Stella Dimoko Spontaneous Wednesday Morning Post


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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Spontaneous Wednesday Morning Post

#midweek #wednesday #good day #noish #mancrushwednesday #itiswhatisis #speaup #speakoutagainstchildabuse #shorthashtagtosuitthemood

Good Morning all!!!

Have a great and Blessed day you hear?May you be so blessed today that you bless others too...
Kisses to everyone oh.....


  1. Good morning BVs. Can't wait to surprise my friends tomorrow with the massive cake I got them for Valentine 😍😍😁😁

    1. Good one, but always show love spontaneously not just on Val😎😎😎

    2. We always do @Buggy. Valentine is just one of the ways we show it. They know I've got their back anytime.

  2. WHEN TO BE SILENT. And the Bible says:

    1. Be silent In the heat of
    anger - (Prov 14:17)

    2. Be silent When you don't
    have all the facts - (Prov

    3. Be silent When you
    haven't verified the story -
    (Deut 17:6)

    4. Be silent If your words
    will offend a weaker
    person - (1 Cor 8:11)

    5. Be silent When it is time
    to listen - (Prov 13:1)

    6. Be silent When you are
    tempted to make light of
    holy things - (Eccl 5:2)

    7. Be silent When you are
    tempted to joke about
    sin - (Prov 14:9)

    8. Be silent If you would be
    ashamed of your words
    later - (Prov 8:8)

    9. Be silent If your words
    would convey the wrong
    impression - (Prov 17:27)

    10. Be silent If the issue is
    none of your business -
    (Prov 14:10)

    11. Be silent When you are
    tempted to tell an
    outright lie - (Prov 4:24)

    12. Be silent If your words
    will damage someone
    else's reputation - (Pro

    13. Be silent If your words
    will damage a friendship
    - (Prov 16:28)

    14. Be silent When you are
    feeling critical - (James

    15. Be silent If you can't say
    it without screaming it -
    (Prov 25:28)

    16. Be silent If your words
    will be a poor reflection
    of the Lord or your
    friends and family - (1 Pt

    17. Be silent If you may
    have to eat your words
    later - (Prov 18:21)

    18. Be silent If you have
    already said it more
    than one time - (Prov

    19. Be silent When you are
    tempted to flatter a
    wicked person - (Prov

    20. Be silent When you are
    supposed to be working
    instead - (Prov 14:23)


    "BE STILL, AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD" (Ps 46:10) .

    May the grace of the Lord be with us. Amen.

  3. Can't read or compose mail on my Gmail account since Monday night. Trying to launch it but it keeps showing a horizontal line moving that reads "Getting your message ready" . For over 30mins it has been so and I tried using Google but can't get it sorted out. Who has solve such issue before? Please help a brother.

    1. Why not ask our very own ogbonge Martin?

    2. @Teejay,delete the app and reinstall it or switch to another network(or wifi)..

      Also it could be A temporary device issue but you can always log in with A laptop comfortably or you use your phone browser to visit example) and not through the app on your phone..

      One of the above would work for you but if you want it running ASAP then use A laptop to log in now..


    3. Thanks so much Martins. Let me try that now.

  4. Silekun anu o

    Silekun anu o

    Ire loni wa

    Ire loni wa

    Ire loni wa

    Mase ta wa nu

    Silekun anu o


    Good morning

    1. Madam what parish do you attend? Noticing your comment.. Nice one

  5. *INEC* has changed pattern of voting without majority of citizens being aware o!

    You DON'T VOTE with YOUR THUMB ANYMORE ...YOU Vote wit Your *INDEX* *FINGER* ( Warning Finger).

    Any VOTE CAST WITH the THUMB is VOID ( *canceled* ) vote...!

    My *question* is Why were the citizens not sensitized up till Now...,

    Why would *INEC* hide such *important* information till few *days* to the election...?

    Pls, don't only read this.. SHARE for many would-be Voters to be aware.

    The DESTINY OF THIS NATION is Now in our Warning or Prophetic Finger..!
    *Remember* always

    1. Rigging alert. How will people in villages know this? @Blessed Princess

    2. U can actually vote with any finger. The reason the thumb should be the least favorable is because the spaces provided for thumbing is now smaller as a result of the increase in the number of political parties. So voting with the pinky finger is the best choice.

