Stella Dimoko Ubi Franklin Says He Loves Iyanya Despite Throwing Him Under The Bus


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Friday, March 15, 2019

Ubi Franklin Says He Loves Iyanya Despite Throwing Him Under The Bus

This is a text transcript of the interview TripleMG Boss Ubi Franklin granted detailing the genesis to revelation of his brouhaha with kukere crooner Iyanya........

The feud between music promoter Ubi Franklin and singer Iyanya may continue to escalate as both parties keep divulging different information about their dispute over Triplemg.
Iyanya, during an interview with Freeze on Cool FM had revealed his own side of his face-off with the music manager And Ubi Franklin also went to Cool FM to explain his side of the story.

Ubi's words:

"I had to miss my son's first Inter house sports just to be here. I shed some tears downstairs before I came up here...because that guy means a lot to me.

But shout out to his mom, She's actually going to represent me today, you know, to make sure everything goes properly.

The Triplemg boss who agreed to state only facts and numbers said Iyanya threw him under the bus. He said 'I am going to start from the genesis.

"Sometime, in 2012, we have gone to one of those top records label, I am not gonna mention names. They use to live in Omole ( Dotun: Are you sure that's not P square).

We have gone to visit them, we had drinks at their pool side. And then they invited Iyanya into the house and then they had a conversation with Iyanya, with myself, Emma Nyra, Deetunes and Bassey. I'm sorry this conversation cannot be complete if I don't mention their names.

When we were driving back, Iyanya broke the news to us that they wanted to sign him..

*Sighs Ahh

When they Called Iyanya into the house, I was not there, We were all seated at the pool side having drinks.

So, going home, I was fuming. Like why will you let them sign you. I was not saying that they were not up to signing you but I believe that the whole team that came here with you, we work hard for you to make sure that you are where you are right now and you are able to carry us. This is a team, so pulling you out is going to be a big situation for us. I made him understand that and then we drove home.

"It was in the night. We drove from Omole to. The next day we drove to Cool FM for an interview. (Dotun: Thats a long time)

When we went home, we talked about it. I then said, "I don't think you should sign up for any record label. I believe what should be done is that, since there are a lot of people that believe in what you and I are building, we should make sure that we can support them too.

He (Iyanya) said noooo there's no money. I said, "Listen when you start something then you find money. The easiest thing in my life for me to do is to look for money. Once there's a product that can generate money, going to look for the money is easy. I will always tell people, don't look for the money before you have the product to carry yourself.

So we had the conversation and we were talking, he now said, "listen he's not cut out for doing music business. He's not cut out for doing the business side of the music. I had witnesses there. Myself, Bassey. I don't think Deetunes was there, it was the next day.

The next day, we were at the balcony where I used to live. I was squatting with somebody. Emma Nyra use to come around because the studio was closer.

So, I want to call the company a name. I now said, "Made Man Music" but Emma Nyra said no since there are two guys, it should be "Made Men Music". I was like, Oh that makes sense. We chopped knuckles.

"Iyanya was pressing his phone. I told him, "we have found a name, let's go and register our name. He told me clearly. He said, I am not Interested. He do company, as far my music and everything is, you can handle everything. I just want to sing.

So, I went to Abuja. There was a friend that introduced me to a lawyer. His name is Obinna. Obinna helped me to do the registration. Then company registration, if it's not a lawyer nobody can do it. Now it's actually easier.

So, Obinna got all the details. *Display the company's first CAC Certificate that was registered. May 21st 2012.

I have a lot of documents that Iyanya had signed that will prove that this was his signature.

I gave shares to my brothers because you can't be on the shares only you.

*Dotun: The first CAC document, Iyanya was not part of the shares from the beginning?

Ubi: Yes, And I can say that everywhere. This is a proof. He said he was interested in doing the business side of music. We parted ways in 2016.

When we registered this company, business was not really going well. Things were actually rough.

So, In August or September 2012, we have gone for a top government official mom's burial in Delta State. So when we alighted from the flight, I saw a lady carrying a bag. I now told Iyanya, I don't know who that lady is. See that lady, go after her, help her and carry her bag. She might be the woman that can help us. You know we are looking for money, she might be the woman that can help us.

Iyanya went and helped the woman, they started talking and gisting, So I cut up with them. We were just talking. Then she now introduced who she was. She works at Access Bank at that time. She revealed that her kids love Iyanya and his songs. At the time Kukere was reigning.

