Stella Dimoko Saturday Spontaneous Post....


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Saturday, March 09, 2019

Saturday Spontaneous Post....

#anothernoweddingnojollofricesaturday #anotherpartylesssaturda #guberelections #donotsellyourvotesforporridge #riggingloading #lol #itiswhatitis #staypositive #stayonyourboulevard #onmyownlaneinmyownterms #totallykaputfromchampagne

Good Morning Nigerians...............
It is another election day and you are mandated to go out and cast your votes if you want to see the changes you so desire....

Exercise your voting rights and leave the polling area to avoid stories that touch....
I am sure no wedding or party will hold today?Use it as time to rest or clean out your home...There is always something to do,find it!!!

Moving on to other things...............

The BV Writing Mama tee series,I take it that you have lost Interest and we hereby rest the Column and look for someone else who wants to run an interesting page......When I make posts like this a lot of people contact me but cannot write more than one or two or do not even know what to write.....if there is nobody fine....if you want to run it for a month,or two month,please state does not have to be for a long time....

This offer is open to Blog visitors ONLY please.

Later today,I plan to take off a few hours from Blogging to go out with the Bambinos and catch some fun......I think it is a lovely thing to spend time outdoors with the kids and encourage parents to do this.....

Send all your stuff for in house news cos i am saving them in a folder......if you have sent and i have not used,then its either i didn't get it,or i replied your mail or totally ignored it since you refused to take the corrections i proposed.

Have a good day and don't forget to stay safe as Nigerians return to the polls today....Lets hope INEC will release results before the cock crows on Monday!

Kisses to everyone!!!


  1. Good Morning.......

    Today is the day of lounging mehnnnn, i haven't watched TV in forever and haven't also read for a while, I'm torn between watching movie and reading😭😭😭

    ANYBOOKS people, come aand help me oooh, so i tried reading one romance book last night to see what my friend was complaining about but truly, it had only one series,the rest weren't there, how will i find it?? I read THE INTERVIEW, HELP!!!!!

    Today is Lilian Hot Hot's birthday, Stella please post pictures and we await RHI...... 😁😁😁

    1. Wow I loved the mama tee series. I didn't miss any one. What happened? Stella what did she say is the reason for stopping it? Wish I can contact her.


  2. Happy election day all, I'm not going out to vote... Everyone should be careful oh..

    Good morning lovelies 😘 😘😘 😘

  3. Any wives to military men here?
    How do you cope with his busy schedule?
    I hope I will not be making a mistake?

    1. Just know they don't have one wife. Any state they post them they mist marry.

      Can you cope with it

    2. Yori yori,that's not true. I know a lot of military men still married to one wife. They may have girlfriend's which is common among men.
      @Kokolet,you alone know the man you are dating. The decision is all yours. If you say its pastor you want, it not here we have been reading all sorts?
      I personally may not marry one cos I fear the risk associated with the job,but so many women are enjoying their marriage to military men

    3. Hahahah present ma. Just know that at a point u wud regret it, cos he won’t always be there. And afterwards you would be fine. Another thing is, they are very sweet, respectful gentlemen. All the complaints you read about husband on this blog you read would be alien to you, cos that is not how the military life runs. They put their wives first, and the military respects you and puts you first, not even his mother. So chill, it’s a cool life. And you will be 100% in charge of ur home.
      And ignore the everywhere he goes he must marry lies. It’s a lie. For where he see the money to run 36 homes in 36 different states?? Ppl think they are rich, they are not. Jst salary, no bonus of whatever kind. So goodluck girl

    4. Yori shift joor,How many cases like that have you settle? Don't say what you can't sure about.

    5. You havve to be emotionally stable and patient
      You also need a high level of independence
      Because if you only see your husband once a month or more because of distance and yet have little children or pregnant with a job or business.
      Can you cope with running the home semi solo?

      It's fun
      But you gays to be strong babe
      And man up
      Yet not losing your feminity
      Not for the fainthearted or those without big girl pants

    6. Lol @yori.partially true.

    7. Some of you think I make up this. Saw it life and happened. My late landlord married in all the states he was posted. Also saw others too.

      They take care of their wives that is if they are in a good positions

      Poster if you can cope good luck. You might be lucky only you will be legal wife.

