Stella Dimoko Big Brother Naija Double Wahala Housemates Reunion Photos...


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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Big Brother Naija Double Wahala Housemates Reunion Photos...

These are the recent photos of BBNaija 2018 Double wahala housemates who are currently catching up on what has been happening to each other and updating their fans on what they would have done better......


  1. Replies
    1. See all of them forming realhousechildrrn of big brothers house 🀣
      My view
      Princess kept talking and laughing like I dint get what was funny, she said alot without saying anything, then they keep mentioning figures in the account.
      Bam the bam, cool calm and collected, she has a whole lot of achievements, still spoke about the house and what hurt her.
      Tobi was also cool said his piece and that's it.
      Lolu o,what exactly do you want to.addrrss with cece? Like there's no need, you were also blabbing though speaking phonetically.
      Enhe ifu... jesu!! Who do you this thing? Talk talk, i thought Alex talked too much but ifu your name should be "onu" just calling people up and down, you too have something to address with cece? Okay o
      Khloe baby, this one dint not even pretend,she called Leo a snake, I can't wait to watch what she has to trash out with him.
      Vandora nwa, just spoke nicely
      Ahh anika, I don't know What you and princess drank sha,too much unnecessary laughter.
      Kbrule, you still seen to be living in your own world, but I am happy you could recognise your issues in the house.
      Who else sef???

    2. Push up, I hope this reunion won't be the beginning of a fresh double wahala.

      Lolu said he is going to ask ceecee and Tobi if they have both gotten over each other.

      Teddy A said he will ask K.Brule why he jumped

      Abeg they should start proper today

      I like Miracle's decision of not coming for the reunion.

  2. They all look so dope πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    Just like Teddy A said, the incoming batch will try before they can dethrone them. They remain the most talked about after one year.

    1. You see am too?

      koko said Leo issssa snake is that part of their strategy?

  3. Stella so no extra garments for that struggling and fallen Olympus in the first photo

  4. Men's clothing can be boring sha. See the one style ine style look.

  5. They all Look Dashing.
    Cece you tall sha! Side eyes@miss aboki

  6. Who is that one wearing sneakers and suit?
    They look good
    Seems Miracle didn't make it...I saw it on Gotv yesterday night.

    1. I’m glad he didnt leave school because of this reunion.

  7. @First photo,ceec wetin u use pack up the boobs na,they need freedom haba!! ..

    1. Looks like she can’t breathe well sef. Lol

  8. it baffles me how babes with tiny boobs wants to flaunt it. anto and cece na wa

  9. Vandora is a very beautiful lady

    1. You can say that again. She is effortlessly beautiful with a glowing skin.

  10. So cute
    How many are making it.
    Sneakers and suit..
    What do I know sefπŸ™„πŸ™„

    1. Sneakers on suit is actually fine, but bitto didn't deliver it properly... The pant is too long. Na that kind Teddy A I fear ground pant e for dey make sense. And that's not the type of sneakers thet use.

  11. Where is bisola.l?
    Was watching mnet when dstv msg popped up about them...
    No matter how interesting
    I watch the show on the last day.
    I usually gather info from social media comments .
    Can't sit and watch this..
    People who do watch it una try
    I just know about 8 of them cos of Stella Instagram post when she was posting pictures of them.what of TTT
    Who denied his family for Fame..
    What of private jet madam...
    saw TTT in a movie called celebrity marriage ..

    1. Lol. You no watch true true. Bisola and TTT were in season 2, these ones na season 3 shidren.

  12. The guys look bleh! Bitto looks 'blehrer'.
    Would they are lost their birthrights if they wore cool traditional outfits, maybe to depict their tribes so we would see such beautiful display of colours?
    If I were one of by he ladies, sew one on point Asoebi Bella style If I really want to trend not exposing same old breasts up and down.
    Westernization tie you to an iroko tree there.

  13. This set is on fire.
    Are you even sure the new housemates stand a chance of toppling these ones?

  14. Big brother reunion that they are doing introduction for the same people we watched snore and sleep for over 3 months last yearπŸ™„.....start this show joor let’s see all the arguments that we saw with the trailer that saw ifunnada and someone quarreling and walking out of the show with a security standing between them I presume not all this talk talk...ask them about accomplishments in the live show already😩

    I just hope today all those big brother ninjas nor go also do thier own introduction and tell us thier accomplishments since the show endπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      I think they will start proper today

    2. Laugh wan tear my pant 🀣🀣🀣 I don taya too, I dint even bother recording it yesterday evening

    3. Hahahha...dat was how i saw one ninja wit pot belly during d recap

  15. Vandora with the skin! Very pretty lady!! Ebuka please, enough of the recap and the introduction oo! Start the reunion show already!!!

  16. Beautiful Onyinye20 March 2019 at 12:17

    They all look good


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