Iyanya refused signing the document.

So when we got back to Lagos after the trip to Asaba, Delta state. I contacted the lady. I said, MA I know you work in a bank, things have been tough for us. We are trying to push Iyanya and everything. Is it possible for us, for your bank to give us a loan? "

She now said, Yeah sure. Come to the office.

We went to their office in VI and we spoke to them and everything. And she said, can she see our CAC document. I brought that.

So when I presented the document, she looked at the document and found out that Iyanya's name was not on the document. She now said, "Ubi, If Iyanya's name is not on this document we can't give you the loan because it's Iyanya we know.

So I turned and looked at Iyanya, he put his head on the floor. He knew he messed up at that time because this is business for us, and I always told him, if I ask you to do something, let's do it. Because it might not make sense now but it might make sense tomorrow.

She said we should go back to CAC and rectify the document. We went back to CAC in September 2012 and we got new document. This document shows Iyanya. October 2012.

Ubi then referring to Iyanya's accusations that he has repeatedly forged his signature, He said, "I have never ever forged anybody's signature.

I come from a very proper legal background and those that know me, knows that I was sent to school to read law. I know the legal implications of forgery. It's the easiest way to go to jail. I would never do that.

Barrister Obinna made a mistake with Iyanya's name. A lot spell Iyanya on the internet.

So when we came back, they approved the loan.

Freda Francis, I'm sorry to say this. She was the person that gave us security for the loan. To back up the loan. We pushed kukere to the next level. We did a video for 'your waist '. We needed to push the face with the song, that's why we acquired the loan.

We signed the relinquishing share document that says that everything the company's make, we are going to make 50/50.

In late 2012, we had gone to Abuja to record a song. A young man (Tekno) walked into the studio. And started singing, "Ekaete loves to dance". I was impressed. When I see a good talent, I'm up for it. So I was impressed. So I met him after the whole thing and asked if he was signed. He said yes for now. I told to let me know when his contract expires.

Iyanya doesn't like Tekno and I have proof to prove that.

Later, Tekno called me and I sent him my house address. We were moving to a new house then. I contacted his lawyer. We did all the documentation.

Iyanya was on Tekno's album, Ekaete loves to dance. I asked Iyanya if he remembers Tekno, on the music album. Can we sign him.

Iyanya told me point blank, I don't want to be part of anything artiste. I want to focus on my career and I am not interested in signing any artiste.

I gave Tekno a room downstairs in our new house. Tekno said he can't stay downstairs and believes he should stay upstairs. So I reasoned, he is not just an upcoming artiste because he already has his songs, holiday and Onyeneku singing on radios.

I went upstairs and told Iyanya, let's take this guy upstairs and all that. Iyanya was fuming and said he doesn't want to do it.

Freda Francis called me. She was there when all these were happening. She called me and said, ''Ubi, I know you are a great business guy and I know that when your mind tells you something that something is gonna be right, that thing will happen. Please if you know that you can do this thing and in the future it will turn out right, please do it''.

I said, you don't need to even tell me, Me I know I'm gonna do it. Because we need to make sure that it's not just from Iyanya.

Despite my partner Iyanya reluctance in signing the deal, I believe that Tekno was gonna a big star. I had no doubts about that. If you stay with Tekno you will love to even sing.

Iyanya never spent a dime on promoting Tekno. If he says he has spent, he should bring the proof.

I spent a lot trying to shoot Tekno's video "if I dance. Things were really rough for me after I shot that video. It didn't pick up as much.

In 2015, Tekno did Duro and that was when things picked up for Tekno.

On the 30 million naira, Iyanya claimed Tekno made and he got only N145,000.

Ubi said, I had bills to clear. Bills that I incured trying to promote Tekno.

So in early 2016, Tekno has started making money. Iyanya came to me and asked why he is not making money from Tekno. And I told him, "Bro you can't make money. You can't come to me like that. You are even supposed to be apologizing to me for not bringing a dime to promoting Tekno.

Before we started making money, I had to transfer the management of Tekno because I had too many artistes to manage.

So Paulo tried to settle us. In New York. He advised I give Iyanya a percentage out of whatever Tekno is making. I thought about it and agreed. So after giving Tekno his own share, I and Iyanya shared the remaining 50/50. And he thanked me and left. I have proofs. Watsapp messages. Iyanya got more than N145,000 from Tekno's deal. I have proofs.

