Stella Dimoko Michael Jackson's Fans Fight Back As Damaging Documentary On Him Is Released


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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Michael Jackson's Fans Fight Back As Damaging Documentary On Him Is Released

Following the release of the documentary on the late pop singer Michael Jackson,posters claiming Michael Jackson is innocent of all abuse allegations went on display on 60 London buses.

In the four-hour film, two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, accuse the late singer of repeated abuse when they were children.

Jackson’s family has filed a suit against HBO, which co-produced the documentary. The ads supporting Michael Jackson were funded by a GoFundMe campaign and will be on display into April.
from CNN

*What is going on?so many stars being destroyed with accusations..So Michael is gone,how will he defend himself ?


  1. What is the point of the documentary?
    Try his corpse in the courts?
    Convict his corpse?
    In my opinion that documentary was in poor taste. This year will be the tenth year of his death, he can't defend himself. That makes it one sided.
    I'm sure they will claim it wasn't made for profit, but its just another money making venture.

    1. Those two men have made a lot of money from desecrating a dead man's memory. Anyway Michael Jackson still remains one of the best pop acts of all time.

    2. Let anyone who is guilty be shamed and exposed. Death should not be used as a cover as long as the person is guilty. They should also expose Elvis Presley and Hugh Hefner of the playboy mansion . Let them do this so that others that are still alive will learn their lessons and stop the predatory.

      For all Nigerians shouting, you all will be shocked when the Nollywood Pandora s box will be opened. Your most respected old men actors are on this table. Most of them are rapists .. That one that his proverbial bucket is never empty, named after the apostle who denied Jesus Christ 3times. Another one whose wife is one of the judges at Project fame West Africa, shares last name with The guy that gave his brother a pot of postage in the Bible for his birthright. These two men are notorious for defining underage girls who are seeking career in Nollywood. Ohhh, the pot of pottage guy is even worse and most producers in Nollywood have all witnessed his demon but get carried away by the way he sheds tears immediately and blaming the devil. R. Kelly is a learner.

  2. Yaba left escapee10 March 2019 at 10:05

    ....even in the grave they wont let you be at peace, innocent or guilty, what'd they stand to gain?

  3. i told u people something is up with those idiots. imagine trying to destroy a dead mans legacy,someone who cant defend himsef.

    so what do they want M jackson to do na? oya they should go and put his bones on trials na. idiots

  4. What I don't understand is why are they using R. Kelly and MJ as the face of a widespread pedophilia issue?
    Is this a grand plan to further bring a black man down? Bill Cosby is still in jail. Kevin spacey & Harvey Weinstein are still roaming free. What the hell is going on in Hollywood??

    1. Yes Anon, it's all about bringing down the black man! And why it's saddening is, we the fellow blacks are the ones propelling the engine! Nobody hates the black man more than the black man.

    2. This new trend is crazy, trying to create an industry from damaging people's career and legacy then making money off it. It has to stop pls.

    3. Yes, trying to desecrate the black man's image. Michael Jackson star status still dey pain dem die...

    4. The way the typical Nigerian reason I just shudder.
      Do you know for how many years Cosby has been under investigation and how many women he has paid off through the years.....Cosby was first accused in the 80s. He even had a kid outside marriage too that he kept the lady quiet with money. Cases have been ongoing like the basketballer he spiked her drink and raped in the 80s ; but his cup finally runneth over as of late. Same as Michael Jackson case has been ongoing since 92/94, same as Rkelly since the 90s.
      Cases are still being built against Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. Their accusers just started coming out. Some of cosbys accusers are as far back as the 60s .
      To build strong cases sometimes takes years. Trust me their time will come.
      I have watched numerous documentaries on each of these cases. And why I don't see the need of prosecuting someone that is already dead in the case of micheal Jackson. Pls let justice run its cause in the case of those alive in the case of RKelly and Bill Cosby. Educate yourself more on their offences. Pls watch Surviving RKelly and pls watch "Cosby; The women Speak". You will learn alot. Whether you believe these womens stories or not,it has certainly taught me the signs to look out for in sexual predators and how young women can protect themselves.
      Read the Legal experts on these two cases before giving your judgements. I have read extensively on those two cases. Whether you believe them or not,just read up on them. You will be stunned.

    5. Knowledge is Power but most Nigerians skipped that part to quickly air opinions of what they have no knowledge about.

      I have been following this Rkellys case and I knew from then that these girls he had kept would be used as they are being used now. Most people who commented on the girls didn't even know that they have been RKellys sex slaves for years now. Having no communication with anyone except him.

  5. What's the logical reason for them bringing this up 10 years after Michael passed? Both of em testified that Michael never molested them during his trial and with Michael dead, people will believe what they want to believe.

    Michael was wrong in a lot of his associations with kids but nothing proves he was a child molester. If anything, it proves he's just a big kid himself and wanted kids to enjoy being kids in Neverland..something he never experienced as a kid.

    Ironically, Neverland is from Peter Pan (a story about a boy who refused to grow up).

  6. Until there would be some kind of punishment for false accusers when found out, this nonsense would never end!
    Imagine a situation where one spends years if not decades building a career/brand and then someone appears out of the blues to accuse him of molestation that according to her happened 22yrs ago, with no tangible proof, destroys everything the person stands for, possibly he ends up going to jail! After doing time for a couple of years, alas, it was a malicious claim. Never happened! She cries and apologises and the man is given some stupid compensation that wouldn't make up for anything and the one that irks me is, she walks away taking his entire life with her...

  7. These people should leave Michael alone to rest in peace na. What is it?

  8. This is Oprah Winfrey's handwork. She's behind the documentary about R kelly too.

    1. The average Nigerian will never understand peadophillia and it's sad. I had a school mate whose father slept with her in secondary school and I know first hand the damage it did to this girl. It followed her to university and she was very promiscuous. Always looking for love in the wrong places. She's in her 30s now,still unmarried and still damaged. This has given me an open heart towards abused people.
      Oprah was abused as a child so she can relate hence her interest.

    2. stop displaying your stupidity...research before you make noise....oprah was abused as a child and you think she will not be interested in abuse cases? r Kelly is so guilty so deal with it.

  9. They should go And Meet him in his Grave... useless People

  10. I wonder why we turn a blind eye to the truth just when the accuser is someone we love.

    My uncle was a pedophile; he molested his children, he was caught severally and reprimanded verbally. He also slept with all the house helps they had. When he died, his children that he sexually molested were all eulogizing him.

    I believe this MJ’s story, grooming f*cks with your head, complete brainwashing!! Remember that abusers have easy access to the child.

    Irrespective of colour, position, power, every sexual offender should be punished adequately.

  11. what is the essence of this documentary? are they going to convict him and send him to prison from the grave?
    Stupid people looking for cheap ways to make mega bucks .

  12. To those of you believe these two men, may I ask why you believe them. Considering that both men made sworn statements in court that Michael never molested them. How is it that you believe them now but not what they said under oath. Let's not forget that Michael Jackson was found not guilty of all charges in the court or does this count for nothing with you guys?

    Can you imagine what would have happened if Michael had listened to his handlers and settled the second accusation out of court as he did the first one? He insisted on clearing his name in the courts and did but some people still not convinced. To these people, every accused person is guilty regardless of whether a court finds said person guilty or not. This is really sad because believe it or not, people lie.

    To me, both men are unreliable witnesses and I hope Michael's estate takes them for all they've got in the defamation suit.


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