Stella Dimoko Nine Year-Old Marriage Dissolved Over Religious Differences


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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Nine Year-Old Marriage Dissolved Over Religious Differences

An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court has dissolved a nine-year-old marriage between Ayodele Olaoye and his wife, Oluwatoyin, over religious difference.

Olaoye, 48, who lives life in Odo-Ado, Ekiti, approached the court on Tuesday, seeking dissolution of the marriage.

He said they were not a compatible couple because of the frequent differences between them.

 Olaoye said: ”I am an adherent of the Grail Message, but my wife has refused to join me after many persuasions from me and my religious leader.
She sees me as evil and calls me a ritualist, saying I want to use our children for ritual,” he said.

He added that his wife made the home unbearable for him, hence he had to pack out of the house for her.

He, therefore, urged the court to separate them and grant him access to see his two daughters, ages between 4 and 6, whenever he wished.

The respondent, Oluwatoyin, 40, a resident of Moferere area in Ado-Ekiti, admitted that they stopped living together since 2015.

Oluwatoyin, who also denied cursing her husband, however, attributed their marital trouble to religious differences,
"We were attending Mountain of Fire Church before, but he suddenly decided to attend Grail message, which I did not agree with.

“I have not been comfortable with the attitude of my husband since he joined the Grail message. His dressing has changed and sometimes, he talks alone.

The President of the court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, who said he had observed that the marriage had broken down irretrievably, consequently dissolved the marriage.

Akomolede awarded the custody of the children to the wife, ordering the husband to make monthly payments of N5,000 on each of the children as their feeding allowance.

She added that the husband shall be responsible for the education of the children.

Meanwhile, the president ordered the respondent to refrain from abusing, cursing and intimidating the petitioner, who was granted access to see his children.


  1. 5000? What can that afford in present day Nigeria? To think that a female judge gave this judgement is even more appalling. There's need to review these things.

    1. No forget o, the both of them are Christians fighting over denominational differences. Yet some of us here would insult a Christian because he/she wants to marry a Muslim. Una doooooooo.

    2. Exactly what I thought! People are mad in Nigeria, I swear. 5k to feed a child, how? I’d rather reject the money and bear the responsibility alone

    3. 29:31 Grail is not Christianity abeg .that's a different religion

    4. stop rushing to comment without reading....grail messengers are not Christians, they are occultic and do not have a relationship with Jesus. yes no serious christian should marry a Muslim cos you do not serve the same God

  2. Hmm!!! This is serious oo. From Mountain of Fire to Grail message.. This man need serious help oo.

  3. Lady T/worth more than a thousand dollars26 March 2019 at 19:32

    Am appalled by the award of N5,000 monthly allowance. For two underaged children who will eat in between meals. What about their clothing, hospital bills and eventualities. Nigerian laws need to be reviewed. Haba! And to think it was a woman who gave the judgement. 5k. As in 5k. Its well.

    1. 5,000 naira for each kid. READ PEOPLE READ!!!!

    2. Am: wrong

      I'm or I am: right

      5k too small nah haba!😠

    3. My dear, child support is calculated based on the income. The judge will be silly to bill him 10k each while his take home is only 15k per/month. So obviously he doesn’t earn much.

    4. Celebrity party and cooperate first grade Ok gowns 07084714754 q26 March 2019 at 22:02

      U was shocked too. What will 5k do.

  4. what will men not do to women in the name of marriage. not only did she change her last name, now u want her to change her faith simply cos you changed yours without talking to her first. please take care of your daughters without his money joor.

  5. That makes it 10k per month. 5k for each child. From MFM to Grail pheeew!
    Marriage is not a do or die affair.

  6. Tj d law, come n analyze o

  7. How much does the man earn to begin with

  8. Lawyers, please help clarify this N5k allowance as granted by law. I keep seeing it in most divorce settlement cases. Whereas, for the likes of Tonto, it wasn't so. What's the basis or should I say what determines this?

  9. 5,000?
    Women dey try!
    Shout out to all women holding it down. You are the real MVP.

  10. Heard about Grail message before. Did not hear anything pleasant

  11. everyone keep saying woman they try, firstly do u no how much the man earn at the end of every month? if the man monthly salary is 15k or less and his paying 10k for children upkeep how much will he have left? unless u want him to go and steal, and if he do so all of u will gather mouth to call him a thief. Biko


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