    8. Thank you all for your opinion o. I'm trying to not start disturbing you people with Chronicles later

  4. Women are champs! There are plenty things we do that are extraordinary! Both single,engaged, and married.

    So my husband and I came back from house fellowship with our son. I wanted to feed him,then he was six months old. This guy has excess energy. In school then, I use to drop 'small thing' for his caregiver because at the end of each work day,her clothes are never the same. You see eh,once my son is done eating,he starts blowing raspberry with his pap so she goes home with patches on her clothes
    almost on daily basis.
    Anyway back to my story; so we forgot to buy something and then I pleaded with him to help me go down the street to buy. Oga said' no', I should go and buy,that he will feed the baby. I just smiled smugly because,he doesn't know he was in for a hell of a ride. I went to change my clothes because each time I'm feeding him, it's either I have plans to wash those clothes or I will just remove them. His feeding time is not complete, if he has not smeared you with food. He literally cleans his mouth on your clothes.
    I was just hearing'babe ,babe', I pretended not to hear. meanwhile,I was laughing my heart out. When I came out,oga was like 'babe,don't bother,let me go and buy it', I still pretended, I didn't get the gist,until he showed me the marvellous work our son had done. I saw half of the cereal on the floor and then his spoon in another direction. He told me,the speed of lightning, the small guy used to fling the plate when it was coming near his mouth left him speechless.
    He looked at me in amazement and admiration and then asked 'how do you do it?.This made me proud to be a woman. And that is what I want every woman to ask themselves when you have to feed,clean, wash,supervise homework,cook,do market runs,listen to complaints,read for that proffesional exams,be a helpmeet to oga,have side hustles and then meet deadlines at the office! The list is endless! When you are not firewood! Look yourself in the mirror, admire yourself and then ask;HOW DO YOU DO IT?? Happy women's Day!

    1. πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

    2. Baby boy is hyperactive. Good he experienced his son's performance. It's nice for cocoyam to see wetin bitterleaf see.

    3. Yes we are@ Windsor. Hi,Xp. You like proverbs wella😁 we now see you only on weekends.

    4. Ivah... It's not easy. Even The weekend I got few hours to do so many including watching clips
      from the CCtv(cameras) for the week. Though 80% on fast forward. Hahahahaha.
      Good a thing I set my device beside a spot while our little girls make their hair. My questions are usually plenty for everyone. Kikiki.

      You guys on a daily are doing the blog good.

  5. Good morning every one. May the light of the Lord shine on us all.Amen.

  6. Good morning to all believers...

    So i just found out i am pregnant.

    Pregnant with the word of God to cause a change in my generation. Thank you Jesus.

    This morning i am going to cook d legendary Ekpang nkwu kwo. Everything is ready...water yam fritters will be set by 9am.

    Yes, i am a sucker for variety...some pple know how to cook food familiar within their culture or rather what they saw their mum cook. You are not a true Nigerian if u cant cook at least one dish of the diff cultures/tribes we have in Nigeria.

    Make i no even begin talk about pple wey never ever travel outside the states they were born in. (Travel n see).

    Today's guber elections...beside my house is a polling unit. I will be bringing live update. Last election...some pple were sharing 1k if you've voted...Vote buying.

    1. I made Edikankong last night

    2. Goodness and mercy, please where in Calabar do you stay, I need that soup in my life, help a sister πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  7. Up and thankful.Vote in peace or you stay home to avoid stories that touch

  8. Good morning friends, please stay safe

  9. God never gives us a cross that we cannot bear. While the struggles of life may be difficult, we can accomplish anything through him. Whenever doubt besets you, may you find courage through God’s strength. Good morning,dearest friends.

  10. The most dangerous enemy in your life is a close friend who is in competition with you while you are not even aware!

    Get a kitchen stool,sit down and pick your friends like beans or else you will chew stone again this year!

    Let us choose our friends or whom we share our secret with wisely,may God help us.
    Happy voting!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. If you are in lagos,Ogun,rivers, akwaibom,IMO,kwara,Oyo and ondo please be very careful while exercising your franchise today.

    1. I'm not even voting today. No need risking my life for vote that won't even count

    2. Eka joy why now.

      Yes there is election of house assembly in ondo and APC are hell bent on winning cos they lost to PDP at the last presidential election @castle.

      Good morning ma @olori how are you doing today.

