsidy removed, Five thousand Naira per month for extremely poor Nigerians, Nepa nko? Electricity was going to be doubled into thousands of megawatts, all corrupt past leaders were going to be jailed, even though they forgot to tell us that corrupt leaders who decamped to APC will be shielded by law and forgiven.
    Damn, How we sang songs “Chanji Dole” “Sai Baba” and massively came out to vote Buhari into power. Our hopes were pretty damn high. In fact, Buhari’s initial gra-gra like the TSA (Treasury single Account) and uncovering of stolen funds embezzled by some politicians from past administrations gave us more hope, confidence and trust in him. Even though TSA was proposed and partially implemented by the federal government of Nigeria in 2012 under the Jonathan Administration - and only implemented in full by the Buhari Administration.
    Then all kinds of drama started unfolding, cabinet appointments stalled, national budget disappeared and reappeared, A complete show of incompetence by this APC government became the order of the day. Even snakes joined and swallowed money. Buhari’s sickness struck so often, He almost spent half his presidency battling for his life in hospitals abroad, rumors even had it that sai baba was dead and cloned, Nigeria became a laughing stock worldwide, it was and has been a total mess since 2015.
    Fast forward to 2019 now, Can you say Nigeria has experienced the positive change we were promised by this government and hoped for? Smh...Other than attempting to complete a fraction of projects started by previous governments and miserable scams like trader moni, What exactly has this Buhari Administration done for Nigeria that is exceptional and makes you want to vote him back? Is it the current level of disunity, violence, incessant killings, Fulani herdsmen attacks, poverty and hunger ravaging Nigeria that you want to vote him back so he can take it to the NEXT LEVEL?
    Is it Buhari’s ultimate disregard for the rule of law that you want back in Aso Rock??

    *drinks coffee*

    1. Some people dont reason well.they wont see all these

    2. you have ssaid it all, Nigerians shine your eyes well well ohhh

    3. @Finny: i couldn't agree more! This administration has been a JOKE from inception.

      On a lighter note, buhari's adopted 'insect' daughter is coming for you. buhahahahahaha!

  20. Yesterday's BEP reminded me of that moment in class when a teacher asks a know the right answer, but because almost everyone is chanting the same answer (wrong answers), you get confused and begin to question your knowledge.

    Sometimes, you maintain you're right and say the right answer, other times you think you're wrong and join the bandwagon...

    Laughter is the best medicine.
    Good morning wonderful bvs.

    1. As in eh..I had to hold my peace and watch.

  21. Football analyst prophet said Buhari will reduce fuel and it has come to pass.well in all his prophecies;the one I love most is he saying atikulated will win.
    he said Chelsea will not win men the way chelsea was flogged nor be here hubby did not call me to shout up Chelsea as usual!the other club really humbled early days of marriage my hubby will fly fence to go and watch match cos land lady will lock the gate and keep the key.we really quarreled on he even forgets to watch cos of work;if he is home he watches on phone or dstv.marriage indeed is patience.u keep seeing maturity everyday.

  22. I hated it. I was the one who always teased my friends when boys whistle at them. I may have been whistled at but I never took notice. No boy had dared approached me. I had people who called me their wife but it was all play. With friends and family I was a clown but with strangers I was as mean as mean could be. I always had a huge scowl on my face when walking alone.

    The next day in the evening, he was there again with a group of other boys. He stood up immediately he sighted me and pursued. I walk real fast. He called me to stop but his time, I didn't look back. He followed me until I disappeared into our gate.
    This went on everyday and worried me greatly. But I couldn't tell anyone. I dreaded going out because I knew he would be waiting outside. Sometimes, I bribed Emy to run an errand in my place so I won't get to encounter this boy. I resorted to taking bikes when coming back from school. I used to trek and save the money. I was ready to do anything in my power to avoid him.
    He changed his game to coming to wait for me at the junction in the mornings. This gave me sleepless nights. Going to school was now a huge burden. I would keep delaying at home looking for socks, my pants, my books and sandals with the hope that the 'stupid' boy would get bored and leave but for where? Even if I came out 2hours late, he'd be there waiting. Somehow, he knew I never missed school.

    One day, while returning on an errand, I summoned courage and gave him a piece of my mind.
    "What is your problem, why are you following me? You're disturbing me and I don't like it. Leave me alone or I'll report you to my parents".
    I knew I'd never do that.

    "I'm sorry I disturb you but that's because I like you". He said.
    "I don't like you", I retorted.
    He chuckled. I turned to look at him and saw the cutest dimple on earth. It was then I took a good look at him. Before then, I had just seen him as just another boy on the street but hadn't really looked at him. He was so handsome
    and neat. Could be 21 or 22, I wasn't sure.
    "How would you know? You don't even know me. If you agree to be my friend, you'll like me".
    "Mtchewwww" I sighed and walked away.
    That was the last time I'd see him for a long time.

