Stella Dimoko Dogara Kicks Against Foreign Medical Trips by Nigerians


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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dogara Kicks Against Foreign Medical Trips by Nigerians

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has decried the high rate of foreign medical trips by Nigerians.

He, therefore, called for a total overhaul of the health sector to allow efficiency.
Dogara stated this while speaking at a public hearing organised by the House Committee on Health on two bills at the National Assembly in Abuja, on Wednesday.

The two bills under consideration were a Bill for an Act to Repeal the Health Records Officers (Registration, etc) Act, CAP. H2 of the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and Re-Enact the Health Information Practitioners Council of Nigeria for effective and efficient Health Information Management, to Regulate the Training, Practice and Management of Health Information System in Nigeria; and a Bill for an Act to Amend the Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria Act, CAP 1.112, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, to Provide for the Role of the Chemist, the Regulation of Practicing Fees by Members of the Institute; and for Other Related Matters.

“The ultimate aim of these legislations is to ensure that we have a more efficient service delivery in the health sector.

“The high number of Nigerians who go on foreign medical trips and the brain drain that we witness among our professionals in the sector, are indications that our health sector requires a serious surgical operation,” Dogara said.

From Daily Post

Why will they not seek Medical treatment abroad?You want them to die?When someone is saying Docs are free to leave when it is already bad enough?The healthcare system in Nigeria is a death trap..look at the prison in mate that birthed twins that died...this should not have bee the case if the healthcare system was even 30percent thumbs up...Abeg abeg abeg abeg.......


  1. The person talking will still send his own family abroad for treatment.

    The president has traveled, I believe he will also stop by his doctor's office. Na today? We are in God's hands.

  2. Did he kick before the dullard of daura left for the UK, leaves for the UK or after? Because i need to know which of the thunder to send to all of them in that NASS

    1. Imagine somebody calling your dad a Dullard.

  3. The system has been bastardized, nothing seems to be working anymore. Every sector is in a pitiable state/condition. The government doesn't care because they can afford better treatment outside the country.

    Isn't this a shame that this government will budget billions for Aso Rock clinic but the president will be traveling for medical treatment oversea just like he has done today?

    I regret coming from this part of the continent where people often don't think with their brain. The mentality of some blacks is terrible, they don't think and act in order to change the status quo. But again I am not surprise, most blacks are irredeemable. I now believe with every ounce of certainty, that being black especially Nigerian is a crime.

    1. I swear to God, any country, I mean any country should regret having you as their citizen. The best definition and classic example of a failed black person who does not use his brain and is completely irredeemable is YOU. And one, out of several proofs of your irredeemability is your irredeemable English. Secondly, your inability to comprehend. Thirdly, your problem with constant lies and spreading of false information. Fourthly, your sense of speaking for the general when you know close, if not nothing, about what you comment about. And many more. I hope the “most black” you are referring to include all members of your household with you at the top. Mtcheeeew! See ogbono dey call okro draw soup.

  4. Anyone who can afford treatment abroad should do so without criticism from any quarters,dont come and use your hand to kill yourself in Nigeria because of what people will say,my two cents

  5. Few weeks ago I had belly pain and couldnt use the toilet (constipation I called it). I am pregnant and i ensure i eat fruits and veggies everyday yet could not poo for about 3 days. Went to see doctor in Surelere oo (hosp starts with Ax....).
    Told her my pregnancy history about constipation and heamorroid. Madam said "you pregnant women are just disturbing me o". Please let me eat my food in peace. You know whats doing you is due to the pregnancy.

    Okay i don hear but the pain in my belly was terrible (with my condition) and she sent me away laidat. Didnt check my belly or anything........what if it was not constipation?

    Thank God a doctor friend recommended something I would have passed out due to pain. So tell me not to go abroad if I can afford it. Nonsense country.

    1. That was a very horrible experience, thank God you are OK. I am not trying to make excuses but sometimes it is hard for ppl who are overworked, underpaid, and working in a crappy environment to do good work, they tend to just be on survival mode and nothing else. When nurses are making 75k-100k yearly in the West and hospitals are well staffed and there is no shortage of equipment and tools to do the job properly you never get ppl speaking to anyone like that.

  6. Why didn't he speak against it and put out legislation since he had been the nations No 4 man?
    a month to leaving office, he is speaking against it?

  7. Do gara, go and talk to your colleagues Buhari and Ngige. Is it today you people know you will do restructuring?


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