Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series - When A Prisoner Catches Your Fancy!


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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Iya Ibeji Series - When A Prisoner Catches Your Fancy!

Iya Ibeji has come again with another hot one oh..!!!

The last time I was giving a description of a prison inmate, one BV said it's like I was tripping for him all because I said he was very fine. So because I am married now, man no go fine for my eyes again? No be SDK dey still trip for Brad Pitt?

The prison i visit only have male inmates, and I tell you konji is doing strong things to those guys. Every now and then they catch guys in homosexual acts and of course they are punished.

We understand their konji deprivation so the ladies in our outreach are always well dressed nothing seductive. We have had issues when even the grandmas amongst us have been touched inappropriately by the immates.

The issue right now is that one of the ladies in my prison outreach is in love with an inmate. Like I said in the previous post, not all inmates are hardened criminals, some are innocent people still awaiting trials.

Our outreach leaders are not so happy with the lady, they are both single people so I have nothing against their relationship but my concern is this will he still want to be with her when he is free and have options?

Because of serious konji that is holding them, these inmates will profuse love for anything in skirt. I have had Yahoo guys in their 20s call me from prison to start toasting.

The guy sends her money, don't ask me how they do it o, that's a topic for another day. She recently admitted that if the guy should propose she will accept. She is an adult and says she knows what she is doing. Even though her relationship with him is making others want to try their "luck" with other ladies in our outreach and it's somehow distracting our work.

People find love in the strangest,unexpected places...........


  1. Oturugbeke!

    Anyway, it's not bad, I believe they allow prisoners to get married have conjugal visits. Though I don't know about Naija prisons.

    1. Na wa! Nice piece ma.

      I don't blame them, they are humans. Some are there due to circumstances beyond their control, some are innocent, some have turned a new leaf. Still some are monsters. Your friend should just be careful and prayerful. She should also know everything about the crime he is in there for and details about his parole or release. Abi is he in for life? She should also review if she might be able to live with the stigma and how bringing up kids in such a setting will be.

      God bless you and your colleagues for the outreach.

  2. People find love in hopeless places 🎼🎼

  3. I talk am last time say this ya prison visits (e good o) but e get small k-leg.
    Una see as una dey profuse [sic.] love give inmates. No be bible una dey go share there again, mgboo Naija girls?
    Okay as una don dey PROFESS love, make the warders watch well o, before visitor go get her belle ballooned by inmate. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Persin go dey jail dey give una money, una dey collect? Chai afugo m ife!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    1. Pls pick a pillow ND sleep

    2. @Tenth
      Make I sleep for pillow?
      You wan "profuse" . . . make I no talk that one.
      No be Naija girl go prison evangelism, instead make she profess gospel make "suspected criminals" chegharia,
      she begin profess "love" dey collect money from inmate awaiting trial (ATM)?
      YOu sabi whether na Evans be dat, abi Evans no dey ATM?
      You no give that one pillow sleep o, na me wey yarn truth you dey tell make I sleep so that you go
      "profuse" scorpions put for my smooth nyansh eh? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Replies
    1. Not really. Some people are attracted to inmates or people who have or commit crime. There is something called hybristophilia.

    2. I'm telling u, just when you think you have heard it all. She now even collects money from the inmate, dat is a wawu!!!

  5. Iya beji,oya tell us how he de take send am money from prison, abi the guy de prison de hustle like that woman husband wey dem catch him wife de smuggle igbo go give him husband for prison.

  6. Both adults, leave them to figure it out.

    Stella, it's been long I've seen Mama Tees series....what happened to her? I really enjoyed her write ups. I'm beginning to enjoy Iya Beji's as well *winks

  7. Last week sunday, a couple testified in Church.
    The man was an inmate and the church sent a team to evangelize to prisoners. One of the female evangelists ministered to this guy. He was caught for yahoo yahoo and awaiting trial.
    Long story short, he gave his life to Christ after she preached to him and 18 months later when his trial came he had achieved sooo much in prison that the Judge told him: You truly deserve a 2nd chance. He was discharged and acquitted.
    He came out and needed all the support to get back on his feet. She gave him financial, spiritual and emotional support- as all his family mwmbers abandoned him. At the time they testified, they had gotten married and he was just so overwhlemed with how much mercy God showed him by giving him a 2nd chance at life. He said many people who know him, when they see him preaching now they marvel but that he cant appreciate God enough. That they wrote him off for good. He is now focused on the prison ministry cos he knows the full story. He is a graduate, by the way. Fine clean guy with crisp english for mouth. Church was screaming at the end of the testimony and his posh wife sat there smiling.

    I think Church people should leave the lovers alone. God works in mysterious ways.

    1. Ugegbe m,
      in this case, the preacher is collecting money from the inmate.
      so I don't think she has genuine intention.

  8. Things dey happen oh! Nice one.

  9. My friend was among the Christ embassy prisons visiting group and her life changed positively after she met an inmate during one of her visits. She helped the guy run things legitimately outside the prison while the guy helped her entire family and turned their life around financially. She's doing very very well today

  10. Nawaooo..I am learning ooo

    God is able to do all things.

  11. Lol @ she's an adult and she knows what she is doing. She's about to ruin her life and tomorrow she will call God's name when she's in the result of what He didn't send her.

  12. Only in Nigeria. I work in a Jail and such things are not allowed. There is no contact or touching allowed, inappropriate or not. Once a relationship is formed, the lady or volunteer will be taken off the approved list of religious volunteers. Heck!!
    The PREA (Prison, Rape, Elimination Act) enforced in Jails and Prisons across the US has brought a lot of changes. Some cases like this ends up as a Class C Misdemeanor.


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