    3. After what happened last two weeks no need of voting again. @Blessed Princess

  13. Good morning lovelies and Vote wisely

    I took my time to Interviewed 3 pure water sellers and according to them: sometimes, it takes about 6 hours to sell 20 sachets of water which amounts to a total of N200 which is even less than a dollar now.
    From the N200, the profit is only about N40 as the pure water sellers have to pay the wholesalers their money back as well as cover the price for ice block which was used to cool the water.

    The long and short of it is that some of them make only N40 in 3-6 hours of hustling under the hot sun, risking their lives on express roads.

    As if that isn't bad enough, when passengers and drivers reach the traffic stops, they prefer to dash N20, N50 or even N100 to beggars and fake sufferers who sometimes make about N1,500 a day doing nothing but begging, leaving them richer, luckier and safer than the pure water sellers who are young entrepreneurs serving the larger community with their trade, and trying to make ends meet.

    So when next you are at a traffic stop, please:
    1. Dash the pure water seller instead
    2. Buy pure water to patronise them and if the change is (N10, or even N20, you can leave it with them)
    3. Say something nice to them. Greet them, encourage them.
    4. Slow down, don't knock them down.
    5. Even if you wont buy the pure water, if they ask you to buy, rather than ignoring them and facing front as if they are not humans, you can look at them, smile and say "Thank you"

    Let's do it because we can do it, your #10,#20 or #50 as the case maybe can go a long way to them. God bless you as you do this.


    1. I'm thinking the people interviewed are actually the not so active ones. I have heard of people that sell more than 2 or 3 bags of water daily. 20 sachets in 6 hrs ke

    2. So true. Olori good morning. @Blessed Princess

    3. So touching, thanks for this info...

    4. My hubby does this sometimes, especially when they are kids.

    5. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Nice one, momma.

    6. Eka always contradicting positive vibes.Pls know not one thing in life has just an option, there is always two(Positive & Negative. You're not business oriented, You would have understand that market strength, location, population determines sales.

    7. Nice.
      Help the hustling young chap on the road and watch THE SMILE.

      Thanks Olori.

  14. Going no where today.

    No need to vote in Lagos. They know their winner.

    I pray the akara woman at the estate gate is out.

    1. Its as if people planned not to vote todayoo

  15. I have no real faith in this current government and my State governor who I'm pretty sure will be re-elected is a joke.

    Let them carry on with their circus, they are not bothered. so, i'm aspiring to get to their level of unbotheredness.

  16. Not voting today. Let me rest.

    Finished eating okpa. Let me sleep.

    I wished the winners good luc.

    Not worth dying at all in this country

    1. Good morning
      Veryyyyyyyyyyy true
      Infact you have said it all. @Blessed Princess

  17. Good morning all.this is for the bv who said her one year and five months old baby likes golden morn.
    My second baby started taking golden morn from 8 months till date.
    My third baby it is her favorite.she started 9months till date.
    She takes it morning ;aftern aft and night.
    My dear no issue.
    They take it morning;afternoon ND evening till they can take solid very well.
    Even when my second baby started school I put golden morn in her lunch pack cos I know she can not eat solid to her satisfaction till she clocked two.
    My three kids take it every morning to school.either goldern morn or bread and tea.
    To those bvs saying till 3 years pls it's a lie.
    If she wants it give her
    That 1300 own lasts five days in my issues from any kids.
    And my baby is chubby.
    So go ahead.
    I know sooooooo many mother's rocking the both....

    1. That your children like it doesn't mean its good for them. Somethings we eat take a while before we see the repercussions (I'm not saying anything will happen to your children). Even the makers said from 3years above so why are you justifying it. Blend banana,make puree. All this indomie and co are not too good. Give your children fruits and a variety of healthy foods. Less of possessed foods please

    2. One doc told me that if u must give the golden morn make sure u blend it again

    3. Anon pls go ahead.
      My baby takes solid in bit ND they take fruits.
      That's how they say pap from 6months.
      My dear ur baby is even past one year.pls let him or her take the goldern morn

    4. Less of processed foods you meant to say.

      Tenth, that they like does not mean its okay.
      Manufacturers instruction says from three years upward.
      Stick it to it please.
      My first child who is a preeteen now had lots of golden morn cos I did not know any better then, she is also the only one that suffers from allergies amongst my children.
      To each his own sha!