      Moreover, the PO's were trained on this (so I'm told), so on the day of the election, they will sensitize the people before the voting proper.

    3. Say what you know, inec has been educating the voters since early last year through paid advertisement, radio and television, when you only read blogs, how would you know,😎😎😎😎

    4. Mhiz A,Bella is right in this forth coming election other finger are null and void,I was at the training,Nobody will explain anything on election day.If you belong to a party only your party will tell you that before the election.

    5. Am just hearing this @Bella.

  6. Good morning everyone. Faithful God. 24hours to my birthday.

  7. Ladies stop using different types of charger, it will spoil your charging point,Especially big pin.
    If u knw u know.

    1. It will widen their charging point 😎😎😎

    2. So its only ladies that charge phones abi? Yeye!

  8. *Problem Words*
    Affinity not afinity.
    Alibi not alabi.
    Beginning not begining.
    Caesarean not cesarean.
    Ceiling not cieling.
    Handkerchief not hankerchief.
    Phlegm not phlem.
    Necessary not neccesary.
    Bougainvillea not bougainvilla.
    Government not goverment.
    Kindergarten not kindergarden.
    Bazaar not baazar.
    Co-operate not cooperate.
    Flammable not flameable.
    Receive not recieve.
    Embarrass not embarass.
    Bicycle not bicicle.

    Morning people, have a nice day.

  9. Ass kissing no be respect, don't mistake the two 😎😎😎😎😎

  10. Please help me with a good perfume.
    Bv Chocolate and other anonymous in the comment section yesterday should kindly recommend. I don't know good perfume at all.

    1. Check yesterday post on Valentine gift...

    2. Try angel or womanity if you are a fan of thery muggler. Or miss Dior le parfumes, if you a fan of Dior. Channel chance or Gucci guilty. But they are very expensive oo

    3. Depends on the range u want it.
      I use Happiness( it goes for #1500 here) and it's quite nice.

    4. Go to the post and choose 😎😎😎

    5. Get Miracle, Tressor or Amarig by LancΓ΄me.
      They are very good. Angel is good too but too strong for me. I like Obsession but it burns my skin.
      The Burberry perfumes are also great. Burberry London or Burberry Brit. Poison, or Poison Girl is very very good. Good luck in making your choice.

    6. If you're a financially stable man, buy Creed Aventus.

      If you're a mysterious woman: Angel/Alien by Thierry Mugler or
      Shalimar by Guerlian.

      Seductive woman - Black Opium by Ysl

      Perfumes is all about one's personality, basically. Find one that matches your person.


    7. Try Creed Royal Princess and thank me later...although it will leave a tiny hole in your account if you are not financially buoyant.

    8. Go to a pdrfume shop and choose, a lot of variety. Amouage maybe my favorite and it repulses another person. The point I am making is you need to use testers and choose your preference . Some are strong, some are mild.

  11. Good morning lovelies ♥♥♥

    I really want to appreciate everyone and my madam on top Angel SDK, God bless y'all so much.The love is too much and I am overwhelmed...May we not weep or cry over any member of this great family.

    Now I can Waka about, my one month annual leave begins today.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

    1. Congrats on your leave. You can do the do very well now so that after the leave , the result will come. @Blessed Princess.

    2. Enjoy your leave dearie.😘😘

    3. Enjoy my mama Ejima. U have earned it, rock the hell out of that leave...twerks out of post

    4. Start wakaing for Buhari re-election 😎😎😎

    5. Enjoy. And remember us when you collect your leave allowance. @Blessed Princess

    6. God bless ur hustle dear😍😘

    7. Congrats Olori. Really proud of you. Just this morning, i was showing you off to a female colleague by showing her your post & i was famzing, "i know her o. she's my very good friend. Na everyday we dey chat for whatsapp sef, hehehehehehehehe"

      In other news, babes i envy that your 1 month leave o. Chei! I wish it were coming my way. Make my MD come see o.