I had bills to clear but Paul said he was gonna clear the bills and any money that comes in, we are gonna take that money to offset his own side of the business.

From the messages, Iyanya said he was tired of Paul sitting down, collecting money and doing nothing. I told him, he needed to calm down. Because at that point, Paul was trying to help us close up a lot of bills that we had incured.

This happened for about 5 months. And Iyanya left in July.

So when Iyanya was leaving. He said he wanted to leave everything, that he doesn't want to have anything to do with the company.

In July, I started getting emails from him for settlement contract. At that point I didn't know he was going to that label that he went to. So I didn't know that the lawyer that came with was represented by***. You know the two labels are***.

On the settlement agreement, which I posted online, Iyanya relinquished his shares on the company. All the shares. He transferred the shares to me.

I sent my cousin to convince him not leave. He sent me a message to me that I should help him set up himself. I promised him that. That was before he went to the other label.

I'm not address this issue again even if they bring the whole allegations against me. If anybody comes here to sit down and tarnish another person's image, please ask them to bring proofs.

These are proofs of what I spent. Bills of food we ate. At shows. I spent money. I am a business man.

If anybody is coming at me, they should come out clean.

I am not perfect. Neither is anyone listening to me. Iyanya should point one person he helped in this life. (Dotun: Ahh that's getting personal)

I want to address this, music managers, we take all the blows. We take all bad vibes. Because you know we always do, we tell the artist to stay behind let's go and do the dirty job. So perfect might hate me. Ubi you are this, Ubi you are that. Good, it's because I do the dirty job. We are representing the artist. Because we know the fire the artist is giving us back.

Till December 2018, every now and then when I meet him. I ask him how far. Iyanya's career is personal to me.

I don't address anybody's issues and after today I will feel bad for myself.

I feel bad for myself. I am here at the detriment of son's inter house sports. I feel bad for myself. So for whatever reason, I am here to clear myself and put the records straight.

I am a business man, I don't go out to defraud anybody. I invest in business. I run seven businesses. If I see a viable business that I think it's gonna be, I invest in it.

Triplemg was a successful business, we paid back the loan.

Okay everyone, no matter what I say here, I might look the good guy to some people and look like the bad guy to some people. I'm not here to throw anybody under the bus. Iyanya, love youuuu. I care about you. You know that even before now, I always come through for you. I was always there for you but I don't think that you needed to go this way to do this to me. I love you and I will always love you and I really really care about you.

*My take?they have both vomitted everything troubling them,now they can start again as friends since the business aspect didnt work out.....Good luck to both!


  1. My take : Stella thanks for the data. I just got mine. God will continue to enlarge your coast.

    1. Ubi u saw a woman at the airport, someone u dont know and never met, next thing u ordered Iyanyan as ur boy boy to help d woman carry load gbam! She b bank manager. Hmmmmmmmm Ubi were u stocking that woman? Ure indeed a user.

      Iyanya ur carelessness equates foolishness. In biz theres no friendship. U dont go in2 biz with ur balls but ur brains. Agreed not everyone is biz-minded bt if u decide 2 go in2 biz next time employ d services of a good legal adviser.

  2. Someone should summarize Biko!..
    I gat no time to read trash!...

  3. Someone should summarize Biko!..
    I gat no time to read trash!...

  4. What a long Epistle!!! Ubi you took advantage of iyanya's guilbility and made the company yours according to you Emma named it made men because there was two men involved, She won't have had that boldness if you have told her it was all you.

    Iyanya your carelessness cayse you this next time be wise like a serpent.

    1. Ubi just used his head, knowing he dint He dint really get the business but when the person that wanted to give them a loan asked for nyanya you hurried up and fixed all the documents to involve him, sheybe if things dint go as planned na nyanya them for hold, as he was the person they could trust.
      Ubi you are still a very manipulative person, haba see how he is forming like all the great decisions nyanya ever made was because of him, even telling him to carry someone's bag like a child.i don laugh taya

  5. Drama king, Ubi and Tonto aka radical for Jesus fit each other... See epistle, can't deal mbok

  6. Ubi business man this, business man that. You scam Inyanya finally.

    After all these artists are not rich as they show themselves. Perhaps, why Lilian disappear.