    I noticed his absence after a week. I stopped taking bikes and ran errands myself but he was not around anymore. I looked out for him sometimes and once, for the first time, scanned the faces of the boys sitting at the bar. But he was not there. I became worried. I still didn't want him as a friend but I just wanted to see him again. I missed our hide and seek game. Or could it be that I missed him?

    After a few weeks, I couldn't bear it any longer. I walked into the bar to buy a bottle of mineral I didn't want to drink. I made to leave but came back and casually asked the bar lady about him. I didn't know his name but described him. She smiled and said,
    "Ok, I know him. He likes you".
    "Where is he"? I asked.
    "He has gone back to school".

    I felt sad but life went on. The following month, I wrote my WAEC and NECO. I always thought of him and wondered if he had gotten another friend.

    One day some three months later while returning from the town with Mma, I saw him sitting outside. My heart leapt out in joy. He winked at me, I smiled shyly.
    I came out as soon as I dropped the bags.
    He was already standing by the road, waiting.
    "Hello, I heard you asked of me". That smile...
    "No... Yes". I replied.
    "Well I'm here now. It's so good to see you again. I missed you greatly and I don't even know your name".
    "Esomchi". I told him.
    "I'm Chuba".

    Good morning Stella and BVs.

    1. Castle come back here, you need to tell us more, lol
      Goodmorning bvs.

    2. Aww,young love.@Esomchinazu.I bu onye obekayi?

    3. Wow!! So, that was how it all began??
      Very interesting. Like Oliver Twist, more please!!

    4. Good morning Castle, what a great read and you sure do know how to carry a reader along with your story.

    5. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    6. Castle, don't you think you need to have a special column like Iya beji series?
      You write so well😘😘😘.

    7. ...hmmmm! So you fell for the dimples! hehehehehehe

      *in Dbanj's voice* Love is a beautiful thing, it's Donjazzy again!!!!! hehehehehe!

    8. O my God! how will you be good morning us when the gist just started? castle shrink back here and complete this interesting gist osiso

    9. Mimi Love, I write spontaneously. 😘
      😘 everyone.

  23. Who is your wife........
    1. Your wife is number one priorities in your life.
    2. Your wife is your best friend, be friendly with her.
    3. Your wife need foreplay, don’t rape her.
    4. Your wife is not only good for sex, carry her along in every issue.
    5. Your wife is a gift, appreciate her.
    6. Your wife is not a family material, never commit her unto the hand of your family members.
    7. Your wife is your joy, nourish her.
    8. Your wife is to be cherish, be cheerful to her
    9. Your wife is your portion, cherish her.
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    14. Your wife is a female gender, honor her.
    15. Your wife is not common, don’t compare her.
    16. Your wife is not a wash hand base, stop abusing her.
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    43. Your wife is yourself, do not separate her bed.
    44. Your wife is not perfect, forgive her.
    45. Your wife is your treasure, jealously guide her. You will give account.



  24. United made me proud yesterday I jare...

    Good morning everyone....Have a blessed day.

    1. Why are you people like this naaa. Make una free that matter naa before I begin vex again lolzzz.

  25. Good morning lovers and you the boss her self. Finally free from malaria and typhoid. I pray no sickness for everyone cus it's a bad situation to be in. Better to be hungry than being sick. I thank God for his healing hands on me. Best of the day to all.

  26. Saw this educative comment from an old post and I decided to share, so many ignorant people can be enlightened.

    Anon said
    Since I am not in a position to influence your decision, I will tell you the medical implication of an,, s.x. The area was not made for that. As similar as some think it is to the female entrance, a woman can give birth vaginally to several big babies because of the elasticity of the muscles there. The other one is not like that, it's not only as elastic, its for serious waste products with gazillions of germs.

    Here is the end of the story, after a while, he starts leaking poop, the sphincter cannot do its work. I had a patient who used to cry that everyone runs from her then, no matter how many baths, showers and perfumes. She was given a bag to contain the leaks but I held my breath till I finished with her. She was a wealthy widow with a big house. I haven't seen her for 10 years but I hope she is alive.

    N12m/yr cannot make you stay with him when the situation deteriorates.

    He is also ruining young boys lives and may be a sexual predator, grooming and introducing innocent boys to his lifestyle If you can live with that weight...goodluck. BTW no dr will give you the prophylactic med for life just for living with him and you need to read up its side effects and cost.

    If he wants to change, go to MFM deliverance program, do it together but he must want to change for that to work. I'm not promoting MFM but its the only deliverance ministry that seems genuine, like a DIY prayer, no handkerchief, mantle etc and no Assistant to God at least as at 20 yrs ago. If it has changed, disregard my recommendation as I never knew what the preacher even looked like and God was answering my prayer. You pray and cry to God yourself. I have seen the result in my life, the lives of many of my friends though not your type of situation. You don't need to know any pastor there.