    8. Thanks so much family πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

      Ron momma, I gat to use it oooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. What you do matters, but why you do it matters so much more.

    Good morning everyone,have a lovely day people 😊

  13. Good Morning my people, I am targeting one debtor like that.
    Please who knows when banks pay their salary.
    Let me go and stand at the person's door.

    1. Those bankers that leave above their means. Be going there everyday as from 24th. @BLessed Princess

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

    3. Lol...Start going from 21st. I really don't know why people find it hard to repay debts

    4. @Blessed Princess: it's LIVE not 'leave'

  14. Kisses to you too Stella and a good morning to all. Please how do i cure a sore throat. It's killing me. Couldn't eat no sleep last night. It came with fever. Please help.

  15. Replies
    1. Who be your people?😎😎😎😎

  16. Good morning One Big and Happy Family hope we all had a good night rest?
    Olori many many customers fall on you, gonna make orders pretty soon for 5peopel from this family including myself making it 6, hope you go deliver come Owerri cos I think one of the guys stays in Owerri but not too sure.
    Kidjo thanks very much oo you say perfume of 70-80k is cheap bah? Money wey I go use buy more than 1plot of land for Mbaise, anyways make I they manage my active man body spray, but seriously one perfume I love so much is Tom Hud, the raw one that perfume is bad, one of my big boys friend make use of it and it's very nice, naso I enter supermarket go check the price 17k na speed I use go out lol.
    Have a nice day guys one love

    1. Christian anytime......I deliver nationwide

  17. thank God mid term break starts tomorrow, good morning people

  18. Good morning everyone. Abeg ooo where is Femi Adesina, So that one has entered into silent mood? Is okay, na sidon dey look I dey. My man crush today is Buhari, as I dey look am I dey See DAURA. @Blessed Princess

    1. Heheheheh ur mouth nah case lol make buba no hear you oooo

    2. Mtsheeeeew, unimportant things 😎😎😎😎

    3. Kristy no be only buba na also agbada.

    4. hahaha You just made my morning@blessed princess
      Rip to d souls dat was lost at Apc rally in ph yesterday. what a bad omen.
      Courtesy: BUBU nd co

    5. Teejay heheheheh all join

    6. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
      Cray Cray Princess


  19. I Bless God 4 Today.


  20. Hard guy hard guy but when your girlfriend breaks up with you, you start understanding Ed sheeran lyrics😁😁😁

  21. Good morning everyone.
    Amen to your prayers Stella.
    😘 to you right back.

  22. when life knocks you down so much and it seems like disappointments are a norm. With no one to lay your head up against. With no one to cuddle and tell you that it will all be ok with a kiss on the forehead....
    I still remember that GOD IS STILL GOOD. And no matter what life throws at me, He will always see us through... Keep believing in Him..


  23. Good morning house. Hope y'all slept well.

    So the other day, my blog boo & i were counting the number of active male BVs we know here & we could only count about 15 (or thereabout). Do we have more? How can we tell? #JustThinkingOutLoud

    @Mimi Love: good morning Sis. I neva sabi speak Esan as una brother no gree teach me πŸ˜€

    1. LMAO. You dey worry too much.

    2. Una no get work...hahahaha
      Hope TJ and Sky my brothers are the top 2 in your hierarchy?

    3. Ron dear, na small small. 😘

    4. I'm very sure you counted Teejay 10 times😎😎😎

    5. @Mhiz A: hahahahahaha, true true, we no get work...

      @buggy: na only teejay name dey 1-15, buhahahahahaha

      @Mimi Love: i don dey catch small small sha. Do tua (sit down), tue papa (greet papa), bodiahe (how you dey), ofure (fine), egbe fu me re, we le bai (u don chop)? hehehehehe.

      @castle: no mind me jare.

    6. Lady bug you'll choke on TJ peepee one day

  24. What's going on? It looks like people have accepted the use of "am" in place of "I'm/I am."

    A lot of people are making this mistake and it's almost like people using "I'm" correctly don't know what they're doing.

    I was chatting with a close pal (intelligent lady) yesterday and the next I saw was "am not certain......." I just weak!

    It's "I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm."

    I'm tired!!