  7. One thing I learnt from an aunt. Never go into business with your friend. It spoils friendships seen it over and over. An aunt went into business with her friend of 30yrs. Withn 3yrs of that business they went their separate ways and no longer talk till date.

    1. Only people that have never done business will not understand ubi.

    2. You can go into business with your friend but everything has to be in black and white.Back it up with a legal arrangement also.

    3. When you say don’t go into business with friends. You can go into business with a stranger but then you become friends working on the business together every day, so what’s the difference.

  8. Ubi the talkative

  9. Those that ate belleful should explain to me. I no get power for long read

  10. Ubi Franklin you're a snake, a thief and a liar. Stella don't mind that midget. You missed your son's inter house sports, you cried bla bla bla. Everytime you're crying. Awon Drama queen. Assistant Tonto Dikeh. Didn't you sack a female employee simply because you asked her out and she refused? That instant apartment which you now have was someone's business idea, he came to you to seek for partnership since he didn't have enough money but what did you do? Fiam! You stole it. Business man my foot!
    Ubi Franklin you brought a lot of pains and hurt to so many people. Enjoy while it lasts because the day Karma will remember you eh! I pity people who doesn't know how evil and manipulative that you're.

    1. His karma is no longer far. Cheap ass lying and manipulative boy man.

  11. Yaba left escapee15 March 2019 at 12:07

    A turtle was happily swimming along a river when a scorpion hailed it from the shore. A scorpion, being a very poor swimmer, asked the turtle to carry him on his back across a river. .. the turtle obliged & gently they crossed the river, when they got to the shore, the scorpion stung the turtle on the neck...
    The dying turtle whispered with its last breath "why why?? But i helped you".... the scorpion replied, Its my nature!!!!

    Ubi has this vile & repellent venom in him, you'd have to be close & trust him to be bitten.

    1. Ubi seem worse than the scorpion from his narrative. Only God knows how many people he must ve used 2 gt to d top. No wonder true love doesn't exist around him.

  12. manipulative guy

  13. I'm sha with Ubi on this.

    I dont care what anyone thinks about his love life. But... as far business is concerned, if you are caught up with people who are not business-minded, there some things you do that they wont grab.

    E.g.: If truly Paul was trying to balance accounts and settle pending bills, someone who is not business-oriented won't understand the financial implications and could lose patience midway into it.

    My take is Ubi was thinking long-term and Iyanya was thinking short-term. Iyanya is most-likely more melancholic. He would feel things and not say much. Then one day he bursts out and youre like:wtf???!! Ubi is choleric and a more practical decision maker (reason why he can fling people when they dont fit his immediate objective).

    Ubi needs to stop defending and start apologizing. Yes, you are taking all the blame but that is because you are the manager. Even in functional organizations, the manager takes all the blame. Apologize for whatever you did wrong. And keep apologizing. BUT the ones you have facts to show, present them and explain (not defend) yourself. That way, if iyanya is being too emotional with this, it would be evident that he needs to work on his personal flaws and stop blaming you.

    1. Keep on siding rubbish.
      Youre one of those that Ubi can do no wrong in their eyes.

    2. You dont even know who you are defending.... youre making judgement based on what they aired? They wouldnt say the koko. Ubi is a bad person

    3. Mumu chikito, u don’t know Ubi

    4. You must be a very wicked lady who takes advantage of people in the name of business. Dignity matters more atimes than acting smart madam.
      You are supporting Ubi, Ubi didn't even clear himself, the only point he made was to fuel more issues between Iyanya and Tekno. Too much of I know it all at times in the name of business and cheating others might delay our blessings and prosperity.

    5. Chikito whatever it is Iyanya did to u and ur friends back in school shouldn't hinder u from saying the truth. Stop seeing this whole drama from "hate" and tell it as it is. Ubi is a USER. He used d woman 2 get a loan n used Iyanya 4 publicity n then dumped him.

      Im still with u tho on the Gigolo part. He still looks it.

    6. And Chikito is typing her textbook novel study thesis project robust response in...... 1 2 3 4 5 6.
      Side chick hope you brought your glasses.

    7. @Tessbaby wait. Be objective.
      Did he or did he not pay the loan back? Did iyanya not benefit from the fame and popularity? That means iyanya used Freda too, abi? So how can you really say Ubi used them? Dont you meet helpers at some point in your life to support your idea financially? This guy has brought out facts from his own perspective and iyanya should do same or fix the issues with Ubi privately. Coming out openly without laid-out facts doesnt make sense to me. Period.