    5. Omeh and Longrich...thanks for reminding Tenth.
      Wonder why she's bragging about an anomaly that medical experts and nutritionists warn women about in Seminars and workshops.

      Here's the truth Tenth;
      They will always be full and bloated because corn related feeds take lonnng hours to digest.
      2. Press their stomach and they will reel of pain. Mummy aarrgghhh.
      3. They will have skin allergies like rash and eczema many times.
      4. They cough and if your family has any trace of Asthma, it will escalate for your kids.
      5. They will eat less of other nutritious foods because of loss of appetite. They are loaded and won't need more.
      6. Their immunity to airborne disease and sorts will be low.

      The warning "not for babies under the age of 3" came after a lot of research work.
      Think about it.
      Do not make the mistake of the old my dear.

  18. Morning lovelies, issa cold day,the long awaited day is here,do the right thing and shine ur eyes,person wey die no dey count vote ooo,do have a blessed weekend

  19. Ndudi and I sat by the poolside and watched Chuba swim. Ndudi refused to go in, said he wasn't in the mood. Chuba kept asking me to join him and I kept declining. The only time I ever swam was when I was 10, at Nyaba River, during Christmas holiday that year. My older siblings and cousins troubled the deep waters while my younger cousins and I rolled on the sand at the bank of the river and swam just a few steps after the brink of it.
    I knew Chuba would guide me and never let me drown but I couldn't risk it still. Apart from my fears, I was also shy. There were three other people sitting by the poolside. How would I change into God knows what and swim with a boy while they watched? My stomach was still filled with butterflies, my heart bursting with emotions, my body on fire as a result of the deep kisses and caresses in the car. I knew it would happen again if I joined him in the pool, Chuba was not the shy type when it came to display of affection. I wanted it, I wanted him so much but not there.

    We talked about school, Ndudi and I. He was in a different faculty but knew so much about mine. He gave me a bit of an orientation and I really appreciated it. He said he'd always check on me to know if I had any challenges. But he kept hammering on the issue of boys, how deceitful and misleading UNN boys were especially to Jambitos like me and advised I stayed away from them. I didn't know where all that was coming from.

    We left the hotel around 4pm to Ndudi's house. And of course we kissed and caressed some more while we went. Chuba wanted to collect something he bought from Ndudi. Ndudi's house was the highbrow part of town, he was from the upper class. His mother was at home and didn't seem to mind when we walked up to Ndudi's room. It surprised me because I remembered the day my elder brother's friends, a male and female, came to see him. My mother asked a lot of questions and kept hovering like a hawk.

    They were rich. Ndudi's room looked like one of those I saw in the movies. I sat on a chair, they on the bed. They talked about money, gadgets and business. Ndudi handed him a laptop bag. Chuba told me to come see. I sat beside him, he opened it and brought out a brand new Acer laptop. He'd said he'd just bought it from Ndudi, whose father imported them. I knew laptops were very expensive, how could he afford one? This troubled me.

    But I forgot my worries and melted when he drew me into his arms. I rested my head on his shoulders as he whispered beautiful nonsense into my ears. I closed my eyes and sighed in pleasure as his lips passed through my neck, ears and lingered on my lips. His hands caressed my body, ran through my thighs and rested on the mounds of flesh on my chest. We were losing it and I liked it.
    It was finally happening. I'd read about it, my friends talked about it and now I was about to experience it with the person I loved the most and who loved me. My body was shaking, I was swooning and ready to be taken. I forgot everything and everyone, only Chuba mattered to me. Ndudi had conveniently sneaked out of the room. I was ready to surrender to his desires when suddenly he stopped and said,
    "Let's go."
    "What?" I said breathlessly.
    "It's late, let's go" He said packing his bags.

    You're disappointed, right? I was too. Disappointed and disturbed. Did he not find me desirable? He seemed to enjoy it so why stop. The thoughts kept me awake that night and even days later.
    But the answer he gave me when I asked him why he pushed back was the sweetest thing I heard that Christmas.

    Good morning Stella and BVs. Happy weekend.

    1. Happy weekend to you Castle. How is baby Castle doing? @Blessed Princess

    2. I was disappointed oh. I knew the answer he gave you *winks* He wanted to wait till wedding night bah? Thanks for the story!!!