    1. Drink water and relax, its not that serious, besides English is a borrowed language. @Blessed Princess

    2. It's that bad. Even people you expect would know the difference don't. Blessed Princess it's our official language no matter how borrowed.

    3. My dear ,that simple wrong word usage is such an eyesore to so tired of correcting people...gosh!

  25. Good Morning BVs,
    So I got my blender, Thanks for your different recommendation. The plan was to get the blender after my exams but I was asked to prepare fruit juice and Kunu for our Love feast at church.
    It came as a surprise to me as I jokingly asked the Leader of welfare department to let me handle the drinks aspect, and she agreed. Ask and Recieve Shey?
    I have soaked my millets and ready for grinding today, I also spent all night scrapping carrots and I can't wait to start blending them and extracting the orange juices, kinda seems stressful but the profit is 100%.
    In other news, pls do you know if it allowed to sell at Polling Unit? couldn't find anything reasonable on google.

    1. May God bless and reward your efforts. Once you talk to the officials and they're sure you have no weapon, why not? It's a good opportunity to sell your drinks.

    2. Offcourse you can sell at polling unit.
      The crowd will be much that day, so just stay at a safe corner and sell.
      Or you can go a day before and ask for permission to sell.

    3. Thank you BV Castle Windsor and BV Highly favoured. I will go and ask for permission on Friday. Thanks.

    4. Very good business idea but please be careful.

  26. What you make happen for others,God will make happen for you. If you treat people well,God will make it happen for you and vice versa. Do not take undue advantage of people, by Mike Murdock

  27. Re: infant being abused by the father

    The outcry on this issue here shows clearly that Nigerians are hypocrites. Very evil people. Was it not on this blog we read a chronicle where the poster's horseband was molesting their 13yrs old house girl? Most bvs here including SDK that are showing so much concern now had advised that poster to send the house girl away immediately.
    No one mentioned any form of punishment for the horseband. The closest to that was when someone said she should give her horseband the silent treatment for two weeks. Sad!
    So I'm thinking now, if it were to be the chronicle poster's daughter that her horseband had molested , you guys would have advised her to leave the house and get him arrested like you are saying now? So that 13yr old house girl is not a human being? Was not delivered by a woman hence the partiality? Smh
    That chronicle poster and many more evil women like her are among those screaming 'arrest him' 'animal' bla bla bla.
    To all ye evil women out there with beasts as horsebands, covering up their evils, may God reward you in like manner and even worst evil than the one you covered up. Amen.

    1. I Remember that chronicle
      They did not ask her to report her stupid husband instead the said she should deny him Sex for sometime as punishment for abusing house girl.

  28. My daughter made soo much money on her 11th birthday yesterday, About 320 Euros. I told her to save it, but she said no mummy just add it to the one you have so you can pay some bills from it. I was really proud of her ehhhn! Only for her to come over to my room this morning and dropped a big list on my table. The list eeads: thank you so much for your love and support mom and dad, i would like for you to buy me a play station as my Easter gift. I'm still rereading the note shaa. Bvs what should I do about this. I don't want to buy her a game yet until she turns 13.Hian

    1. Well get her something similar. Then explain to her with love why you can't buy her a game now.

    2. Lol. Oh my goodness. Kids with their "wisdom". They always think they are smarter than their parents.

  29. Everyone on here know I support Atiku's presidential bid. I'm an avid supporter, a die hard fan and yes, I've got my PVC. Getting it was a struggle. I had my wig yanked off, my ass squeezed, my dress torn and stained, and sandals ruined on that day. But it was all worth it. This is the first time I'll vote and on February 16th, I'll go cast my vote for Waziri Adamawa. I'm so passionate about it.

    But it's a different ball game in real life- the life I portray here. I'm a die hard Buhari fan in my neighborhood. The few people who know me here could swear I'll vote for Buhari. And I make sure to keep up the act.

    You see, I live in a neighborhood dominated by PMB's supporters. These people, especially the guys are so fanatical about their views, they're ready to kill. I've watched Atiku's supporters threatened and bullied to silence. Infact I heard a threat that if Buhari lost the election, all PDP supporters would be dealt with.