      If you read what I wrote well, i analysed both personalities, from my POV. No hate here or whatever - info on my school mmrs that was just to say I know how childish Desire can be. And believe me dude can be damn childish. I particularly like neither of them, but on this issue I stand with Ubi until Iyanya brings his facts.

      As for @13:30, Do you know me? If i am wicked or a bad business person, how does it affect you? Listen, I know better than to have baseless arguments on SDK blog right now. Like I said in a post earlier today, a while back someone dragged me on here for angrily asking her not to disrespect Adesua Etomi's achievements the way it did. Okay, Today look at it in our faces.... 🀷‍♂️ When I told 'biafrans' they were not going to head in a good direction, and their leader's intentions were not pure;they filed out on here in drones calling me names. Today, where is Nnamdi Kanu?? 🀣🀣 all of them don change mouth. This is a more minor issue and you must be quite minor to let it piss you off so. Lol.

      Thats how y'all always get trapped in emotions without objectivity and start crying wolf later.
      My blog ID is chikito. I write what i write. I mean what I write. I stand by what I write. And shit I write is very valid until proven otherwise. Simple.

    8. @anon 14:08 and bloom, her novel epistle just followed after.

    9. Let me perch her @chiki,I don't see any need for the word USED here, did the access bank lady dash them money?abi u know much profit the bank made on the loan?if Iyanya refused to be bothered about the business part of the coy,why then did he want to make profits from Techno that he never liked or had any faith in?
      Ubi maybe greedy(from comments)but Mr Iyanya is not blameless!!
      They should kiss and make-up though,we have been entertained!!

    10. @18:32 - yup! And you read it diligently πŸ‘

      @LagosShopper- I tire oh!🀷‍♂️ the 'used' part got me:hunh??!! Like... dude stated that MMG was successful enough to pay that loan back. They got fame/money and bank got their profit.

  14. This is how a have so many things to vomit to a so called friend,she took me in when I needed a place , she offered and I took it the she started treating me poorly, cold shoulder while playing with everyone else except me,almost lost my self esteem,started having mood swings ,would start crying when I hear she's coming home , was happy mostly when she's left for school,but I had no choice I had nowhere to go. Its years after now, moved out long ago ,we are still friends but I still hold that grudge,don't think about it often until recently it all came back.....and I seriously resent her. Just still friends with her bcos I don't want anyone saying I'm ungrateful or forming cos I'm doing a little better now.

    1. You see??? Exactly what Iyanya did. My dear, speak to her about it and decide if the friendship is over or not. This would save you both some heartache. Maybe you also werent the perfect roommate and it got her mad at you sometimes. But you wont know cos you didnt hear her side of the story.

      But typical Nigerians like people like you who suffer by them and smile with them. People like me who are blunt enough to resist and tell you straight that ya fucking up and termed 'trouble makers' 'her own is too much' etc. I dont believe in bottling things up and I never will. All I can do is work on my delivery, make is as gently and articulately as possible..but for me to smile with you when you are acting badly? Hell no!!

    2. Let it go,d person dt hurt u today may mk u happy tomoro

    3. Chikito oil dey your head

    4. You see??? Exactly what Iyanya did. My dear, speak to her about it and decide if the friendship is over or not. This would save you both some heartache. Maybe you also werent the perfect roommate and it got her mad at you sometimes. But you wont know cos you didnt hear her side of the story.

      But typical Nigerians like people like you who suffer by them and smile with them. People like me who are blunt enough to resist and tell you straight that ya fucking up are termed 'trouble makers' 'her own is too much' etc. I dont believe in bottling things up and I never will. All I can do is work on my delivery, make is as gentle and articulate as possible...but for me to smile with you when you are acting badly? Hell no!! I wasnt brought up like that.

      And if i bring an issue to you and you start trying to wriggle your way out of it, and not ser my POV for us to work on our relationship, just receive my long spoon πŸ₯„ when next we are dining. Mama didnt raise no fool.

  15. Keep it coming
    Iyanya will still reply.... All the best guys
    You both should move on

    Thanks Stelllaaaaaaa and beloved, I got my data
    God bless you

  16. princessofblogs15 March 2019 at 12:18

    ubi sounds like a broken record. "I shed tears my son " his Mom I'm a buisness man" please stop already. admit you used iyanya and other artists apologise and move on Sir.

