Stella Dimoko Brother Of Ghanaian Man In The UK Who Butchered And Poured Hot Water On His Wife Defends Him...


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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Brother Of Ghanaian Man In The UK Who Butchered And Poured Hot Water On His Wife Defends Him...

The brother of the man in London (Alex) who butchered and poured hot water on his wife has revealed some interesting things about his brother's marriage...

According to him, Bernice who is his Ghanaian wife deceived Alex into going to the registry to sign their marriage papers and that he didn’t perform the required traditional marriage rites.

“Alex is not a bad guy as people think. He didn’t perform the traditional marriage rites, it was Bernice who deceived him to go to the registry in Accra to sign.

Everything Bernice said is a lie, she is not known to any family member. She is a liar and he has a reason and aims for circulating such lies.

Alex is a hardworking guy and has achieved a lot so this girl is just after his property. I would advise her to not go to our family house for security reasons. Alex also made it clear to Bernice that he cannot bring her to London because he is still settling issues with his first wife. “, he disclosed.

The brother also stated that the marriage between Alex and Bernice is over and currently the marriage is being annulled in court.

It was reported recently that a Ghanaian man based in the UK butchered his wife and poured hot water on her after she dumped him for marrying a second wife.

According to sources, Alex has been married to his wife for two years and upon his visit to Ghana married a second wife.

The first wife packed out of his house despite the pleas from her husband and just two weeks ago, Alex called his first wife to come for her mails.

Upon her arrival, Alex attacked her with a knife and later poured hot water on her.Currently, she is in the hospital fighting for her life and Alex has also been arrested.
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  1. Ur brother leaves a woman fighting for her life in the hospital , and ur come out and say this rubbish?! God will judge!

    1. Evil family!!! Exactly like my in laws! They will never say the truth. Even if u put a gun to their head dem go support each other in evil. oga your brother will rot ib jail!! They deceived him he dated her, they deceived him he slept with her, Bought suit entered car, went all the way to the registry and voom held his hand by force and he signed the registry!!! oh wait, after producing witnesses and swearing oat! your family is wicked!

  2. ‘Alex is not a bad person’ but he has the liver to butcher and pour hot water on his wife. He is really not a bad person, he is such a nice guy. He goat, he should rot in jail

  3. Who gave birth to this kind of men???? Wickedness run in their family. I pray the wife makes it. Oga Alex, may you rot in jail

  4. Evil man !!!
    Evil brother!!!


    The man evens like a sacrifice rejected by the gods #burnt offering

    May the balm of Gilead heal the woman in Jesus name, Amen

  5. Black man black heart. Alex is a good man for trying to butcher his wife. The he goat should be made to go through this treatment he gave to his wife.

    Useless idiot

  6. Butcher? I thought she was dead. Thank God she survived, I pray she pulls through.

  7. "Deceived" how can an adult be deceived to go to the registry. You and your brother are evil...

  8. Useless brothers.....thunder fire you there for saying that rubbish. “She is not known by any family member” yet he married her and tried to kill her? The whole world will know you now after you brother is sentenced to life in prison.

  9. A man that is Nice cannot even Kill a Fly,See this Devil in human Form Poured hot Water on his wife..May he die a Miserable Death..

  10. Please let's give him the same treatment as he did his first wife! Devil will be scared of what human beings are even capable of these days!

  11. A nice man that knows how to butcher someone. smhhh

  12. Wicked husband
    Wicked brother
    Devilish heart..
    Rot in jail oga

  13. This man's family must be a wicked evil beastly family!. How dare he excuse this. No matter what you say she did or did not do, how dare your evil brother mutilate her like this.

  14. Whatever sentence the monster is getting, the beast of a brother should get half for this thing he's saying.


  15. It's obvious domestic violence is a norm in your family. Sychos

  16. May God punish this stupid brother, in fact he is a bastard!!
    Your brother almost killed someone and this is all you demented twat could say?
    May a woman castrate that your good for nothing penis.


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