    I have a child and a future so what did I do?

    I got a huge poster of PMB and pasted on my door. Yes! At the entrance.
    My mode of greeting changed too.
    "Oga good morning Sir. Next level, next level. Ci gaba, Sai Baba".
    I also made sure to chip in a word of support for our 'dear' President when there is an argument.
    The other day, I was on a bike returning home when I saw a group of angry fanatics sitting under a shade close to my house. I waved at them and kept screaming "Ci gaba, Sai Baba! Sai Baba! Next level, Next Level". They all stood up jumping and waving happily. I won their heart. I became a darling.

    On Monday, two BMC youths came to my compound and asked me to join them for a meeting organized by one politician, in the evening. I went and everything they did and said there disgusted me but I maintained the plastic smile. One of them even said, while making his useless speech, that I was one of the few sensible Igbos who support Buhari. The nerve!

    Chicken change and malt was shared. I went home boiling mad.

    My neighbors who support Atiku are not happy with me and it breaks my heart. If only they know Castle Windsor of SDK blog. But hey, they're Northerners too. If anything were to happen, their brothers will spare them and pounce on an Easterner, yeah? So I just bone dey do my thing. Onye ara na uche ya kwu.

    I'll play the fool and on that day, vote for my preferred candidate.
    Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    Good morning beautiful Stella and lovely BVs.

    1. Exactly dear. Kano was hot few days ago and the PDP secretariat burnt shortly after Atiku visits to the state. The Buharist are really out for trouble. Please stay safe. I love the wisdom you exhibit with those fanatics.

    2. MAY WISDOM NEVER DEPART FROM YOU,APC pple are just full of themsef, live let us live, mbanu.

      Well be careful when casting the vote too because of the agent they have everywhere,make they no no say you played them.

    3. you are very wise, I always support buhari anytime I'm with northerners , we all know they are heartless, I no want wahala for my head, but I can never vote for him

    4. Lmao! Life comes first.

    5. Story for the gods, I know you're trying to portray Buhari supporters as violent people while your Athiefku are the cool headed ones😎😎😎😎😎

    6. Lol...biko continue like that.those people and blood na 5 & 6

    7. Nne, uche gi di ya. Voom ka mma karia statement. @Blessed Princess

    8. @Ladybug, APC people are violent people. They show it both in their words and their deeds. @Blessed Princess

    9. Lmao

      That's a good play. For your safety.
      But you do know THAT Atiku is a worse person than Buhari?

      I am voting neither of them. Atiku won't have my vote just because he chose an Igbo man as vice .
      Buhari won't have my vote either because of his nepotism.

      My conscience won't permit me to do that.

      I can't.

      All the same, it's well.

    10. Lol.
      Keep pretending for security purpose, na that one sure pass😁

    11. Just one word for you, HYPOCRITE. Castle,Your type can kill.

    12. Lmao..chai Windsor Windsor..sense wee not kill play dear.

    13. All na lie. Just writing for story.

    14. Nne just keep safe. I was a corps member and PO in Minna during the 2011 elections. Buhari was in CPC then,I was posted to a slum with strong CPC supporters,infact I was threatened to make sure he wins,otherwise I would be dealt with. The PU had 2 traffic police that disappeared,I couldn't reach my SPO. Buhari won but by close margin ,that was another problem again. It was my APO and other party agents that bundled me out of there. Their fanaticism is on another level

    15. Castle na wa for that your neighbourhood ooo. Even me wey dey for centre of Apc and Pdp supporters never experience something like this. Sha dey careful o

    16. wisdom will not kill u @castle..those in the north will relate,just do what they want shikena

    17. What if one of these people see you voting for Athiefku? Be careful oh.

    18. Lady Bug is typical example of Buhari supporter.
      Wild and violent

    19. Its easy to detect violent people,very easy; by their mannerism,choice of words and bullying. Not surprised who Lagy bugs choice is...Na their way. Castle stay safe jare...

