Stella Dimoko Woman Alleges Her Hubby Wants To Use Her For Ritual And Tells Court To End Her Marriage Of 41 Years


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Friday, March 15, 2019

Woman Alleges Her Hubby Wants To Use Her For Ritual And Tells Court To End Her Marriage Of 41 Years

A 63- year-old businesswoman, Mrs Mabel Alli, on Friday prayed an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, to end her 41-year-old marriage to husband, Richard, alleging that he sleeps with their daughters and has impregnated her sister.

She told the court that her husband s#xually molested all their three daughters and was a womaniser.

“After impregnating my sister, he took one of our daughters to the hospital to have an abortion.

“My 13-year-old girl also reported to me that he always sneaks into her room to have intercourse with her.

“I have caught my husband red handed on top of our third daughter. My friends and domestic staff are not exempted, I have caught him with them too” the petitioner alleged.

The petitioner said that her husband was fetish and also wanted to use her for money ritual in order to finance his political ambition.

“He has taken me to various herbalists in Badagry, Sango and other places for money ritual; I followed him because he said it was for goodwill.

“I stopped following him to herbalists when the last herbalist he took me to asked me to come alone the following day but I went with one of our daughters.

“He told me that I should stop following my husband about and should run for my life as he wanted to use me for ritual or make me mad, so he can inherit my properties which include cars and houses.

“My husband collects money from me using charms, spent it on his political ambition but he eventually lost the election.

Mabel alleged that her husband does not take care of the children.

Everything rests on me, I shoulder all his responsibilities of feeding the family, paying the children school fees among other responsibilities.

”I beg the court to terminate this union. I am no longer interested because my husband wants to kill me,” she told the court.

However, Richard, who denied all the allegations, welcomed the divorce suit, saying he too was no longer interested in the marriage.

He claimed that he was the source of his wife’s wealth.

After listening to the submissions of the estranged couple, the President of the Court, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, adjourned the case until May 2, for judgment.

*I find it odd that the Babalawo ratted on his customer...hmmmmmmm


  1. Adjourned the case? Will they investigate all the child molestation allegations? Has she been covering for the man? She was aware he was sleeping with their daughters and kept quiet since?

  2. Naija madam, tell us say you don chop im moni finish.
    Im do all those bad bad things and you live with am for 41 years?

  3. Madam run run run,this one nobe husband abeg. But wait o,if not that he wanted to use you for rituals, u for still de dere de answer Mrs not minding the damage been done to your sister and kids,nawaao

  4. This is why I want to hack my husband's WhatsApp, I don't know what he's planning with his widow woman friend. They are always chatting and calling, he doesn't love me again, he's just pretending. I need to know if they're just fucking or he's planning to give me poison to let her come in. To even think that this woman is a mother of three though younger than me,maybe her totoh sweet pass cuz my husband was with her through out ending of last year till DEC. The woman even posted her picture on Facebook where hubby was carrying her in his car. I tire for this life o,you can't trust anybody even your own husband.

  5. Some men sha, forcing yourself on your own daughter, your own creation, your product, your DNA, tufiaa.

  6. This Igando court ehhh!!! Looks like it’s the only court that handles husband & wife related matters

    1. Walahi. It’s the main one I think.

  7. Stella,real babalawos do such things at times to save the supposed victim, but her hands must be pure .

  8. She is mad, I am very angry with her sef. She should be used for rituals, seriously. Why did she stay for 41 years and allowed this beast to continue molesting the children?

    She must used for that ritual.......mscheeeeew

  9. And you're just speaking up after 41 years?
    The babalawo tried for you Sha.

  10. Gobe husband..well,some babalawo rats on their customers is called favour.when the lord turns the tables. A friend's mum in law brought prayer to her house but one knew her from college and told her that they were not there for prayers rather 5o bury 4 pigeons tied with cowries.

  11. Your husband is sleeping with your daughter and domestic staff and you are still following him about to different babalawo?
    Madam talk true, you are seeking for divorce because he did not win the political post.

  12. But this is really sad o everyday the news of men sleeping with their children, it must be for rituals. Why would you be interested in your own blood to the extent of sleeping with them. Haha am really surprised o. What is that thing in sex self. If you are a man and the thought is coming across your head better pray the enemy is after you and your child.

  13. @I find it odd that the Babalawo ratted on his customer...hmmmmmmm

    The woman’s spirit is very strong and the Babalawo knew this.

  14. So it was only after this bitch's life is threatened she wants to end the marriage. All the fckng molestations, abortions, and pregnancies were not enough reason to leave.

  15. @nigeriapolice, pls do the needful. Arrest both husband and wife, investigate child abuse 🙏🙏


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