    1. Thank you princess. Ubi Franklin is a manipulator.

  17. pleasr nobi don jazzy???? why e heavy for mouth ani una dey quarrel? "In July, I started getting emails from him for settlement contract. At that point I didn't know he was going to that label that he went to. So I didn't know that the lawyer that came with was represented by***. You know the two labels are***."

  18. if iyanya featured techno in his video why did you go behind and snatched him and then turned around to ask of he remembered techno...who does that.

  19. Ubi you are nothing but a TORTOISE,mbe ka Ibu

  20. The only thing I like about this guy is his name,next post please.

  21. Blah blah blah blah blah. Ubi you need deliverance. Continue to beat around the bush

    And why does he keep saying other label instead of Mavin Records like its some non entity

  22. UBi is manipulative . Iyanya is gullible. Iyanya did nothing wrong by asking ubi to run the business while he did the music. That is how it is meant to be .

  23. Everyone can't be wrong about this Ubi guy...he uses iyanya he should just keep quiet and pray this doesn't affect his future dealings with people because anyone planning on doing business with Ubi will most definitely be having second thoughts now.


    1. Anybody in his/her right senses won't even think about doing biz with him.

  24. Integrity matters a lot in business. If you messed up with one person and act a saint with a hundred others, the day the one person whom you messed up with voices out, nobody will believe you again.
    The only thing that can salvage your reputation now is cold facts and figures, receipts and documentation. Nothing more nothing less. Not I said, he said, she was there, they were around; because the devil may decide to do overwork and they team together.
    Let your facts speak for you and leave it. It's business and if like minded people are not involved, stories like this is inevitable.
    Iyanya you sef release another hit music and justify signing up with Mavin. You churned out more hits under Ubi than under Don Jazzy.

  25. Most of you ladies here are dull, ubi presented evidence,inyanya is yet to and you're siding rubbish.

    1. Who keeps receipts for food ate from 2012 to 2016, if he wasn't waiting for "today".

      Please he's vile

    2. Anon 13:51 you are really a mumu oh! If you like do transactions and don't keep your receipts so you don't be seen as vile

    3. My point exactly!!! Ubi has given me facts Iyanya hasnt. What da hell??? Emotions dont work all the time!! Duuhh....

    4. In fact the comments I'm reading here is so shocking! Like did they even listen to all he said or are they just jumping to conclusion? Most of the ladies think running a record label company is likened to selling pant and bra. I laugh at you lots

  26. Why is it that most people don’t have something good to say about ubi. Something is definitely wrong with him.

  27. I think ubi and iyanya were fucking

    1. Hian! World people πŸ˜πŸ˜’

    2. Fucking same girl or? This your comment get as e be ooh.

  28. Don't mind them, senseless olodos, when they cannot read, the day I gave up on them was the day stella asked them to drop pick up lines and they were yarning rubbish, Ubi made plenty sense up there, a far as I'm concerned.

    1. As in I'm shocked! See vile comments everywhere

  29. Why are all the Ladies here being emotional about this issue.Ubi provided evidence and documents to back up his claims.

    This is the right thing to do.Inyanya is naive and emotional.unfortunately, the Law deals with fact and not emotions.

    So all you Lillian's fans should calm down.

    1. You’re just a common full! What has it got to do with ladies? It’s not even as is it is a case of a man quarelling with a woman. They are two men shooting shots at one another. Why must you turn your comment into a sexist rant about ladies being emotional? So allll the anons commenting are ladies and so should not be taking seriously because they’re just being emotional? What a chauvinist pig? So if you believe Iyanya then it must be because of Lillian because according to you, women cannot reason with their heads, they only blindly support other women. FYI, this whole fiasco has absolutely nothing to do with Lillian. Just like you just did, ubi is the one who is constantly bringing her into this by fire by force for no reason. Iyanya started by saying he screwed him over business-wise. Ubi never had to bring his relationship, ex or family into trying to clear his name but his manipulative side would just not let him focus. What evidence has he brought again? The ones that back up Iyanya’s first statements without proving anything else? Or the ones that now only back up his version while leaving out the bird and pieces? As he already said, he’s very aware of the law and he has evidently tried covering his back and tracks while dealing with a gullible but musically talented friend. He knew Iyanya might wake up from his slumber one day so he’s presenting just the receipts that can make him look good while his other artists probably deleted or lost their own receipts because they had trusted him. And yes, the law deals with facts and not emotions but has anyone taken anyone to court? No! So what’s your darned point?

