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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 1267

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you...


  1. Doctor Donald deserves several accolades!
    Thank you Doctor Donald, the world needs more like you.

  2. Woww Dr Hopkins, such a brain box

  3. Una see correct dokinta?
    Naija donkintas just dey treat typhoid/malaria
    come carry raping female patient join.
    The guinea worm and small pox, no be for our country e full?
    Ebonyi state alone fit get that 28 guinea worm cases.

    1. The doctor was able to carry out research, with sophisticated equipment and chemicals of course. But in your country they never pay dokinta's finish talk more of providing research tools.

    2. @16:54
      So na because "them no pay them", na im make them dey treat malaria and typhoid only?
      Na so ya brain reach?
      Persin go come with tyrotoxicosis (google am) and them go call am typhoid/malaria (I dey talk about wetin I don witness o)
      Patient go dey die in silence, them dey pump am ciprofloxacin/athemeter eh?
      The illness wey dey stare them for eye, wey persin eyes go dey like football?
      E good you hide as ghost yarn that ya upside down yarns.

    3. Uk doctors can't even treat malaria. When I told them I had typhoid, they started laughing and said "do I know what thypoid is". We have brilliant doctors in Nigeria, come and see them under NHS, their complaints is that they are here for the money. If they pay them well and they release more money for research, babes we've got wonderful doctors in this country.

    4. @anon 17.28 but really do know what typhoid is?...because with the typhoid i know, self diagnosis would be the last thing on your mind

    5. ANG the Chief Consultant, may be the fart from that smooth nyash is athemether Inugo?
      Your ala oma jijiji way for this cold weather will not allow you to type very well okwaya?
      Abeg ARTEMETHER next time.

    6. @17:28
      Are you the one that tells the doctors what you have or they are the ones that tell you their diagnosis?
      You told them you have typhoid because that is what the Naija doctors have brainwashed you to believe; that
      every disease is either typhoid or malaria. It is a ruse and has got nothing to do with being paid or not.
      It is not what we were taught in medical school.

    7. @Nice mom
      Thank you very much as you carry (fake 😊) sic. spanner work my yarns.
      But wetin concern my smooth nyansh and fart for this yarns now eh?
      See as I yarn simple yarns for 16:12, all of una carry train pursue me eh?
      O bu gini bikonu? Una no wan make I drink water rest my smooth nyansh for sdk blog eh?
      I no wan talk say ya agada fit be among the pharisee ones wey dey cause ala oma jijiji.
      Mmmmhhh kpachara anya gi o.😊😊😊

    8. Anon 16.12, very soon you will go from complaining about no good drs, to having no drs at all. Mark my words, everyone is moving or planning to move so they can be like Dr Hopkins, be appreciated for hard work, and have the ability to do research with all the facilities available. Nigerian Drs are the best everywhere they find themselves, its just the mediocre system that limits us.

    9. @Chyluv
      Mediocre system made you unable to diagnose thyrotoxicosis with massive exolphthalmos staring you to the face and tremulous fingers?
      Let me tell you that when you go out, it is not research that you Nigerian doctors do, it is money pursuit.

  4. Fact 2 - Such a squishy, soft job. I want

    Fact 3 - Dr. Donald Hopkins is a superhero

  5. Wow what a wonderful doctor

  6. I thought our own Prof Edungbola is credited with eliminating guinea worm.

  7. I should name my baby Hopkins...there’s something in the name

  8. was there really smallpox? since the so called eradication of smallpox, no other diseases have been eradicated despite our regular routine immunization. instead more diseases springs out.


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