    3. kwuo eziokwu!!!
      nekwani anya ni!!!
      just like that ka Chuba ji hapu iwere ifeoma ya in that romantic atmosphere?
      maka why ka iji mee otua?

      but Sabulu, you said you will talk about the ikwokirikwo today naa....

    4. Yeeee...where is the sweet part nawπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€

    5. Lols @Chike Teflon. Castle bring more tomorrow ejor. It looks as if I'm reading a romance novel.

    6. Wedding night ke? Noooooo
      Chike eh, ife Ikwokirikwo a na atoka gi πŸ˜‚

    7. This is getting interesting.
      Good morning castle.

    8. Hahahahaha.
      The answer is likely to revolve on the popular axiom "I don't want to take advantage of you".

      Castle...5th paragraph. Hmmm.
      You spoil small o.

    9. Thank you for this morning appetiser. Chuba was such a gentleman. I wish him well if he is still alive in that Asian country you said he travelled to.
      My hubby too did not reach that side asides the normal touching and kissing. He said he did not want to rush as we still had a long way to go. By the time he came back into the country years later and we reconnected, I had become a pro in bedmatics thanks to my Kogi boyfriend back then. He was disappointed but who do we blame? we lost contact and it was almost ten years before we reconnected.

    10. Thanks for the link to your sabulus story, kiss baby girl for me

    11. Mounds of flesh πŸ˜…. Harlequin got nothing on you Castle!

    12. Castle baibyyyy!! It haff tey dat you spoil o. Mills and Boon on fleek. Oh Chuuuubaaaa! I hope you know a special heart still beats for you. Chai! Ihe love na e me.

    13. Castle baibe 😁😍😘

  20. Good morning? Please always remember to log on to heaven before you log on to the internet. @Teejay hope you are fine now. Please stay focus and be strong. It well surely end in praise. Stella please can I join you guys? WHO NIGERIA ELECTION HELP?. @Blessed Princess

  21. I have gist ooooo..

    If you are interested let me know I will be back.

    1. What are you waiting for??
      You better go anonymous and give us the gist.

    2. Why the suspense? Are you a suspension officer ni? Bring gist biko. That is why I am here o.

  22. Good morning,let's all stay safe today and always No politician is worth a scratch on the body.Yeah Stella,I agree with you.I take my 6 year old son out almost every weekend,even if it's just for ice-cream and we talk about school,his friends &teachers.It's really advisable to be bffs with your kids.Have a blessed weekend fam.

  23. All sabbath people will you be going for service this morning or you had night vigil yesterday. Na question oo

  24. Good morning Stells and my bvs, i tested positive to hepatitis c like 2weeks ago and i start treatment immediately, i did another test on Wednesday doctor said the viral load was 75% cleared and yesterday i did another i tested negative. Is it possible for hepatitis c to be cleared in 2wks?

    1. do you pray for if to be permanent in your life?
      instead of you to be thanking God for your life.

      close your legs like mermaid.
      if you are man, marry or cut off your dick.

    2. Anon you were wrongly diagnosed. Anytime you're told you have any sexually transmitted diseases pls make sure you repeat the test in at least three other different laboratory. Some of this quack lab technicians have send a lot of people to their early grave through wrong diagnosis. My hospital here is not an exception.

    3. Helm c is not only transmitted through sex. In fact, it is rarely transmitted through sex except anal sex. Blood transfusion, sharp objects etc...
      But especially blood transfusion cos they didn’t use to check
      Blood for Hep c like they did for Hep a and B

  25. Hello everyone,
    Another election Saturday. I think I'm experiencing some sort of voters apathy. The options available are not appealing.

  26. I hate going to market. Nigerian markets, lol.

    Yesterday reminded me about why I hated it. My mum has a store in the market, so she does all our food needs. But she is currently in the villa and so I had to go.

    The drama that happened yesterday ehn, I wish I have the strength to type. I am still pretty pissed and I've told my mum not to send me to but anything related to food again.

    How can I buy something from ur store, u in ur rude state decided that u couldn't help me look for change or even ask your neighbours, and after what seemed like an eternity, u gave me money to go and find change myself. One single complaint, I did not drop, cos I already knew u were rude and me sef sabi rude. And I know that if rude jam rude, everywhere will explode. So I kept my rudeness to myself and still patiently took all u were dishing out to me and other customers.

    I went to look for the change, came back, settled all bills only to realise they had stolen the stuff. Stuff you haven't given me, stuff I was yet to collect from your hand, because of your rudeness, it was stolen and you think I should be the one to bear the loss.