  27. Morning y'all. Racing against time to make it to court early..tthe kind of hold up for this upper sakponba no be here o. Have a superb day y'all.

  28. Beautiful Tuesday morning,mango season is hereπŸ’ƒ.Wishing everyone a beautiful and successful day.

  29. Good morning blog FAM... Yesterday's BEP is so hilarious that i laughed my eyes out. To think that i wanted to comment but was nt too sure. I just jejely waka pass. Lol. Have a nice day yall

  30. Hello Nkiru, I saw your comment late. Can't wait to see you. Hope you'll come with Malin? Good morning dear.

  31. Good morning bvs& SDK..
    where is modella?

  32. Good morning everyone, today is going to be fruitful for us all. Olori orente, do you sell shoes for children too.
    Stella you and your Bambinos are awesome to read about. Have a great day

  33. This is my take on the snatch ballot box and die threat issued by Buhari: Nigeria is a country where Police a man can kill driver because of 20 naira, A custom Officer can shoot a civilian to death because of five thousand naira. This means the police will be killing voters anyhow and be tagging them ballot box snatchers with gun. THIS IS ANOTHER WAY APC WANT TO USE AND FORCE OPPOSITION PARTY VOTERS TO STAY AT HOME WHILE THEY IN THE OTHER HAND WILL RIG THE ELECTION. Nigerians please let's be wise. @Beggy Beggy Princess

    1. That statement from the old man was too harsh. The best he would have said and I think would have been better is to say whoever is caught in election violence or snatching of ballot boxes will be made to face the law than coming out outrightly to say they will pay with their life. That statement is too weighty and can give the security agencies the impunity to act recklessly.

    2. That's your own limited interpretation, interpret it however it suits you, the message is clear, no more pampering of political thugs!

      If you or your cohorts are planning to sDNA ballot boxes, be ready to face the consequences!

      Steal ballot boxes at the risk of your life!😎😎😎😎

      If you're not a ballot box snatcher, why are you so agitated with this statement?

      You think those that steal ballot boxes comes with pizza and beer, they come there armed, so the police and army should be ruthless and show no mercy 😎😎😎😎

    3. lady bug, why are you foaming at the mouth this early morning??

    4. Lady bug, tell your Baba that he has a date with ICC if anyone shoots anyone in the name of preventing ballot box snatching, enough is enough.

  34. Good morning lovelies....
    Still enjoying my break till tomorrow.
    Castle πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Tenth, allow her for now they will get tired of it later on.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  35. Goodmorning To U All
    no sell ur vote, and vote wisely
    bv meena where are u?

  36. Pls my Bil is my friend and he stays in our house if he isn't on duty at work. He is a student doctor and his fiancee too is a student doctor, she comes once in a while to stay for weekends or few days.
    Now the main issue is that, this lady is a good person and she said my bil must marry her this year whether he has money or not. She is serving and she said she needs marriage certificate to redeploy, so she has dragged him by force to do intro, now they have picked a date in march just BTW Jan and now. The problem is that, this man isn't ready, he doesn't have an apartment or any property. He was lamenting to me that he does not know what to do, he has only 300k as savings, he has to get an apartment. And furnish it, also pay for wedding. This lady isn't ready to hear all that, she said that she doesn't mind an empty house that they will build it together. She said all her friends are married and her parent is dead so she just want to get out of her family as soon as possible.
    He said she is planning on 400 guest for the wedding, 300 for her (na friendly and party person), 100 for the fiancee, he isn't a family person and he doesn't have friends.
    He is devastated and I don't know what to advice him, he doesn't want to lose the lady at the same time, he doesn't want the lady to suffer in marriage. Now he can't sleep properly, although we are willing to give them money but it will end up on the wedding.
    What can he do

    1. That is a tough one, but if he is willing to go ahead,he should only do the intro for now, then save more for house rent before the wedding, things should go according and not rushing all at once. Abeg someone please recommend a nice cream with lovely fragrance for a fair woman.

    2. Let them get married and build together.
      Help them with the wedding like you said.
      Give them some household gadgets to start out with.

    3. I hope resentment doesn't set in after marriage. Love is not enoughoo. By the time bills upon bills starts piling, they would forget why they got married in the first place. Hmm, please advice that girl.

    4. He is about to make a big mistake.she is already proving to be a controlling and inconsiderate wife.if he looses her so what?is she the best thing since sliced bread?

    5. Eyah
      Let the family help them since they have prospects for goods job after service. They wil be fine

    6. Speak with your BIL. If he is not ready to settle, he should stand his grounds and avoid being pressured into it. If they are meant to be, they will be no matter what. The lady may be a good girl but she is not getting married for the right reason. You can also speak with her if you can. They might be full of regrets in the future if they go ahead to marry with the mindset they have now.