    20. Thanks dearies. 😍

  30. Good morning beautiful Bvs, Pls say a word of prayer for the people of Uvwie, kingdom effurn delta state.
    Election don reach again,the youth don dey misbehave


    1. Lead in the prayers na,as Daddy G.o pikin concern

    2. Its so annoying. I went to Effurun market on Friday and I ran back with my two legs.

      You need to see the road deserted. Car owners leaving their cars in the middle of the road and running away. No Effurun market for me till after election.

      It's a pity that the youth has refused to learn. Wasting their lives when the politician's kids are no where to be seen. After elections, the die hard youths are discarded and they in turn use their weapon for robbery to survive.

      I heard there are soldiers everywhere now to calm the situation. Even Ekpan was part of it but I heard the curfew in Ekpan has been lifted.

  31. I cringed while reading that comment by bv courage describing how they force feed babies on tha killer nanny post. Nigerians barbaric culture is putting them in trouble anywhere they go to

    1. The nupes are sitting comfortably on this table,if you see them feeding a baby eh,you will shed tears

    2. I just went back to bread the comments. Some do not even see anything wrong with what the nanny did. SMH

  32. Morning lovelies,issa beautiful day,do have a blessed day

  33. Good morning everyone... Have a wonderful Wednesday

  34. A beautiful day to us all.

    Good morning!

  35. Good morning all.

    I am so pained at the needless loss of lives at the APC campaign in Rivers State yesterday.

    Reminds me of the song by MJ,"All I wanna say is that they dont really care about us"

    No matter what happens life just goes on.

    Please lets all be careful and be guided in our movement and utterances.
    Personally, I am the last person you would find in such a crowd, If shopping mall too full sef especially during the holidays, you will not find me there.

    Will the govt, pay compensation to the families of these people?

    Forgive my ramblings, I am pained
    RIP to the dead.

    1. It was so painful and a loss to the families involved. Mostly women. Only God knows how much they were promised to be paid, that ended up claiming their own lives. May their souls find rest.

    2. Till this day I don't like going to crowded places on Sundays, how some people enjoy the crowd still beats my imagination.

      For as the compensation... I laugh. This is Nigeria o.
      I pray that they dead RIP.

    3. See that one propagating nonsense, the people that ended up dying during Athiefku Lagos rally, how much were they paid, nonsense 😎😎😎😎😎

    4. But wait ooo,Atiku used same stadium a day before,it was filled to capacity but there was no loss of life. Then Buhari uses same place next day and there are dead people littered everywhere. Who do una abeg? Theyre not over with shedding human blood right? Issiorite!

  36. bvs I need chamomile tea.where can I buy it.excitement over my new federal job don't allow me to sleep again...thank u jesus

    1. Congratulations dear..God pls pick my call too..I want to testify.

    2. Congrats dear
      I wish I can get a federal job too...anon u fit help me?

    3. Anon ,I can't really help you on that but I'd appreciate a response on how you landed the job.

      Please did you apply online or you used 'IM'?

      Kindly respond and if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to reach you .

      I have applied for a series of jobs online both NGO and Federal and I haven't been lucky.

      God help me get something better than this private job

  37. Good morning beeveeleonsπŸ’•πŸ’•

    ManUnited fansπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry kkoo.. How was the trashing??

    Nkiru I'm yet to see you ooo

    Abuja pwople, come n shop for you Ankara oioo..

    At wholesale peice

  38. Good morning and a beautiful day to us all. May we flourish in Jesus Name, Amen.

    Amen to your prayer, SDK.

  39. Hello Stella And BVs. God bless you all. Stella, you might not know this but your blog has helped me in so many ways. I'm addicted to this blog and read it hourly. God bless you Stella o. I'm saying this from deep down my hearts. Meanwhile, anybody wey no how to meet and marry oyibo for this Lagos or where to meet them online... please share useful tips. Nobody should insult me o because help can come from anywhere

    1. White hunters 😎😎😎😎

    2. ANG,your attention is needed asap

  40. Amen to ur prayers..
    Good morning all...

  41. Good Morninnnnnnnng all


  42. Good morning dear Stella! No update on the mother whose child is being molested by hubby! Hmmmmmm madam well done continue to aid your husband in silence. May God forgive you o. Castle Old way? Sky hope you are good! Ron kisses to you my dear! WOW!! Olori you were celebrated on this blog. You are a celebrity here o! I wish you all the best in your business hope to meet you one day. You are too much 😘😘😘. Aries,kidjo,RSQ,Teejay,Yorim,Eka Joy,Mrs A,ladybug,beloved i greet all of you. Have a lovely week. Kisses to everyone 😘😘😘😘