    See ehn, this is not a tribalistic comment but I think yoruba market women need to be orientated on how to run a business.

    She did not even try to find a way we could amicably resolve the issue, she just left me standing there and went to sit in her shop. Me I was mumuly standing for over 15mins thinking she was thinking of way forward, only for me to eventually go and ask her what should be done and she shouted at me saying 'there's nothing she can do oh, there's nothing she can do oh'. I just looked at her and smiled and the next thing that came out of my mouth was 'madam, u think because I've been patiently taking in ur rude behaviour, acting all civilised and stuff, u think I'm nice ba? By the time I'm done scattering your shop, u will provide my money'

    Honestly I was thinking she would kindly ask that we split the loss. That money is nothing I can't forfeit, just N550 but since she wanted to use omo igbo sense for me, I decided to show her that I was a real igbo girl

    When eventually she came out, some people told me to just tell her sorry for saying I will scatter her shop, I told them I'd rather leave the money for her than tell her sorry for something she was clearly her fault.

    To cut the long story short, her sister in law close by came and asked me what happened, took me to her store and I narrated everything. She told me not to worry that I don't have to apologise sef. A lady then told me that was her normal character and she had to stop buying things from her store because of her rudeness.

    She offered to refund me the money by herself (this was a customer buying from her SIL) and showed me the place I should start going instead. But I rejected the offer cos really, I could easily replace the money by myself but her attitude towards the whole issue was what put me off.

    The SIL later came back with N500 and profusely apologised to me.

    I have told my mum not to send me to market again as God knows I can't deal with real life drama (I cried sef) and she has promised to meet the woman

    I'm not looking forward to going to market anytime soon as there are so many devil's there roaming around, looking for someone to devour

    1. No be my people??? They'd insult you and your money together especially those women with tribal marks from Oyo.

      I prefer dealing with Igbo and Hausa traders in the market.

    2. How will you pay for something you didn't collect? How are you even sure she didn't replace them back where she got them from?

      Ha! I've not heard of this one o. And she was claiming right on top? Even if it's N50, she must refund my money.

    3. My dear with the attitude of her sister in-law I would say it is not a Yoruba thing but an individual thing.

      Something similar happened to me yesterday,went to salon to braid my hair,this girl will leave my hair to go gist outside, come back and start playing around with other stylist kai I was just boiling.

      She was do unprofessional,to think it was at Next salon I was so dissapointed.

      I am on the very reserved side so I just kept calm,when she was done I just stood up looked hair in the eye and told her this is the first and last time she will touch my hair.

    4. *oriented*. I hate going to the market too,but I have no choice. Ndo!

    5. I beg to disagree, I have stayed at the west, north and south, the Yoruba women are the worst. Before you even tell them what you want they will ask "do you have change" and so rude

    6. So Eka Joy, after all your hard woman for blog you no fit collect your right from onye ofe mmanu?.
      maka Chi, akuko gi adighi mma chaa chaa.

    7. Nope,it is not a tribalistic thing, more like an attitudinal thing,cos even their danfo drivers are not exempted. See,an Igbo trader will cajol you with sweet mouth and still sell at a higher price. It happened to me. I didn't know the phone ,I was buying was China plus , I bought double the price. The guy was even offering to take me out because he really caught a maga.
      I was feeling fly as per fine girl, until I reach house. One look at the phone,my Bros just told me,'but this is China na'. I started sweating profusely all of a sudden.πŸ˜€
      On a more serious note,our customer service skills leaves a lot to be desired, it doesn't matter what you are selling,sell it with pride. You don't have to defensive,nobody will look down on you,if you don't look down on yourself. I have learnt that truly,there is dignity in labour.

    8. Yes Precix, I hate that 'do you have change' question eh.

    9. were right about Yoruba market women being rude. Yes but there are ways of buying from them; what about her fellow seller buys the article from her end while you're seated at her shop. You can budget some waiting minutes. Bad enough you knew she's rude, why not avoid her?

      Your 7th paragraph is disturbing please. By the time you're seriously? You ever being stripped naked before in a split second? Oh Eka. Don't ever! Many of market women have mental issues and the sun isnt friendly to them either,mind you when the chips are down her colleagues will support her.

