Stella Dimoko EFCC To Probe Govs Amosun, Yari,Rochas And Ahmed After Their Immunity Ends On May 29


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Sunday, March 31, 2019

EFCC To Probe Govs Amosun, Yari,Rochas And Ahmed After Their Immunity Ends On May 29

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has set up an investigative team to probe four governors for corruption once they officially hand over.

The governors are Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara State, Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State and Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara

Yari was alleged to have diverted N500million and $500,000 from the state coffers in 2017. The money, part of Paris Club refunds disbursed to states, was recovered from two firms, First Generation Mortgage Bank Limited, and Gosh Projects Limited, linked to Yari.

Also, Amosun would be investigated following a petition written by the Committee for the Protection of Peoples Mandate, accusing Amosun of misappropriation of N4billion Anchor Borrowers’ Fund given to the state by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The group claimed that Amosun deceived Godwin Emefiele, the CBN Governor, when he came to the state for inspection while also insisting that Amosun has abandoned the project and diverted the funds for personal use.

On his part, Okorocha was accused of moving over N1billion from the state government to aid the campaign activities of Uche Nwosu, his son-in-law.
The commission had arrested Uzoho Casmir, Accountant-General of Imo State, for assisting Okorocha to move the said funds.

Ahmed, outgoing Governor of Kwara State, was said to have successfully diverted the sum of N1billion from the state coffers, a few days before presidential election.

The EFCC had earlier arrested six commissioners and government officials who might be involved in the criminal act. The commission stated that bank officials have been invited for questioning and have also made documents available to the commission.

The EFCC confirmed that investigations are ongoing and any political office holder found culpable of corruption would be prosecuted.
From Sahara reporters

*Wahala deeeeey,no wonder some people are trying to quickly collect certificate of return to senate.....


  1. If you see prison Amosun is building in Housing Estate Ibara that he called a house, you'll bow!

    Since 2012, he has not been remitting any money into pensioners account and also, he's been cutting 70% (I guess or 30%) off state workers salaries, calling it cooperative and has been diverting the money!

    He hires thugs at will to injure anybody who dares call for any demonstration!

    He left Agbara and Ota without any form of development, even the roads not minding the fact that these are the powerhouses where IGR of Ogun state comes from, not tarred!

    You need to experience Gridlock around Agbara Estate, Lusada to atan ota, from Oju Oore to Iyana Ota is nothing to write home about!

    Ilaro also neglected!

    It is only God that can reward Amosun properly for all he did to Ogun State!

    1. God bless you for speaking the truth
      Amosun, your day of judgement is numbered
      Every Sunday on that road is suffering.
      Sango to Oju ore sef is bad.

    2. And they generates the highest revenue from Ota and Agbara. Rain must not fall and meet you there. Na to carry motor for head dey Waka.

      Dapo Abiodun, I hope you will surprise us and work. That was how Amosun started, he will trek from toll gate to Sango, thinking he was the one.

      Look at how they abandoned a whole gateway hotel, anytime I enter shoprite, I just SMH.
      I grew up knowing gateway, now it's dead.

    3. Nigeria is funny .you allow a man that once rigged election in ekiti to continue in politics instead of prison and a lifetime ban from public office. And this seems to be the case in lots of States. Now all ex gov are probed. How useful is that? Political parties that rigged their primaries still come out to contest against other parties. Pls if u can rig within your party what will u do against another?? Shitty govt and shittier lawmakers

  2. Imo people have sworn for Rochas.

  3. Nice one. They should all get ready.

  4. I told okoroawusa that his cry will double by the time Efcc finish dusting his file. Lol Oshobaba is really a Benin Wizard. He will suck all their blood finish

  5. Rochas you never see anything yet,your son in-law, wife, daughter and sisters are all going to Prison. You think you are God right

  6. 😁😂😂🤣 Rochas is in hot soup, that Eke ukwu market he brought down and the boy that died is really haunting him,he is in a very hot soup.

  7. Hehehehehe Rochas okwa agwara GI agwa. He want to be a Senator so that his immunity will remain but Oshomole don draw map finish tey tey. Ijiji na adighi Anu ihe, na eso ozu aba ni eli

    1. Senators do not have immunity

  8. Why is Godswill Akpabio not on that list.

    1. He went over to their side, so his sins have been forgiven and forgotten..

  9. Hahaha Ahmed is there thank God! Ahmed Ahmed I hope it won't end with court only I pray you end up in prison with your master Saraki for all you did to Kwara state. No development, nothing to show for the 8 years you spent!

  10. back time....dont be surprised if they start having brain tumor from now on

    Mc pinky

  11. Akpabio is not there bcos Oshiomole said it openly that once u join APC, ur sins are forgiven, so ur guess is as good as mine. Nigeria we hail thee!!!


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