  43. Replies
    1. I'm fine dear. Thanks and remain blessed.

  44. Most time,the way we plan our life is not the way we live it.
    This simply tells you that Life don't go according to our plan many times.
    Truly we plan but God is the master planner.
    Pray that God will direct your path

  45. Thank God for life ...
    Last days of campaign
    Choosing .......

  46. Good morning lovely people,

  47. Good morning friends!

    Buggy, how are you today ?

    1. Buggy or buggy sis

    2. I'm BUHARIFIED 😎😎😎😎

    3. All of the above

      Na you sabi

  48. Good morning my beautiful people .
    Shout out to all the mothers in the house... u guys are the real MVP

  49. My Children and Grammer,everyday I hear new word.preparing my child in kg2 for school this morning.we finished on time,the whole place was still a little dark.i was like it's school time.the little boy said mummy is spooky out there.i asked him which one is spooky Kwa biko.had to check it up in dictionary.Good school is good.

    1. Lol
      Those children will not kill us with English
      It's spelt 'Grammar' by the way

    2. Anon 8:42
      i feel you Sis. I can't even begin to tell you the countless times my kids have corrected my grammar, be it my pronunciation or grammatical expressions. Just last night, i was tutored on the corrected pronunciation of 'generator' by my 3-year-old in KG 2, imagine! All i did was to smile, repeat the corrected version & said a short 'thank you' to God. Ah! Children! May God bless every woman with one of her own, in Jesus name, amen!

    3. My children use that word too,i wonder what it means. My 5 year old son is a grammarian.Now that we hail him he now manufactures EnglishπŸ˜€.He mixes big grammar that wIll leave us all laughing.

  50. Hello my people 😍😘😘😘
    Amen stella to your prayers

    Those who hope in the lord will renew their strength. they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

  52. May our hustle pay today in Jesus name.I want to give everyone I see today a nice smile and a kind word.its a new beginning for me. And I have an ID.

  53. So no body is hearing about Fulani herdsmen killings again? if you know you know. @Blessed Princess

  54. Woman palava please free me today oh!You need to experience the severe pains I'm going through right now. Whom so ever the son of man sets free is free indeed,Amen.

  55. Good morning my neighbours......Wishing everyone a pleasant day.


  56. Good Morning Blog Members and Stella. How una dey? Let me just drop a little morning motivation for us all ooo

    Behold it is written in the book of February*
    *Chapter 14 verse 1*
    "And it shall come to pass that on Valentine's day, excuses
    shall arise again; my battery died, my credit got finished,
    my DP refused to change, my boss selected me for the
    trip, traffic jams etc... When thou seeth these signs, be
    calm, fear thou not, keep thy peace and know that verily
    verily... thou art not thy boo's boo, thou art a side chick."
    *Verse 2..*
    "Even when u receive gifts, calls, or were taken out,
    Remember my dear daughter that all will end on the bed."
    *Verse 3:*
    "Behold babe, I stand at thy door of ur hostel and knock, if
    u hear my voice and open thy door, I will come in and eat
    with u, dine with u and share thy gifts I have for u."
    *Verse 4*
    "Blessed is the boy that bothers not himself for any girl for
    peace I will grant to him."
    *Verse 5:*
    "Hear ye hear ye, for girls so love February 14 that they
    gave their only begotten dignity in exchange for a date, but
    know ye that who so ever does not make that mistake
    shall not have the fear of 9 months assignment."
    *Verse 6: *
    Know ye not that true love need not specific date of which
    it should be shown?
    *Verse 7:*
    I tell you these things ahead so that if ye see signs ye
    know your stands and come out of where ye are and follow
    the right path
    #Bewise ...... copied

  57. Going to the market to get fabrics for my ready to wear collections. God bless my hussle.


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