      N500 may be a lot of money while shopping but for goodness sake avoid tables of rude sellers. Their language is acidic and you can't win a quarrel with them.
      Be ladylike!

    10. I can't remember the last 'century' I went to a market, as in a proper market!
      If I were in your shoes ehn, I would have just left her when she went in to sit down, cos the next thing will be tears. I wouldn't even be able to explain to a third party because na my tears go full the whole marketπŸ˜…. I am really bad at confrontations.

    11. I should have left the store when she went to sit inside her shop???? As per what??? Onyeoma CY? The money may be little but its my money and if u want to form right over something that u are obviously wrong about, then I will show u we both can be stupid together

      Strip me naked ke? In the presence of other customers who knew for sure she was in the wrong????

      Chike, I collected my money live and direct. She mistook my calmness for gentility na.

    12. confirm@ Eka Joy.
      nalu ise.
      ka m sikwa that you leave that money for that mannerless onye ofe mmanu.
      ibu ezigbo Nwa afo.

  27. Beautiful Saturday to us all.
    Remember to be positive about the day. God bless us all...

  28. Presently lying on the bed feeling happy to see a new day. May today's election in Rivers State be peaceful and without blood shed.

  29. Good morning everyone,lots of chores lined up for me this morning and I hope to finish it all.

  30. I love writing, I can always improve my writing skills and I can keep up with the Column...
    Please i am interested in the Column Stella.
    Good Morning Bvs

  31. Good morning and a beautiful day to us all.
    To God be the glory forevermore.

  32. Good morning my people of SDK, may we all experience peace in our homes this day and beyond. I won't vote as I no get PVC. SDK nwanyioma, I salute o.

  33. Thank God I made it right on time. Good morning Stella, Teejay,lady bug and Sonia,, love all of you.
    I need an answer please and please, what's the deal with prophetic Pastors and negative prophesies. I grew up in a Catholic home and as such, we don't have such believes. We believe everything we go through in life is permitted by God and every bad thing has an expiring date.
    The thing is Hubby's family always have one negative prophecies or the other and it's killing me. I mean, they are nice people but I don't get why they can't see me having a good Job or business or something. Rather it's one person after another person's life.
    The only thing keeping me going is that hubby is also fadeup and is avoiding his dad who is always close to such pastors... They will go to their church and the next call you hear is "prophecies done come oo" we need to do the work.

    1. Love you right back... Please be careful, majority of them are fake... You can pray on your own and God will still answer you.. Have faith and trust in him

  34. Good morning beautiful people. Stella the other day you said you saw one of your banbinos reading about basketmouth. What did you find out kwanu? I love it when you talk about them and truth is that it's one of the reasons I open sp 😁😁😁

    1. @Letam
      amibo no be work. face your front and stop asking for the story.

      mana on a more serious note, Stella you need to complete that story ooo .
      I follow Bv Letam dey wait the gist.

  35. @Anto let me celebrate you here because I came to your post late yesterday. Your creative work is So touching and inspiring. May God continue to bless you. @Blessed princess

  36. Life Don tire me...

    1. Eyah it is well. Just hang in well. God will give you joy

    2. Hope dey
      GOD dey
      Tomorrow can be better
      Don't give up

      Read testimonies
      Soak yourself in praise
      Perspective will change
      Idea will come
      GOD will be glorified

  37. Good morning Stella and BVs.

    Its really by His mercies that we are living beings. Thank God for the miracle of sleeping and waking.

    Hello Cutest Pat

  38. Good morning Stella and bvs,happy weekend to us.,I don't know y I am feeling somehow abt putting my baby in a day care, I am having dis feeling he will be maltreated our not sell taken care of..but I just av to work as idleness is a bastard.God na it hand I wan put dis boy oo

    1. Pele,just try and look for one with good track record.

  39. Extract soap want to turn me to albino despite using it with st Ives lotion..,I think I will av to reduce its usage and later stop. Pls which soap can I use to maintain my complexion???? Thanks

    1. USA soap is good, u can try it

    2. Use jenifer lopez secrets cleansing bar.its nice

    3. I got this big K. Brothers liquid soap
      I have been using for a week but lemme continue before concluding. I got it for #4,500.