    7. Marriage certificate for redeployment? That one is easy now. If he is TRULY CONVINCED she is THE ONE, Let them get married in the court (i.e., do a civil/court marriage). They'll be issued a Federal Government recognized marriage certificate. She can tender that to NYSC for redeployment. Afterwards, they can start saving for the Church wedding & traditional marriage. All these running from pillar-to-post to do a BIG wedding is gonna take its toll on your BIL emotionally, and that might affect their relationship on the long-run.

    8. Another dead on arrival marriage. I hope she does not come here with chronicles.
      How do babes force men to marry them????
      What exactly is the plan?? You want to spend the rest of your life with someone that is not excited to have you?? Your whole life?? Really??

  37. Thank God for a bright new day.

    Good morning Stella and bvs,may our day be great

  38. Hello people! Myomectomy done and dusted. Life was my Valentine's gift from God and I'm so grateful.

    1. Good morning everyone.
      Omeh,I thank God for ur life, U and other waiting mothers are in my prayers, y'all shall rejoice soonest,amen.

    2. Congratulations Omeh. Thank God for your life.

    3. TankGod for you.
      Your testimony will not die in jesus name.Amen

    4. Thank God for your life dear. It shall end in praise.

  39. I'm so sad this morning, what offense did we commit to deserve this country? I watched the video of the killing by a custom officer and I can't stop crying, oluwa if my America visa is delayed abeg arrange Cotonou make I commot this country,
    a piece of advice, please do not argue with anyone carrying gun, be it police or even civil defense o, it doesn't make you less a man to avoid been shot at, infact add my oga to their name, they are not the ones you're calling oga , but the gun they are carrying, if you knee down for a dwarf doesn't make you a dwarf o, you go still tall
    pass when you stand
    ignore the gbagaun and grab the message

    1. My dear, once I see weapon, I become humble, keep my mouth shut and obey every instruction even I'd it's coming from a 3year old. My government teacher once told me "power emanates from the barrel of a gun".
      This life no get duplicate.

  40. I was going through the "pick up line" post and it was hilarious and sad at the same time. unless everyone was trolling, I don't get how many did not know what a pick-up-line is in this social media age and culture where "shoot your shot" and "trapping" are trendy. also, a quick search on Google before commenting on that post could have eliminated a lot of second hand embarrassments . Lol, i had a good laugh tho.

  41. beloved this is the second time I'm applying for the data giveaway, please consider me this time around

  42. Good morning all... @ madam Stella you wan do PDP for ur bambinos? That is quaraptian fa...smiles!

  43. Good Morin everyone. I woke up fighting with my neighbours .lol

    Is that all for the data entry, so that I can start fixing in those that have gotten before starting from the first batch.

    Remember no screenshot, no data.

    ....Have a nice day everyone.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am interested in the data giveaway. I have sent you a mail.

    3. I am also interested in the data giveaway

    4. Please I am interested too for the data giveaway

  44. I've just executed a plate of rice n stew accompanied with a chilled plastic bottle of Pepsi this morning. Tuesday is a good day for me.

  45. Good morning lovelies. My family got American visa two years ago but plan to travel this Easter because it expires this April.. The visa is for me, hubby, and our three kids. But we don't have money for the five of us. Can we as parents travel alone?. Will the children Visas be renewed if the don't use theirs?. My children are before 8years. Please

  46. I was going through the "pick up line" post and it was hilarious and sad at the same time. unless everyone was trolling, I don't get how many did not know what a pick-up-line is in this social media age and culture where "shoot your shot" and "trapping" are trendy. also, a quick search on Google before commenting on that post could have eliminated a lot of second hand embarrassments . Lol, i had a good laugh tho so thanks y'all.

  47. Castle I am following this story o😁😁😁😁

  48. Good morning pls what's the black market exchange rate of dollar to naria? urgent response needed

  49. Good morning everyone.. do have a blessed day

  50. Good morning everyone.
    Stella do your bambinos read this blog? I am asking for a friend.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Bambinos diary will be an interesting
    Have a great day everyone.

  51. Good morning beautiful people. I pray something good happens to us all and our mouths be filled with laughter all through. Do have a great day

  52. How can I apply for the giveaway?

  53. Good morning everyone.Stella your bambinos truly have waffy sense abeg. love reading about the a lot. cant wait to have my kids and experience this wonderful conversation with my own kids. By the way the last single and mingle posts for older women i wonder why young guys age 29 yrs are adding up ladies. Does it mean that they don't mind that the ladies are much older than me or just believe in the saying that age is just a number.

  54. Castle please come and complete your story oh. i am following it.

    You are a good writer.

  55. Castle baibe come and finish this ya Tory 😊. Kisses to your madam 😘😘😘


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