  30. Will still say inyanya started all these riff.
    Imagine inyanya granting interview and decided to skip questions about his former label ? Will all these come up ?

    He later went to Freeze at coolfm for more interviews and that began to send bad signals to his then business partner.
    He also made a mistake bringing Tekno into the issue and some other he mentioned.

    To me both of them don't need to be trusted . If they can reveal private discussion to prove a point.

    People are seeing it on the part of Ubi that inyanya tried to sabotage him.

  31. Chikito, I love you for this comment walahi. I am with Ubi 1000%. If you can't do business, stay on your lane as an employee. Boardroom decisions are not for babies.

  32. In management there's what we call division of labour, Ubi is in charge of management while inyanya is in charge of music production, Ubi used his influence as the document keeper to swindle inyanya of his legal right considering that inyanya trust him he didn't bother checking him often. Inyanya got a better offer to be signed by Biger label Ubi coerce him into rejecting the offer only for him to use him borrow money, use his song blow as a record label owner then push him away when he feel he is made, tekno should be mindful of this Ubi guy cos he is a desperado

  33. I am ashamed of most ladies on SDK

    Instead of you to pen down the pointers Ubi made. Ubi should run a business school. He is very smart. He is an intelligent business man.

    Inyanya was carried away by fame , he was not even interested in the business side of music. He was nonchalant and allowed Ubi do all the work. It wasn't even a partnership per say. Ubi believed in Inyanya more than Inyanya believed in himself. Ubi did the leg work and the brain work while Inyanya sat down and revelled in his superstardom and the titbit he got from Freda Francis's genorosity. He was content to be a kept man.

    As a business man, you must take hold of opportunities, grab it with both hands and Ubi did that from his interview. If you are in partnership with someone, make sure there are signed documents, lawyers involved and ensure you are putting in same ground work. Ensure you are closing deals.

    Inyanya, as a 'partner' did you even promote Tekno? Did you do same ground work? Or you thought you will continue to release hits after hits forever. Study the ways of the ant, they store food for tomorrow.

    As for the person that shared business idea for instant apartment with Ubi, do you need a seer to tell you that you shouldn't be sharing ideas up and down. If you have a unique idea, copyright it before sharing. If you share it, record it, let them know you have a patent to it. You have to be as wise as a serpent to do business especially with someone else. There is no room for sentiment. If you register a business with someone and the shares are equal, put in same work and earn same profit. No one wants to do the hard work, they want to be overnight billionaires but they dont know business takes time, patience, lawyers ,marketers, PR person and accountant for it to work long term.

    None of you want to pay accountant for auditing, none of you want to pay lawyers for your legal work. Put your eyes in the business, No.

    It is to be dancing inside their shop on Instagram...but I digress.


    1. One chilled beer for u . Lazy people littering everywhere looking for free money. No free money. Ubi worked for his money and let him enjoy. Iyanya is a classic Nigerian employee, Mentally and intellectually lazy as they come. So let Iyanya enjoy his salary earner status.

  34. Ubi you are such a fcking child predictable and transparent
    So you realise most people are on Iyanyas side based on blog comments and all of a sudden today you have paid some jobless trolls to come and comment here on your behalf. One of them just told me. Go ahead. You are rich and you can afford to pay more jobless youth since Nigeria has a lot. You are still a douchebag . We heard both interviews and we still choose to side with iyanya and hundreds other people you have wronged.

    By the way Don't forget being beaten up in a club last few weeks by dude you dwindled. Yes you are a lawyer that doesnt mean you should use that to outsmart people who are not trained lawyers. One day your cup will be full.

    Go to tb Joshua and seek deliverance Ubi. You need it.

    1. Your head dey there!!

    2. TB Joshua is the wrong place to go though.

    3. Ubi is not a lawyer. he dropped out of university.

  35. Ubi has started his childish nonsense again. Same thing he did when Lillian dumbed him.

    Those continuous subliminal quotes, and videos.

    Hes sick. He needs deliverance

  36. Only a few people have brain on this blog. IDGAF about Ubi's personal life but what he said up there is factual no sentiments. I support him 100%


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