Stella Dimoko Man Arraigned For Alleged Murder Of His Live-in Lover Explains What happened


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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Man Arraigned For Alleged Murder Of His Live-in Lover Explains What happened

On July 19,2014 Lizzy Njideka Nnewi died by strangulation..
Yesterday the man accused of Killing her explains what really happened...
so sad!!!

A 37-year-old businessman, Kelechukwu Williams Chukwuanugo, who allegedly murdered his lover Lizzy Njideka Nnewi, by strangling her with her wrapper, yesterday told a Lagos High Court, sitting in Igbosere that he had no intention of killing the deceased whom he claimed to be in love with.

Chukwuanugo, who opened his defense sobbed while giving evidence, in a count charge of murder preferred against him by Lagos State.

The defendant was first arraigned on January 20, 2016 and was remanded in prison custody. The Lagos State prosecutor, Yusuf Sule, had called five witnesses and had closed its case.

At the resumed hearing of the matter yesterday, Chukwuanugo who was led in evidence by his counsel, Mr. C. J. Jiakponna, narrated how he met the deceased, Lizzy Nzewi, a divorcee with four children, in Ghana sometime in 2012 and how they became lovers.

He narrated how his late girlfriend helped him to obtain an International passport, a driver’s licence which bore same name with hers, in order to make it look like they were a couple.

Narrating how life was snuffed out of her, he said: “On the fateful day, the deceased went out and stayed till midnight. She did not answer any of my calls on her mobile phone. When she arrived, she was drunk and was loudly playing loud music in her car.

“I took her inside the house and told her to take her bath because she smelled so bad.

“When she went inside the bathroom, I dialed her phone to check if it was actually on silence as she claimed, but it rang out. She came out to answer the call but found out I was the one calling.

“After some time, the phone rang again and a man’s picture showed with the name Ifeanyi, I picked it and the man said ‘baby are you home?’

“She came out, snatched the phone from me and we started fighting and struggling for the phone.
She held my manhood so hard, I tried to free myself then held her neck.
The wine on the table which I was drinking poured on the floor, we slipped and fell down. I saw that I was bleeding so I entered the bathroom to cleanup.
When I came out, she was still lying on the floor motionless. I shifted her and saw that she was already foaming from the mouth.

“I didn’t know what to do, I took the key to the car, an ATM card and ran away.”

The defendant said when he was arrested, he was taken to the hospital for treatment. However, his counsel made an application to the court to allow him summon the hospital to come and give evidence in court.

He also asked the court to allow him apply to the Police to produce in court the defendant’s international passport, drivers’ licence and the ATM card seized from him.

Consequently, Justice Akintoye, adjourned the case till May 10 for continuation of trial.

From Vanguard

*that moment she held on tightly to his balls and he put his hand around her throat..........


  1. Replies
    1. I remember this story vividly as if it was yesterday. So the case is still in court? Nigerian judiciary system need to be fast in prosecuting cases like this. Justice delayed could lead to justice been denied.

    2. Lies. He didn't know what to do but he knew to take the keys to her car, her ATM and to run away...

  2. Hmmm...may the woman's soul rest in peace

  3. Can you just imagine.
    Women pls date men your age and older and withn your socio-economic bracket. All this sugar son rltshp doesn't work in the long-run. Half the time they are after your money. And most times they have nothing to loose.

    1. For the love of God, will it kill your dumb arse to read and comprehend every now and again?

      Let's for a second pretend your account is the case, so murder is a crime only perpetuated by the poor, huh?

      I tire for stupid people!

    2. Anon 12.52 You are very foolish. It's not my fault you are poor in body,soul and spirit. Why so pained ?
      She was obviously killed for her material possessions if not he wont take her car and ATM. His case is outside a crime of passion you illiterate.

    3. Anon 12:11 don’t mind anon 12:52...he is obviously a sugar son and doesn’t want you to to spoil business for him. Lazy goat, looking for a woman to pay your bills.

    4. But a rich white guy that lives in Banana Island killed the mother of his kid and the kid, so women should equally avoid Rich men. Una too get low IQ.

  4. No single remorse still have the nerves to tell lies. Better repent and seek God's mercy.

  5. Wetin this fine lady dey do with dis boy? @Blessed Princess

  6. Its a pity he strangled the girl. The motive for the murder is clear. Jealousy

    1. Apart from jealousy this one didn't come for love.
      Why did he abscond with the lady's car and Atm? Big thief!

  7. Some women are trying.
    God forbid i will ever look after a man. Is it desperation of love or smthn. Rather be single than date this type.
    Before I got married,if you don't hAve a good job or not doing well. I won't even agree to date you.
    Here a mature beautiful woman that shld be looking for a rich divorcee or widower to look after her self and kids is the one feeding a nonentity.

    1. The guy is a goat!
      He said he didn't know what to do. But he remembered car and Atm. Dan banza!

    2. She was paying his bills for the sex. So she's not without fault....the guy was mad because she seems to have found someone else. Women on the fast lane stop watch your backs for scorned lovers.

  8. he intentionally killed her out of provocation, obviously. Love gone sour

  9. he will call it self defense..she held on and he put his hands around her neck

  10. Bastard liar, he killed njideka to run away with her money, I warned her about all these smallie small boys she move with but I guess that's her spec, she is like a big sister to Me continue to rest in peace, Der

    1. Too bad..

      Very beautiful lady.
      I saw her last at Edmark gathering on 2012 at Lagos..

  11. See lies. You killed her mistakinly and still took her car and ATM card.

  12. See The hungry Area tout Smelling smallie Idiot..

  13. She deserves it !!!!!

    Just like y'all were defending that woman who killed that boy for supposedly stealing her destiny ...

    This woman deserves to die please. Its just love gone sour !!!

    And yes she will go to hell cause she was having premarital sex.

    Ps : i'm a woman 😁😁😁😁😁

    1. Dont worry you deserve death too and a heart

      Stupid fool

  14. He strangled her to kill her. if na small strangle the woman for gasp release the blokos becos no one wants to die.but no, he purposely strangled her to death. what a wicked world

  15. What a pity.
    This lady's life was messed up right from the first marriage/divorce.
    The defendant should man up cos his stories does not hold water. Even if it
    is "manslaughter" like he claimed. He should have reported to the police.
    Two strangers meet and start living together; that's not how it is done.
    And when a marriage is bad and ends in divorce, most of us ladies will always
    sing "I don't need a man, have had my babies etc." It does not last long they begin to
    string men along like beads.

  16. At least this one is not saying she strangled herself, as they said Titi Arowolo stabbed herself to death.

  17. She’s not here to defend herself. I don’t believe him one bit. She held your balls tight, just one blow would throw her off balance.

  18. Could he have genuinely loved her to him to have been jealous of her being with other men?
    Its unfortunate their relationship ended like this.

    Dont of into the trap of matters of the heart.
    Always ensure that your partner is on teh same page with you.

    If you want to be just for sex say it like "make we just dey help ourselves"
    If you start falling in love afterwards "tell him/her like e be like say my heart don dey enter o" and if you are in love and your partner is, move it on.

    Love is a powerful weapon, it can build and destroy don't play games once you see your heart is there and the other person is not on the same page.

    Just keep it moving and disconnect your heart from him/her as soon as possible.

  19. Smallie dem are sweet and can be obsesssive. I'm dating one like that. 37 years. Dude has the biggest dick I've seen. The sex is heaven with him. But I'm being very watchful and careful with him... But he is sweet! Dayum!

  20. So this case is still on, i thought he has been killed by a firing squad

  21. I remember this story, this boy is a liar. He killed this woman so he can abscond with her money.


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