      I can't even finish it in 6months. I heard K. Brothers is very good reason why I bought ooo

    4. I don't know the kind of skin I have. I used the extract soap no changes, I used K brothers USA soap nothing, I used Alanta Samina or what is it called? No changes on my skin eh! what could be wrong? I used these soaps for weeks like two months each and int he night too.. Is it stress and sun exposure that made them not to clean my skin? I don't understand again o. Help me my people, which cheap soap within 200 to 400 can I use to clean my skin? Tankio

    5. Extract soap is very good.... K-brothers the original one is also good!!

      Olori Momma, hope it's the original you bought?? Thats soap Sabi foam ooh, e fit finish sooner than expected, Lol!!

      I'm using extract sha...... I've missed it!!

    6. Cookie, I don't know yet oo
      But I am not reacting to it cos I react to anything fake. I bought from all this ajase women.

      I heard extract fake is too much

    7. Make ur own organic soap@mummy j,mail me and i will tell u wat to buy and how to prepare it .your skin will glow and be smooth,i hardly use powder or foundation since i started making my own soap.just ghana black soap and other organic stuff.

  40. Growing up in the 80s and early 90s, I remember our parents constantly teaching us to be content with what we have, make good use of it while we aspire for more. Hardly will you see young people trying to live larger than life and calling themselves slay queens and following people's husbands, going go Dubai to eat sh*t and other nasty stuff.

    My question is where has morality gone? Why did we allow money to rule so much these days that, young people will do anything for money? Where are the good teachings of old? Example

    Good name is better than riches
    Love your neighbour as yourself
    Be honest at all times etc?

    Can our parents, teachers, churches, neighbours, religious settings etc, go back to teaching this new generation that money is not everything. That love for God, self, neighbours and country should be their guide? Can they be told to put God 1st in all they do? Can they be told, they came to meet the material things/ money and will die and leave it? Can they be told whatever you do, either good or bad lives after you and your loved ones might bare the tag? Young people arise and be good. The day you die is the day all the money you have acquired seize to be yours. Why kill your soul for it? Remember the soul lives forever. Shallom.

    1. Even in the 80s and 90s, some people were not contended, if there wasn't internet you wouldn't have heard anything About the Dubai potty story. the internet makes news or story spread fast

    2. Anon 09:55 read and comprehend; the post didn't say it didn't exist at all but emphasises that, it's almost becoming the order of the day.

  41. Good morning everyone .

    Up and grateful to God for life..
    It can only be God alone..

  42. Expectant mothers & GTC mothers, listen to Hillsong's 'Seasons'. Keep the chorus & bridge on repeat and mediate while listening to it. You'll testify soon.

    Good morning.

    1. Amen
      I can't find it can I search for it

    2. Amen.

      Type 'download seasons by hillsong' and it will show you how to download the mp3 version.

  43. Good morning people. Vote wisely pls.
    This hardship is too much. I saw some kids yesterday and had tears in my eyes

  44. Pls vote for our beloved Stella to win the African female bloggers award 2019 . Let's make her win.
    Use this link

  45. Good morning fam. I just finished cleaning and washing since early mormor. Have a splendid weekend

  46. Good morning lovelies and kisses from here.
    It's another voting day as we choose our able governor. My vote must count.

    Rhoda Rex...belated happy birthday to you,your twin and many others who celebrated during the week. God bless you all abundantly.

    Barr Oma,Ronalda and many others...congrats on your new babies. God's blessings do pour when we least expect. Motherhood rocks.

    Praying that the drama of 2 weeks election doesn't repeat. Mr Mutiu Okunola couldn't believe the level of massive rigging being perpetrated, he fought and ended badly. God abegi o.

    Happy weekend y'all.
    Stay safe.

    1. Thank you ma'am. And thanks to everyone that wished us a Happy Birthday yesterday. May God bless you all.

  47. I need rest and I will get plenty of it today, not voting.

    Good morning

  48. @Castle you are so good at writing. I am secret admirer. Keep it coming. Love you 😍😍

  49. Good morning everyone.
    Done with cleaning.
    Stella, enjoy your outing with your bambinos.

  50. Replies
    1. please share your problems and take it easy
      @secret admirer

  51. My dearest please be strong. Are you the one that lost your mama to the cold hands of death. Please be strong and stay happy so that the devil will be put to shame.

    Tell the devil you are unshakable

  52. If ladybug is the one that relocated, thunder fire her for supporting APC and running away. Stella post and expose the hypocrisy involved.


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