Stella Dimoko Nurses Arrested For Allegedly Selling Baby For N350,000


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Monday, March 25, 2019

Nurses Arrested For Allegedly Selling Baby For N350,000

Two nurses working at Trinity Clinic, Meiran, Lagos, gas been arrested by the Lagos State Police command for allegedly selling a woman’s baby and deceiving her that she had a stillbirth.

It was gathered that the nurses, Mrs. Marbel Onochel and Dorcas Omitogun, allegedly sold the baby for N350,000 to Mrs. Helen Okoh, a resident of Ajah in Lagos,who has also been arrested.

The suspects were alleged to have told the baby’s parents that it died and they buried the stillborn to save the family the trauma.
Besides allegedly engaging in child theft and trafficking, it was learnt that Onochel, a Delta State indigene, also ran an illegal traditional hospital at Meiran.

Trouble, however, reportedly started after the woman’s family insisted that they wanted to see the body, but the suspects could provide it.

It was gathered that when the family insisted on seeing the body, the nurses claimed that the baby’s head was bad, prompting the family to report at the police station.
The suspects were arrested and during investigation, they confessed to have sold the baby to Mrs. Okoh.

It was gathered that Onochel kept N250,000 from the sale and gave Omitogun N100,000.

During interrogation, the woman who bought the baby said she was desperate for a child because she was unable to conceive, as she had fibroid.

The police spokesman Bala Elkana, a Deputy Superintendent (DSP), cinfirmed the arrest and that the baby had been recovered from the buyer.

He said that the suspects will be charged to court after investigation
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  1. A woman like you went through pains to carry & birth her child and you came from nowhere to steal her joy. Nonsense. Unfortunate human beings!

    1. see their stupid ugly faces.

      I support jungle justice in this kind of case.

      they should have beat them to death

    2. If she desperately want a child ,why not adopt one instead of this...smh

  2. You cannot take away someone's joy to service your own desperation. You could have adopted or get a surrogate. Let the law take its course.

  3. Not everyone on white is a nurse I bet u they are not REGISTERED nurses

  4. Wicked nurse,may dey rot in jail,tank God d baby was rescued,to d woman dt bought d baby,y can't u go d legal way to adopt a child,d mony u will spent there may nt be up to dis,may God put ur shame to fame.

  5. Hmmmm... Wrote a script with this same storyline a long time ago.. Wanted to go into movie production but fell into the wrong hands... I will really love that to see that script come to screen though... You don't wrong another to set things right, wrong will always be wrong.

  6. Naija nosu, unu n' eyi egwu oooooooo!
    Make I yarn una, if ya horseband dey admission, make you dey around o
    Naija nosu dey f...
    make I no talk again o. Make I no receive thunder today.
    I go yarn am another day.

    1. You are mentally unstable ..u really need...u are a pervert.

    2. @MDee
      Even when I no talk, you still send ya perverted thunder eh?
      Okay, na me sell babies now lie say im head been scatter eh?
      Abi na me release the news?
      Okay make I complete my yarns and make you get ya thunder ready:
      Naija nosu dey FIND husband from admitted patients inside ward.
      My husband been dey admission one time like dat.
      Me, I no dey town and na im friend; a guy dey visit am.
      And my oga on top come forget im ring for house
      Okay as I return, come visit am and im call me darling.
      The Nosu wey dey duty open mouth and wetin drop na im I go quote here;
      "Is this fine man ya husband?"
      I nodded -the woman na married woman wey dey older than me.
      "Mmmmhh I don dey plan how I go tie am give my younger sister o" 😯😯😯

      Na so I open mouth o. I no even sabi wetin I go talk. Abeg, na wetin the woman
      talk I write there. She wan tie my husband (for babalawo na) give im younger sister?

      Ahaaaaaaaa, MDee,make you send ya thunders and brimstone now 😂😂😂😂

  7. Wicked nurse, knowing the pains this woman must have past through as a fellow woman like you

  8. Na wa you want to make money illegally na, enjoy cell legally Biko

  9. Sold someone's child just for 350k?nawa ooo

  10. E don reach where husbands or at least one relation go dey labour room with pregnant women now o. O gini di?

  11. Pls I would love to say something relating to this story but more of a personal thing to me
    I noticed people I consider BIGGER girls who I respect because of what they have( command) find me extremely intimidating, this happens all the time, now am beginning to take my cousins advice, that am meant to be BIGGER and those people are seeing what am not seeing
    Recently a friend who had everything any girl cld wish for heard I was pregnant out of wedlock o, started doing everything to destroy my relationship and I later heard she went as far as getting pregnant for a tout, another which I recently was told by Her got me so scared, anytime I visit, I see unspoken envy but am very prayerful so I careless really, I kept seeing baby things ard , anytime I asked if her sis baby or bros baby visited, d way she will answer... Then one day after I spoke to her about God’s blessings and resentments( she get am plenty towards pple) she somehow became sober and opened up, that she did some deal with some pple and they brought a 1yr old 3baby for her, she kept the child cos she wanted a baby so bad, girl is 53yrs, but family stepped in and told her d child was probably stolen from d mother cos of d way d deal went, she refused to give her up initially but later saw reasons based on d women( from Delta state) cld blackmail her , get authorities involved and all. Boy was I shocked? I kept my pregnancy away from certain friends cos I knew this pples heart, they r never really really happy anytime something good comes my way, they always want to outdo me, didn’t want that kind of energy during my pregnancy so I went to stay with my grandparents in Oshogbo, all there calls and suspicions I denied I was pregnant , I no wan wahala, she finished her story I asked her, so do u think God wld be happy with such decisions u took, dat baby was obviously stolen from her birth mother and given to u for #150,000 without legal papers, her reply” who am I to judge her is it because I have a child of my own now” I felt shattered, so all this yrs your friends where getting married and having kids u didn’t do, as u heard mine u turn am to competition??hmmm the list is massive like from Biz, to buying personal stuff to investments, completion and some very dangerous. I told God to take this spirit away from me Abeg, I want to motivate people in a positive way not like this. Stella d list is many, this r pple bigger and better than me , yet once I achieve something, they go wan do something stupid to just outdo me. I don Taya Abeg

  12. Wicked nurse.
    How can you sell someone's bundle of joy for just 350K??
    Madam buyer why didn't you follow due procedure..
    Now you will cry had I know had I know..

  13. They 350k you paid for buying that baby was more than enough for you to have gone for surgery and carry your own baby afterwards. Having fibroid doesn't stop one from having children na. But instead of doing that, you decided to make another woman cry by stealing her baby. Wicked woman.

  14. this Omitogun woman loss her husband that she snatched from her friend years ago on Saturday morning just because of her greediness.


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